Current Affairs Quiz: June 2, 2019

Current Affairs 2 June 2019 Quiz

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  1. Under PM Scholarship scheme, the rate of scholarship has been increased from Rs 2000 to how much for boys?
    A)Rs 2500
    B)Rs 3000
    C)Rs 5000
    D)Rs 6000
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    Option A
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved changes to the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for wards of deceased defense personnel under the National Defence Fund. The quota of new scholarships for children of state police officials will be 500 in a year. The rates of scholarship have also been increased from Rs. 2000 per month to Rs. 2500 per month for boys and from Rs. 2250 per month to Rs. 3000 per month for girls.

  2. Which state has waived admission fees for students under the fee waiver scheme?
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    Option A
    Assam government has waived admission fees for students taking admission up to Post Graduate level whose parental income is less than 2 lakh rupees per year.

  3. Which city is now the world’s southernmost city?
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    Option A
    Puerto Williams, a growing hamlet draped in snow-covered peaks on the remote southern tip of the South American continent, has been upgraded to the category of “city” by Chilean authorities, making it the world’s southernmost city.

  4. Who has been appointed as UN deputy executive director?
    A)Saroj Jain
    B)Anita Bhatia
    C)Rishi Mukesh
    D)Anirudh Roy
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    Option B
    Indian-origin Anita Bhatia, a veteran in strategic partnerships, resource mobilization, and management, has been appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as the Deputy Executive Director in the global body’s agency focused on women empowerment and gender equality.

  5. Who has been given as 3 month extension as Defence Secretary according to an order issued by Personnel Ministry?
    A)Ranvir Jain
    B)Sanjay Mitra
    C)Amitabh Chaudhary
    D)Sanjiv Jain
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    Option B
    Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra has been given a three-month extension in service, according to an order issued by the Personnel Ministry.

  6. What is the theme of this year’s Global Day of Parents?
    A)Parents and Love
    B)Life and Parents
    C)Parents Trust
    D)Honor Your Parents
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    Option D
    The Global Day of Parents is observed on the 1st of June every year. The day was announced to honour and acknowledge the love, commitment and selfless efforts of parents across the globe, towards their children.The theme for the 2019 Global Day of Parents is “Honor Your Parents!”


  1. Where is the HQ of UN?
    D)Washington DC
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    Option C

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