BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview experience

Hello Aspirants.

Below is the BoB Manipal PO 2017 Interview experience.

Place: Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata

GD was on the topic: Demonetization

My interview was all different, not asked the normal questions

First, one of them asked, how Physics will help here in banking?

I said: Physics is everywhere… Like time and speed… Every bank wants their transactions and everything happens fast within limited time.. N time is a physical quantity.. Also while studying physics I learnt team work while performing experiments in laboratory.. Then They completed the remaining part that that qualities will help in banking

Q: Since when are you preparing for banking exams?

I said: The day my BSC exams got over. I did not wait for results and started preparing teh next day.  

Q: How many exams have you appeared for?

I said: Last year I was here, but could not not make it to the final list as my written marks were less. Almost total I gave 10 xams

They asked me did you clear clerk?

I said: No and said I could not not clear prelims only as I was having fever that time.. I gave this answer a little late as I told lie that I was having fever. Now I am afraid that they must have understood.

Then I said, I cleared Indian Bank exam also..reached interview and this year I cleared SBI Mains also

Then they said oh you cleared SBI mains.. Then it’s gud.

They asked then which will you you select SBI or BoB

I said if I clear SBI I will surely join SBI… But if I don’t clear SBI I will surely join Bob.. And I can assure u that I won’t appear IBPS 2017 also and give my dedication to this bank.

Then ma’am laughed and said from which coaching institute have you learnt this answer..

I said: ma’am I dint take any coaching, these are all my personal answers..

Then another ma’am asked what is digital banking

I told about it

Also asked why will you join BoB?

I said: BoB is at present at rank 2 in Indian banking system… Also according to the website of Bank of Baroda it provides high growth opportunities and also my senior who is in Union Bank PO he said that Bob is a very gud bank and that unlike his bank BoB has very good infrastructure… So I really dream of joining this bank

In between, they also commented on my hair

They said that my hair remains straight like this only or I have applied gel 😀 😀

I said: My hair are a little heavy so they remain like this without gel.

They said your hair look good and you are lucky to have such.  

That was all about my interview.


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