Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Questions Set 36

Data Interpretation Questions (DI) for IBPS PO 2017, IBPS PO, NIACL, NICL, SBI PO RBI Grade B, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.


Direction (1-5): Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:

There are 6 people A, B, C, D, E and F. They require certain days to complete a piece of work. The graph below shows by what percent person B, C, D, E and F are more efficient than A. Answer the questions based on this data.


  1. If C can do a work in 120 days then how many days would B take to do the same piece of work?
    A) 80 days
    B) 100 days
    C) 96 days
    D) 106 days
    E) 88 days
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    Option C
    C is 20% more efficient than A; So if A takes A days then C takes A*100/120 days=120 (given)
    So A= 120*120/100
    B takes A*100/150 =96 days
  2. B starts the work and after working for 80 days he leaves. After this D takes over the work and finishes it in 120 days. How much time will E and F take together to complete the same work?
    A) 84 (8/9) days
    B) 88 (8/9) days
    C) 78 (8/9) days
    D) 79 (8/9) days
    E) 80 (8/9) days
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    Option B
    : Let A takes 3x days; So B will take 100/150*3x=2x days and D will take 3x days
    As per question, 80/2x + 120/3x =1 => x=80
    A takes 240 days; hence E takes 240*5/7 = 1200/7 days and F takes 240*10/13= 2400/13 days
    E and F together takes 800/9 days
  3. To do the same piece of work D and E together take 125/18 days more than the days taken by B and C together. In how many days A and F together can do the work?
    A) 62 (5/23) days
    B) 65 (7/23) days
    C) 62 (7/23) days
    D) 62 (9/23) days
    E) 65 (5/23) days
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    Option E
    Let A takes x days; B takes 2x/3 days; C takes 5x/6  days hence B and C together take 10x/27 days
    Also, D takes x days; E takes 5x/7 days; together D and E takes 5x/12 days
    given that 5x/12 – 10x/27 = 125/18 =>x=150
    A= 150 days ; E =1500/13 days
    together A and E= 1500/23= 65 (5/23) days
  4. When B works at half of his overall efficiency he tales 45 days more than what C takes to complete the full work. If the same work is to be completed by D and F together with D having been worked for 10 days alone then how many days will D and F together take to complete the remaining work?
    A) 30 (18/23) days
    B) 31 (15/23) days
    C) 30 (18/23) days
    D) 34 (18/23) days
    E) 30 (15/23) days
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    Option D
    A- x days; B- 2x/3 days (normal condition) ; when working at half his efficiency B takes 4x/3 days;
    C- 5x/6 days ; given B-C= 45 => 4x/3 – 5x/6 = 45 => x=90
    D takes 90 days; F- 900/13 days ; (D+F) together in 900/23 days full work;
    work done by D in 10 days = 10/90=1/9; remaining work =8/9
    so D and F can do 8/9 work in 900/23 * 8/9 = 800/23 days = 34 (18/23) days
  5. Person Z who is 50% more efficient than E takes 80 days less than B to complete the work. Identify the correct statement from the given:
    (i) Difference between time taken by C and time taken by Z to complete the work individually is more than 100.
    (ii) A and Z together can do the work in 85 days.
    (iii) If Z works for 50 days and the remaining work is done by A alone for 315 days the work gets completed
    A) Only (i)
    B) Only (ii) and (iii)
    C) Both (i) anf (ii)
    D) Both (i) and (iii)
    E) All (i), (ii) and (iii)
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    Option D
    A- x days; B-2x/3 days; E- 5x/7 days hence Z takes 5x/7 *2/3 = 10x/21 days
    2x/3 – 10x/21=80 => x=420
    Z takes = 200 days
    (i) When A takes 420 days; C takes – 420*5/6= 350 days ; C-Z = 150; so true
    (ii) Find A and Z together time; Not equal to 85
    (iii) 50/200 + 315/420 =1 hence true

Direction (6-8): Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:

