Computer Awareness for Upcoming Exams Set 105

Computer Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB PO/Assisstant, RBI Assistant, UIICL, OICL, NIACL, NICL, BoB and other competitive exams.

  1. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the ____________.
    A) Compiler
    B) Loader
    C) Operating System
    D) assembler
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    Option C

  2. The _________ digits are 0 to 9 and A to F.
    A) Decimal
    B) Hexadecimal
    C) Binomial
    D) Trinomial
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    Option B

  3. To access a mainframe or supercomputer, users often use a ___________.
    A) terminal
    B) node
    C) desktop
    D) handheld
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    Option A
    A computer terminal is an electronic or electromechanical hardware device that is used for entering data into, and displaying data from, a computer or a computing system.
  4. A computer is a box full of electronic:
    A) Switching devices
    A) Chips
    C) Circuits
    D) Registers
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    Option C

  5. Which out of the following is the least expensive computer ?
    A) Home computer
    B) Laptop microcomputer
    C) Personal computer
    D) Desktop computer
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    Option A

  6. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of ___________.
    A) Registers and Airthmetic Logic Unit
    B) Instruction Decoding Circuit
    C) A control and timing section
    D) All of the above
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    Option D
    The central processing unit (CPU) is the computer component that’s responsible for interpreting and executing most of the commands from the computer’s other hardware and software.
    All sorts of devices use a CPU, including desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, smartphones… even your flat-screen television set.
  7. ____________ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat.
    A) Servers
    B) Embedded computers
    C) Robotic computers
    D) Mainframes
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    Option B

  8. An Integrated Circuit (IC) is:
    A) Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip
    B) A complicated circuit
    C) Much costlier than a single transistor
    D) An integrating device
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    Option A

  9. ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.
    A) Tracking
    B) Formatting
    C) Crashing
    D) Allotting
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    Option B
  10. The _______ enables you to simultaneously keep multiple Web pages open in one browser window.
    A) tab box
    B) pop-up helper
    C) tab row
    D) address bar
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    Option C
    In interface design, a tabbed document interface (TDI) or Tab is a graphical control element that allows multiple documents or panels to be contained within a single window, using tabs as a navigational widget for switching between sets of documents.

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