BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview Experience.


My interview held on 15/07/2017. Panel were very supportive. They were 5 people – 4 males and 1 female.

As I entered the room they asked me to sit.

They started with introduction.
M- What does your father do?
ANS- I told them about his occupation and all..
M- As he is from IT so mam now you ask some questions
mam- What is IP address?
ANS- mam IP stands for internet protocol and there are two most common version of ip..ipv4 and ipv6.
then she asked me about some new word..i really dont remember that word..i told her sorry mam i dont know..
M- As ur name is Anurag. Do u know anurag thakur?
ANS- yes sir, he is former BCCI president. and also in politics.
M- what in politics?
ANS- sir he is member of parliament from Himachal Pradesh.
M- what happened after his resignation?
Ans- I told him that Supreme court has formed a panel and the head of the panel  is Vinod Rai.
M- As you know so many banks were why nationalization? Are private banks not doing good work??
ANS- sir, When banks were private, they used to do work by their ways, there was no stability – like when they are opening, when closing so after nationalization they got some stability and also reach of private banks was limited to businessmen and corporates. Common people missed the benefits, so after nationalization of banks, they reached common people and so helped in economics reform… so now it is mass banking.
M- ok, tell us about some PM Yojna?
Ans- i started with PM jan dhan yojna..sir in this yojana accounts open with zero balance and banks also give rupay debit card..and for early customers banks also provided 1lac insurance.
M- tell us about pension yojna.
Ans- sir , Atal pension yojana. this is for 18-40 years age of people. and they will get 1k to 5k pension as their contribution.
M- What is sukanya samridhi yojana?
Ans- sir this is for marriage of girls.
M- what amount in this??
Ans- sorry sir i dont know.(Actually i didnt read about this..
M- and about insurance yojana?
Ans- i dont know why they were asking about only PM yojana :P..i told them about pmjjby yojana nd suraksha this yojana insurer will get rs 2 lac in any casualty.and the amount for this is 330 for pmjjby nd 12 for suraksha bima yojana..
M- hmm ok now u can go..
ME-thanku sir,thanku mam..


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