In a boating competition there are 3 boats X, Y and Z taking in the race. The river in which the race is to be held is divided into three equal parts AB, BC and CD. To complete the race a boast must travel from A to D downstream and back from D to A upstream.
The speed of stream in part BC is 50% of the speed of stream in part AB, while the speed of stream in part CD is 150% of the speed of the stream in part  AB.
Speed of boat X in still water= 6 kmph;
Speed of boat Y in still water= 5 kmph
Speed of boat Z in still water= 8 kmph

  1. If boat Y takes 1 hour to travel from point B to C downstream that is 6 km in distance. Find the time that boat X will take to travel from A to D downstream.
    A) 3 (15/28) hours
    B) 2 (23/84) hours
    C) 4 (1/4) hours
    D) 4(3/4) hours
    E) 3 (15/17) hours
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    Option B

    For Y time to cover distance BC i.e 6 km= 1 hour => Speed of boat Y downstream=6/1= 6kmph
    let the downstream speed in region BC=b then 6=5+b (as speed of boat Y in still water =5)
    hence b=1 kmph
    as per given data in ques; speed of stream in AB= 2 kmph; and speed of stream in CD= 3 kmph
    Time for X to reach D from A can be calculated in 3 part : AB + BC + CD
    = 6/(6+2) + 6/(6+1) + 6/(6+3)= 191/84 = 2(23/84)
  2. When the speed of the stream in region CD is 3 kmph boat X takes 47 hour move from point D to point A upstream. Find the time required for boat Y to cover the distance CD downstream.
    A) 8 hours
    B) 9 hours
    C) 7 hours
    D) 7.5 hours
    E) 8.5 hours
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    Option D
    : When speed of stream in position CD is 3kmph; the in AB= 2 kmph; BC is 1 kmph
    Let the distance of each region AB=BC=CD= M km
    Time DC + Time CB + Time Ba = 47 hours
    M/(6-3) + M/(6-1) + M/(6-2)= 47 hour
    Solve and get M=60 km
    Time for boat Y to travel Cd downstream=60/(5+3)=7.5 hours
  3. X, Y and Z starts the race from position A. What distance more would boat Z have travelled than boat Y at the time when boat Y reaches point B? (Distance AD= 210 km and speed is stream in region BC is 1 kmph)
    A) 20 km
    B) 25 km
    C) 27 km
    D) 28 km
    E) 30 km
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    Option C
    Time taken by boat Y to reach B= (Distance AB)/ downstream speed for Y= 70/(5+2)=10 hours
    Time taken by Z to travelled AB= 70/ (8+2)=7 hours
    In this extra 10-7 hours=3 hours; Z is in region BC where speed of stream is 1 kmph
    So distance travelled by Z in region BC in 3 hours= 3* (8+1)= 27 km
    So Z is 27 km ahead of Y when Y reaches B

Direction (6-8): Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:

Two trains of length 1.1 km and 0.9 km are moving in the opposite direction at a speed of ‘X kmph’ and ‘1.5X kmph’ respectively. The time taken by the slower train to completely cross the faster train is 48 seconds.

  1. Find the speed of train with length 0.9 km
    A) 60 kmph
    B) 90 kmph
    C) 120 kmph
    D) 150 kmph
    E) 180 kmph
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    Option B
    relative speed= X +1.5 X = 2.5 Xkmph =5*2.5X/18 m/s
    distance to be covered=1.1+0.9 =2 km= 2000m
    time = 48 sec
    48 = 2000/ (2.5X*5/18)
    So Speed of train A=60 kmph
    Speed of B =90 kmph
  2. Find the relative speed of the two trains when moving in same direction in m/s (approx).
    A) 9.1 m/s
    B) 7.2 m/s
    C) 10.2 m/s
    D) 6.7 m/s
    E) 8.3 m/s
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    Option E
    : Relative speed= 90-60 = 30 kmph =30*5/18=8.33


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  1. PRADEEP $K$

    sir…in second question ans is wrong…:)))

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        2400/13 + 1200/7 ans is coming diff..:)

        1. Suraj

          what should it be?

          1. PRADEEP $K$

            means denominator is 91

          2. PRADEEP $K$

            should be 356 approx

          3. Suraj

            it will be 13/2400 + 7/1200
            then reverse of the value that comes

          4. PRADEEP $K$

            sir v r calculating total work na???

