Computer Awareness for Upcoming Exams Set 103

Computer Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB PO/Assisstant, RBI Assistant, UIICL, OICL, NIACL, NICL, BoB and other competitive exams.

  1. Who developed the concept of email?
    A) Bill Gates
    B) Arthur C. Clark
    C) Sabir bhatia
    D) Ray Tomlinson
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    Option D

  2. A compact disc is a data storage system of type
    A) magnetic
    B) optical
    C) electrical
    D) electromechanical
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    Option B

  3. Which of the following circuit is used as memory device in computers?
    A) rectifier
    B) flip-flop
    C) comparator
    D) attenuator
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    Option B

  4. The first computer language was
    A) COBOL
    B) BASIC
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    Option C

  5. FORTRAN stands for
    A) formula translator
    B) format translator
    C) file translator
    D) floppy translator
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    Option A

  6. The application of AND gate in computers is for
    A) addition
    B) subtraction
    C) multiplication
    D) division
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    Option C

  7. What is an organisation’s introductory web page called?
    A) portal
    B) vortal
    C) homepage
    D) website
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    Option C

  8. IC in computers stand for
    A) integrated charge
    B) integrated current
    C) internal charge
    D) integrated circuits
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    Option D

  9. Who is the father of computer?
    A) Charles Babbage
    B) Stephen Hawking
    C) W.G.Grace
    D) John Lennon
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    Option A

  10. The symbols used in assembly language are
    A) codes
    B) mnemonics
    C) assembler
    D) machine codes
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    Option B

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