BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience 3

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience.

GD Topic: Should Chinese Products be banned in India?

Q: Introduce yourself?
Answered. I said that I was working as Account Assistant in Muthoot Finance but left, so asked about its (Muthoot Finance) working. Told all

Q: How is purity of gold checked?
A: I told the methods. We check by Nitric Acid. First we do flexibility test. If it passes, then nitric test. Gold is rubbed on stone, then we put acid, if it vanishes then not pure. If not then we put salt water on it. If it turns milky then there is silver mixing and if green then copper.

Then mam said that you have become a proper jeweller and started laughing.

Q: From where is gold imported in India?
A: I answered China, but it was Switzerland

Q: In gold import, India’s rank?
A: 2nd. right

Q: Where are maximum gold mines?
A: I am not able to recollect sir
He said think about it, if you answer this question I will give you full marks and smiled.

A: Dont know sir
Sir:: South Africa

Q: You did MBA ?
A: Yes finance

Q: Tell me about product life cycle?
A: Explained

Q: Patanjali is on which stage?
A: Growing stage, near to peak point.

Q: price is high or low n market penetration?
A: Low

1-2 questions were more there

Interview went for near about 10 minutes


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