Computer Basics Set 5


  1. Which of the following address differentiates the computers connected in a network?
    A) IP Address
    B) Web Address
    C) Host Address
    D) MIC Address
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    Option A

  2. The set of rules used for the communication between terminals connected in a network is known as?
    A) Protocol
    B) Syntax
    C) Algorithm
    D) Processing
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    Option A

  3. Name the first Super Computer of India
    A) PARAM- II/3
    B) PARAM 6000
    C) PARAM 8000
    D) PARAM -I
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    Option C

  4. The concept of time sharing was introduced in the ____ generation of computer.
    A) First
    B) Second
    C) Third
    D) Fourth
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    Option D

  5. Find the odd one out
    A) Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner
    B) Monitor, Printer, Speaker
    C) RAM, ROM, Hard Disk
    D) ROM, Control Unit, SMPS
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    Option D
    In option A all are related, all are input device, similarly in b) all are output device, similarly in c) all are memory device.
  6. CSS stands for?
    A) Corporate Style Sheet
    B) Computing System Sheet
    C) Cascading Style Sheet
    D) Communicative System Sheet
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    Option C

  7. Which of the following is not a valid protocol of internet system?
    A) UDP
    B) ADSL
    C) SNMP
    D) ICMP
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    Option B

  8. The moving text that appears on websites are known as?
    A) bitmap
    B) marquee
    C) text-stiller
    D) animator
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    Option B

  9. GUI based operating system are based on the concept of?
    A) LIGO
    B) FIFO
    D) FIFO
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    Option C
    WYSIWYG is an acronym for “what you see is what you get”
  10. Which of the following is the highest unit of storage in computer field?
    A) Yottabyte
    B) Exabyte
    C) Terabyte
    D) Zettabyte
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    Option A

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