Biology Questions for SSC Exams Set 3

Biology Questions Answers MCQ for various exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other related exams.

  1. Scurvy is caused due to deficient of
    A) vitamin A
    B) vitamin B
    C) vitamin C
    D) vitamin D
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    Option C

  2. Maximum oxygen is available from
    A) deserts
    B) green forests
    C) grass lands
    D) phytoplankton
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    Option D

  3. Which among these is a form of sexual reproduction?
    A) fragmentation
    B) hermaphroditism
    C) budding
    D) fission
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    Option B

  4. Amino acids are required for the synthesis of
    A) proteins
    B) alkaloids
    C) lipids
    D) carbohydrates
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    Option A

  5. BOD stands for
    A) biological oxidation demand
    B) biotic oxidation demand
    C) biological oxygen demand
    D) biochemical oxygen demand
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    Option C

  6. Approximate number of skeletal muscles is
    A) 500
    B) 600
    C) 200
    D) 206
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    Option B

  7. Transpiration increases in conditions like
    A) hot, dry, windy
    B) hot, damp, windy
    C) cool, damp, windy
    D) cool, dry, still
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    Option A

  8. Commercially valued cork is obtained from
    A) quercus suber
    B) cedrus deodara
    C) ficus
    D) cycas
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    Option A

  9. One of the major constituents of toothpaste is
    A) bromide
    B) fluoride
    C) iodide
    D) chloride
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    Option B

  10. An organism that transmits disease from one individual to another is called
    A) hybrid
    B) fragment
    C) vector
    D) clone
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    Option C




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