Computer Basics Set 10


  1. The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications equally regardless of the source is known as?
    A) Net Servicing
    B) Net Equality
    C) Net Neutrality
    D) Fair Usage Policy
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    Option C
  2. Which of the following is not an Operating system of Computer?
    A) Windows 2000
    B) Symbian OS
    C) Xenix
    D) Linux
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    Option B
    Symbian OS is an old mobile OS. Xenix is a discontinued OS from UNIX
  3. The process of transferring file from your computer to a remote server is known as ?
    A) Uploading
    B) Downloading
    C) Accessing
    D) Upgrading
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    Option A
    Transfer from your computer to server is uploading and transfer from server to your computer is downloading.
  4. The process of rebooting a computer using the menu options available in the oerating system is known as?
    A) Cold Boot
    B) Warm Boot
    C) Hard Boot
    D) BIOS Boot
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    Option B
    Warm Boot – rebooting a computer using the menu available in the OS or rebooting using CTRL+ALT+Delete key.
    Cold Boot – Using the computer power button to turn on/off the computer or directly putting off the power supply to turn off the computer is cold booting.
    Warm booting is a more gentle way of rebooting a system hence giving it its name warm boot.
  5. The process of booting in Mainframe computer is known as?
    A) BPL
    B) IPL
    C) CPL
    D) SPL
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    Option B
    IPL – Intial Program Load (IPL) is the process of loading of Operating System (booting) in a mainframe computer.
  6. Which of the following extension is not related to Microsoft Powerpoint?
    A) .ppt
    B) .pptx
    C) .ppsx
    D) All are related
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    Option D
    ppt – extension of powerpoint presentation on earlier verion of MS Office (2003 and older)
    pptx – extension of powerpoint presentation on new verion of MS Office (2007 and onwards)
    ppsx – extension for powerpoint show, used to directly run a presentation without the need of actual presentation ppt file.
  7. A personal computer cannot work without a ____?
    A) Webcam
    B) Keyboard
    C) RAM
    D) USB port
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    Option C
  8. The process of checking all the peripheral units by the OS during the time of booting is known as?
    A) BIOS
    B) POST
    C) BUS
    D) Chkdsk
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    Option B
    This process is known as Power on Self Test (POST)
  9. Which of the following is not a valid binary number?
    A) 11010
    B) 10110
    C) 10010
    D) All are valid
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    Option D
  10. The device used to connect two networks having different architecture and model is?
    A) Hub
    B) Switch
    C) Modem
    D) Gateway
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    Option D

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