English: Cloze Test for Upcoming exams – Set 60

In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to form the meaningful paragraph.

As China’s economy becomes indispensable to more countries and companies around the world, Chinese as a foreign language is ……..(1)….. in popularity, and in unlikely places. The number of Israeli students studying Chinese has quintupled in the last four years. Around the world, 100 million non-Chinese now speak the language and in many countries kindergartens have…..(2).. to offer dual-language immersion.
Companies will ….(3)… resources into trying to understand the Chinese market and Chinese consumer preferences. As Towson puts it, “If you’re a hotel in London, I guarantee you there are blogs in Chinese ……(4)……. you… China’s becoming the world’s largest entertainment market. Suddenly you have to try and figure out what they want to watch on TV.”
China’s huge consumer market means that the country will be able to set the terms of trade deals to its …..(5)….. In 2013, Switzerland and China signed a far-reaching bilateral trade agreement that was …(6)…. by politicians from both countries. Yet Swiss exports to China have …(7)…. increased and the deal has since been …….(8)….. for failing to lower tariffs on Swiss watches, one of Switzerland’s main exports, while lowering tariffs on imports of Chinese manufactured goods.
China was able to drive a hard …….(9)…., in no small part due to the bargaining power afforded by its massive consumer base. Gideon Rachman writes in his book Easternization: War and Peace in the Asian Century about political and economic power shifting eastwards: “It is economic might that allows nations to ….(10)… the military, diplomatic, and technological resources that translate into international political power.”

  1. A) swooping
    B) Soaring
    C) flying
    D) aspiring
    E) pushing
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    Option B

    Soaring means increasing rapidly.
    Swooping means move rapidly downwards.
    Aspiring means directing one’s hopes.
  2. A) begun
    B) conceived
    C) incorporated
    D) organized
    E) completed
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    Option A

    Conceived means form or devise a plan in the mind
  3. A) tumble
    B) surge
    C) spate
    D) pour
    E) drench
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    Option D

    Pour means flow rapidly, drain or discharge
    Tumble means a sudden flow.
    Surge means a sudden powerful forward or upward movement.
    Spate means a large number of similar things coming in quick succession.
    Drench means wet thoroughly, soak.
  4. A) abbreviating
    B) refurbishing
    C) reviewing
    D) auditing
    E) scrutinizing
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    Option C

    Abbreviating means shorten or reduce.
    Refurbishing means renovate.
    Auditing means inspecting
  5. A) recognition
    B) precedence
    C) dominion
    D) Advantage
    E) leverage
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    Option D

    Leverage means hold or support.
    Precedence means priority.
    Dominion means control.
  6. A) dribbled
    B) raved
    C) venerated
    D) revered
    E) hailed
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    Option E

    Dribbled means fall slowly or a thin stream in drops.
    Raved means talk incoherently.
    Revered means feel deep respect.
    Venerated means regard with deep respect.
  7. A) hardly
    B) arduously
    C) fairly
    D) cumbrously
    E) frequently
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    Option A

    Arduously means laborious, difficult.
    Cumbrously means inefficient or complex
  8. A) exonerated
    B) criticized
    C) assaulted
    D) slander
    E) maligned
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    Option B

    Exonerate means absolve from blame.
    Assaulted means make a physical attack on.
    Slander means defame.
    Maligned means speak about someone in critical manner.
  9. A) codicil
    B) Bargain
    C) assent
    D) covenant
    E) lease
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    Option B

    Codicil means an addition or supplement that explains, modifies.
    Assent means the expression of approval or agreement.
    Covenant means an agreement.
    Lease means grant or let
  10. A) eventuate
    B) propagate
    C) generate
    D) beget
    E) afford
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    Option C

    Beget means cause.
    Eventuate means occur as a result.

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