Computer Awareness for Upcoming Exams Set 115

  1. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into machine language is called a/an _____?
    A) Simulator
    B) Compiler
    C) CPU
    D) Interpreter
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    Option D

  2. Which type of software creates a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the Internet?
    A) Compression
    B) Extract
    C) Unzipped
    D) Zig Zag
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    Option A

  3. Which of the following are the two basic types of graphics used in MS-Word?
    A) Autoshapes and ClipArt
    B) Header and Footer
    C) Spelling and Grammar
    D) Drawing Objects and Pictures
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    Option D
    There are two basic types of graphics that you can use in Microsoft Word documents: drawing objects and pictures.

  4. The time it takes a device to locate data and instructions and make them available to the CPU is known as _______?
    A) CPU speed
    B) Clock speed
    C) Access time
    D) Processing cycle
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    Option C

  5. Which command can be used to delete an item permanently in windows PC?
    A) Delete Button
    B) Shift + Delete
    C) Ctrl + Delete
    D) Alt + Delete
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    Option B

  6. The term 128-bit era refers to ______?
    A) Laptops
    B) Super computers
    C) Sixth generation Computers
    D) Video game Consoles
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    Option D

  7. What is the theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 5G?
    A) 100 gigabits per second
    B) 10 gigabits per second
    C) 10 terabits per second
    D) 100 terabits per second
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    Option A
    While 4G tops out at a theoretical 100 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G tops out at 10 gigabits per second (Gbps).

  8. Which of the following is a saving process?
    A) To copy the document from memory to storage medium
    B) To develop the document by recording the text with the use of keyboard
    C) To bring change in present status of the document
    D) To change the face or entire form
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    Option A

  9. To access a website which of the following is not required?
    A) Internet device
    B) Internet connection
    C) Data Cable
    D) Browser
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    Option C

  10. ______ refers to programs that are designed to display advertisements on your computer?
    A) Adsys
    B) Playware
    C) Playsys
    D) Adware
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    Option D
    Adware is the software type that often called advertising-supported software by its developers, is software that generates revenue for its developer by automatically generating online advertisements in the user interface of the software or on a screen presented to the user during the installation process.

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