Computer Basics Set 15

  1. The feature in text document software’s that detects when a word will extend beyond the right margin and automatically transfers it to the beginning of the next line is known as?
    A) Word Alignment
    B) Word Fit
    C) Word Wrap
    D) Word Review
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    Option C
  2. The person who maintains a specific Web site and is responsible for what appears there is known as ___?
    A) Web Master
    B) Web Controller
    C) Web Server
    D) Web Checker
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    Option A
  3. An application or software that is easy to use is termed as _____?
    A) Graphical User
    B) Graphics Friendly
    C) User Dynamics
    D) User Friendly
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    Option D
  4. What is treeware?
    A) GUI Software
    B) Printed Material
    C) Hardware unit
    D) Memory device
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    Option B

    Any printed material on a paper is known as treeware
  5. A preestablished format for a document provided by the software suite is known as ___?
    A) Work area
    B) Thread
    C) Toolbar
    D) Template
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    Option D

    Template is a pre-defined format of any type of document provided by the software suite.
  6. A program that provides a worksheet with rows and columns to be used for calculations and the preparation of reports is known as ____?
    A) Portable Document
    B) Database Management software
    C) Spreadsheet Software
    D) Text Software
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    Option C

    Spreadsheet software’s readily provides the user with worksheet containing rows and columns.
  7. The first introductory screen which appears when a software/program is launched and contains the details about the software is known as _____ ?
    A) Windows Screen
    B) Smash Screen
    C) Splash Screen
    D) Split Screen
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    Option C

    Splash Screen is the term for the first screen that appears when a software is launched.
  8. P2P in networking stands for?
    A) Point to Point
    B) Post to Post
    C) Peer to Peer
    D) Protocol to Protocol
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    Option C

    P2P – peer to peer. A connection in which each computer acts like a server and client and there is no need for a centralized server. Each computer in the network can communicate with any other computer in the network.
  9. The amount of time taken by a packet of data to move across a network connection is known as ____?
    A) Access Time
    B) Resolve Time
    C) Latency
    D) Latitude
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    Option C
  10. NOC stands for ?
    A) Network Operations Center
    B) Network Optical Communication
    C) Neural Operation Convertor
    D) Network Open Card
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    Option A

    It is the central location where a company’s servers and networking equipment are located.


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