BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience 4

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience.

My BOB GD/PI was scheduled at 2 pm. I reached there at 1:45 pm. Many candidates were already present there, I assumed all of them had come earlier, but some of the candidates from the morning batch were also there waiting for their personal interview. We were given a form to mention the documents. After filling the form they gave us chest numbers so that they can identify us while group discussion, in our timing there were two groups made for GD , I was the first candidate in the second group. The first group from chest number 1 to 10 went for document verification first, then candidates in our group were called for document verification. In group discussion we were made to sit in a round table. Our topic was-“ Does democracy hamper the growth of our country ?”

I couldn’t speak more than once in GD , but except two every candidate spoke very well. After GD we were given refreshment boxes that helped replenish our energies. Then candidates were called for personal interviews.

Every candidate was made to sit outside the interview room before his/her turn. My call came at around 5:15pm. When I was called I knocked the door and asked for permission to come inside. i wished all of them with a smile telling my full name. it was the same panel that was present for our GD. . there were 5 members in the panel M1,M2,M3,M4,four male members one pretty lady F1 wearing a very fine saree looking very beautiful (I couldn’t resist mentioning it ) ,so my interview started as below-

M3- tell us something about yourself

M3 – you are the only candidate from literature background, he seemed happy as he had literature background too.

I reciprocated with a smile and said – yes sir 🙂

Initially I was a bit nervous but later on when the interaction between us went on, I came to my comfort zone which gave me a boost to answer every question asked by them in a confident manner.

Many questions were asked in literature by M3, about many different writers .

M3- tell me about your favourite writer /poet

ii- sir William wordsworth , (as I had prepared wordsworth I could narrate his poems’ summaries. I talked about 1-2 minutes about wordsworth and why I liked him. I tried to relate him with down trodden people and nature as he was a nature poet .

M3- have you heard about x, y , z poets ?

ii- I have heard about them sir but I haven’t read their writings

M3- why? haven’t u read in BA ? ( m2,M4  told him that I haven’t done BA and have read science in grad ,on this M3 said – kyun? saw 3 idiots?? jaa beta jee le apni zindagi :-p   and all started laughing)

I said no sir, I had interest in literature science me utna nhi tha, but in 12th me good % in science, so took that in grad

M3- science parents ki marzi se hi li hogi ?? (all of them were talking in a jolly manner, environment wasn’t formal at all)

Yes sir, in society also this persists that take science and future is bright 

M3- very good , u enjoyed literature ?

Yes sir

Ok tell me about shakespeare?

Yes sir. Told about him

M4- It seems that your communication skills are good, but why you dint speak much in GD?

Now your topic is written on board, tell your views about it

Told them whatever I had heard while discussing with other candidates

What do you think what kind of democracy should be there? Should we change the kind of democracy we have in our country ?

M3- how will you manage to work in bank with your skills?

F1- you are a girl and in bank of baroda mostly postings are Gujarat and Rajasthan side, not in North and if sent in rural how will you manage? Will you go?

M2- why do you want to come in banking ?

M3- ok , we know you are desperate to be in banking but how desperate you are ,tell us

I hope I showed my intensity and eagerness to be in banking and willingness to get posted anywhere in india.

M3- Ok thank you dear,

Thank you sir/mam, have a good time 🙂

I don’t remember any question asked by M1 , though all were listening to my answers and looking at the way I was talking, my body language. I was trying to make an eye contact with anyone who was asking questions from me and then looking at all of them ,thought I couldn’t answer all the questions asked by them but they were all very cordial and polite and not at all rude .My interview was very interactive one and I guess my interview went a bit longer than others. Hoping for the best 🙂


~ Inquisitive 


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