Computer: MS Word Questions Set 17

MS Word Questions for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk, NICL, NIACL, UIICL, OICL, Bank of Baroda, SSC and other competitive exams

  1. Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?
    A) Main document
    B) Data source
    C) Merge fields
    D) Word fields
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    Option D
  2. Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?
    A) Status bar
    B) Tool bar
    C) Menu bar
    D) Title bar
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    Option C
  3. A word processor would most likely be used to do
    A) keep an account of money spent
    B) do a computer search in media center
    C) maintain an inventory
    D) type a biography
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    Option D
  4. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?
    A) macros
    B) template
    C) mail merge
    D) none
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    Option C
  5. The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called _________
    A) document formatting
    B) database management
    C) mail merge
    D) form letters
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    Option C
  6. Which enables you to move directly to specific location in a document?
    A) Subdocuments
    B) Bookmarks
    C) Cross-references
    D) Outlines
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    Option C
  7. To convert a hyperlink e-mail address to regular text, right-click the e-mail address and then click _____ on the shortcut menu.
    A) Edit Hyperlink
    B) Select Hyperlink
    C) Convert Hyperlink
    D) Remove Hyperlink
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    Option D
  8. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing?
    A) Normal
    B) Loosely
    C) Condensed
    D) Expanded
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    Option B
  9. A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____.
    A) full street address
    B) logo
    C) complete legal name of the company, group, or individual
    D) None of the above
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    Option D
  10. A _____ contains buttons, boxes, and menus that allow tasks to be performed more quickly than using the menu bar.
    A) format bar
    B) status bar
    C) command bar
    D) toolbar
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    Option D

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