Descriptive Topics for SBI PO Main and BoB PGCBF Exam

SBI PO Main and BoB PGCBF and Exams are scheduled on 4th June and 27th May respectively. There will be a Descriptive Exam followed by the Objective Exam on the same day. 

The syllabus for this section is Letter Writing plus Essay Writing. You will be given choice in letter and essay topics both. Here we are providing you some topics which are important for the BoB PGCBF and SBI PO Main Descriptive Writing.

Some topics remain same for letter writing and Essays like Letter to Editor describing good effects of banning junk food in school canteens and Essay on Effects of banning junk food in school canteens. So prepare the topics for both letter writing and Essays.

BoB PGCBF and SBI PO Main Descriptive Topics:


  • Letter to the Principal requesting him to increase security for girls in the college.
  • Along with many employees of the company, your friend has also lost his/her job. Write a letter to him/her describing new opportunities and how to cope up with this situation. (Related to recent removing of employees by big IT companies)
  • Letter to Editor describing the increasing influence of hackers in relation to the recent ‘Ransomware’ attack dubbed ‘WannaCry’.
  • Letter to Editor for increasing misuse of technology citing example of EVM tampering case.
  • Letter to letter describing how Aadhar Card will help in bringing transparency to the system.
  • Letter to Editor how Demonetization has helped the economy.
  • Letter to Editor describing the wrong usage of Reservation in jobs
  • Letter to Editor describing increasing unemployment rate in country.
  • Letter to Editor/principal on: Burden of heavy school bags on students/their wards (Recently in Uttar Pradesh where Saturday declared No Bag day)
  • Good effects of banning junk food in school canteens (Recently Maharashtra did this)
  • Ending VVIP culture by removing Red Beacons from Vehicles 
  • How triple talaq (Instant Divorce) in case of Muslims is unconstitutional
  • Harmful effects of using plastic bags (Recently Madhya Pradesh did this)
  • Essay on rising NPA problem in public Sector Banks
  • Essay on Economic Importance Of Tourism
  • Essay on Importance of Rivers on country’s Economy (Citing examples – Rivers Ganga and Yamuna given human status recently)
  • Effects of loan waiver given to farmers by political parties on country’s economy
  • Women’s safety at work place. (Announcement by BJP Government before UP elections) 
  • Tax on agricultural income valid or invalid (Recently NITI Aayog member suggested this, but rejected by Finance Minster)


These are some of the topics which are in news in recent time and are important for the descriptive section in upcoming BoB PGDCF and SBI PO Main Descriptive exams. We will update the list as we get more topics. 

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