Quantitative Aptitude: Problems on Ages Set 17

  1. The average score of a player after 48 innings is 49 and in 49th innings ,player scores 98 runs.In 50th innings,minimum number of runs required to increse his average score by 2 than it was before the 50th innings?
    Option A
    Average score after 48t inning=49
    Averga ecsore after 49th innings=(48*49+98)/49 =50
    Average score after 50th =50+2=52
    =(50*52) -(49*50)


  2. The average age of directors of IDBI Bank having 15 directors was 48 years.When a director aged 56 resigned from the board,another director passed away on same day.A new director joined them aged 36.Next year the average age of all 14 directors was found to be 48 years.What is the age of late director at the time of passing him ?
    45 years
    40 years
    42 years
    48 years
    None of these
    Option C
    Before pssing away=48*15=720
    the age of late drector=720 – (56+x) +36 +14 = 672


  3. The average expenditure of the bhawan when there are 10 persons is Rs 80 per persona and the average expenditure is Rs 40 when there are 30 persons.If it is known that there are some fixed expenses irrespective of number of persons then the average expenditure per person when there are 50 persons in the bhawan?
    Rs 25
    Rs 30
    Rs 45
    Rs 35
    None of these
    Option D
    x +30 y =1200
    x +10y=800
    y = 20
    Total exp=600+ 40 * 20 = 1400


  4. Mr Srikant has 3 sons namely Rishi ,Akash and Krish.Rishi is the eldest son of Mr Srikant while Krish is the youngest one.The present ages of all of them are square numbers.The sum of their ages after 5 years is 44.What is the age of Rishi after 2 years?
    15 years
    18 years
    17 years
    20 years
    None of these
    Option B
    Let square number oe x,y,z
    Then the possible values of x,y,z= 4, 9 , 16
    Rishi present age=16
    After two years,it wil be 18 years.


  5. If six years are subyracted from present age of Ramya and remainder is divided by 12,then present age of his grandaughter Priyal is obtaoned.If Priyal is 2 years younger to Manisha whose age is 8 years,then what is Ramya’s present age?
    72 years
    68 years
    78 years
    75 years
    None of these
    Option C
    Let prswnt age of Ramya be x years.
    x – 6/12 = 6
    x – 6 = 72
    x = 78 years


  6. Shivani’s age is 125% of what it was ten years ago,but 250/3% of what it will be after ten years.What is present age of Shivani?
    45 years
    50 years
    40 years
    Cannot be determined
    None of these
    Option B
    125x/100 = x +10
    125x=100x +1 000
    Present age =x +10 =50


  7. Akansha got married 6 years ago.Her present age is 5/4 tmes her age at time of her marriage.Akansha’ brther was 5 years younger to her at time of her marriage.What is present age of Akansha’ brother?
    25 years
    22 years
    20 years
    26 years
    None f these
    Option A
    Let prensent age of Akansha be x years
    Present age of Akanhsa brother be y years
    x = (x-6)(5/4)
    x = 30
    Akansha brother age=30-5=25 years


  8. At present,the respective ratio between the ages of X and Y is 3:4 and that between X and Z is 1:2.Six years hence,,the sum of X,Y and Z will be 96 years.What is the present age of X?
    Option B


  9. The sum of present ages of Rishi and Akansha is 48 years.Today Akansha is 4 years older tha Srikant.the respective ratio of the present ages of Rishi and Srikant is 4;7.What was Akansha’s age two years ago?
    30 years
    35 years
    42 years
    45 years
    None of these
    Option A


  10. the ratio of present ages of Rishi and Kavya’s age is 3:5 and the ratio of present ages of Kavya and Priyal is 2:3 respectively.If Rishi is two fifth of Priyal age,what is Rishi’s age?
    Data insufficient
    No e of these
    Option D


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