Chemistry Questions for SSC Exams Set 4

Chemistry Questions Answers MCQ for various exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other related exams.

  1. Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy occurs in
    A) atomic bombs
    B) dynamo
    C) battery
    D) electric heaters
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    Option C

  2. Which metal does not undergo corrosion due to formation of oxide layer?
    A) copper
    B) iron
    C) aluminium
    D) zinc
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    Option C

  3. Quartz is a crystalline form of
    A) silica
    B) glass
    C) limestone
    D) alumina
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    Option A

  4. The coloured discharge tubes for advertisement mainly contains
    A) xenon
    B) neon
    C) helium
    D) argon
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    Option B

  5. Muscle fatigue is caused due to accumulation of
    A) pyruvic acid
    B) lactic acid
    C) uric acid
    D) hydrochloric acid
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    Option B

  6. Which one of the following is a micro element?
    A) chlorine
    B) hydrogen
    C) nitrogen
    D) oxyfen
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    Option A

  7. The gas that causes explosion in coal mines is
    A) hydrogen
    B) carbon monoxide
    C) carbon dioxide
    D) methane
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    Option D

  8. Potassium permanganate is used as
    A) insecticide
    B) pesticide
    C) fertiliser
    D) disinfectant
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    Option D

  9. The particle required to continue the chain process of Uranium fission is
    A) electron
    B) proton
    C) neutron
    D) positron
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    Option C

  10. The chemical used for cloud seeding for artificial rains is
    A) silver nitrite
    B) potassium bromide
    C) silver iodide
    D) potassium nitrate
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    Option C

  11. Ultraviolet rays can be used in water treatment as
    A) precipitator
    B) flocculator
    C) hydrolyser
    D) disinfectant
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    Option D

  12. Which of the following metals can deposit copper from copper sulphate solution?
    A) platinum
    B) mercury
    C) iron
    D) gold
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    Option C

  13. Browning of paper in old books is caused by
    A) frequent use
    B) lack of aeration
    C) collection of dust
    D) oxidation of cellulose
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    Option D

  14. The compound with least value for octane number is
    A) 2- methyl heptane
    B) iso-octane
    C) 2,2-dimethyl hexane
    D) n-heptane
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    Option D

  15. Iron rusts quickly in
    A) sea water
    B) rain water
    C) river water
    D) distilled water
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    Option A

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