          5. Suraj

            no time is asked
            How much time will E and F take together to complete the same work?

          6. PRADEEP $K$

            13/1200+ 7/2400 =33/2400 =2400/33 =800/11??

          7. Suraj

            13/1200 nhi hai; 13/2400 hai.. see..

          8. Suraj

            and 7/1200 hai

          9. PRADEEP $K$

            okkk sir….:)))

          10. AMAZON

            @@disqus_0OrBOABGUE:disqus can you help me out in this ? i mentioned it above

          11. $IGi_2CoVeRT $tRiKe$

            where bro????

          12. AMAZON

            I got it now .

    1. golden girl

      nhi bro ans sahi hai

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        mne inversion kr dia tha isly thnk ssi

  2. golden girl

    sir ques 4 me E= 450/7 q nhi hua

    1. Suraj

      replace E with F.. now changed

      1. golden girl


        1. golden girl

          Sir mera ans 500/23 aa rha hai ?

          1. Suraj

            tell the steps

          2. golden girl

            sir plz batao ki kis step me galti kar rhi hu

          3. Suraj

            for that u will have to explain me this method;; i dont use it..
            tell why 150, 120, 12, 7.5,

          4. PRADEEP $K$

            sir its the efficiency ratio…;))

          5. Suraj

            solve 4th and tell what answer u r getting

          6. PRADEEP $K$

            okk sir but i got stuck up in question 333 .:((

          7. golden girl

            eff wale se nhi aa rha 3 ka ans

          8. PRADEEP $K$

            haaa sso but aana chaiye mn whi se try kr rha huuu…:(((

          9. golden girl

            ho jaye to mujhe bhi batana plz

          10. Suraj

            see,, i asked u something;; why have u taken total work=150*10?
            i dont use this method;; so asking

          11. golden girl

            sir mujhe bhi bahi confusion ho rha hai

          12. Suraj

            i will give u the solution by lcm method tomorrow

          13. golden girl

            ok sir

          14. aspirant

            sir Q6.ka answer 191/84 aa rha h

          15. PRADEEP $K$

            siso..us question mn b kuch problem h given ans and jo mujhe mil rha h dono alg aa rhe h…:((

          16. golden girl

            mera 1250/23 aa rha hai

          17. PRADEEP $K$

            3rd ka na same mera b…:))

          18. aspirant

            let A=x days
            Now B=100x/150=2x/3days

          19. PRADEEP $K$

            efficiency se nikal k btao bro yeh soln same posted h…:)

          20. aspirant

            bro me aise hi solve kiya..efficiency se confuse ho jata hu

          21. PRADEEP $K$

            heheehhehe…ok.okk thanks bro…:)

          22. golden girl

            a : b :c
            100:150:120— effi
            c- half of B = 45
            12-7.5= 4.5
            TOTAL WORK 150*10= 1500
            WORK OF D IN 10 DAYS = 100*10= 1000
            REMAINING 1500-1000= 500
            TOTAL EFF. OF d+f = 10+13 = 23
            REMANING DAYS = 500/23

          23. Suraj

            why total work 150*10?

          24. PRADEEP $K$

            sir instead of 4x/3 it should be x/3 as 2x/3 *1/2 =x/3

  3. PRADEEP $K$

    d ki efficency 100 h sir?????

    1. Suraj

      0% more than A,, means he takes same time as A takes

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        means if a =100 then d =100+0% of 100 =100 le skte sir???

  4. akansha diwedi

    sir in question 5 z is 50% more efficient then E so efficiency of z =(1.5 * efficiency of E) SO E efficiency is 1.4 so Z efficiency will be 1.4 *1.5 =2.1 but as per ans its efficiency is 2.8 ,i think it is wrong , would you please check that.

    1. Suraj

      ok wait; 4th done?

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        sir in 4th efficiency should b x/3 instead of 4x/3…:)

        1. PRADEEP $K$

          for ex if x =30 then 2x/3 =20
          and 4x/3 =40 then a/c to condition 1/2 of 20 should be 10 but its coming 40…so x/3 should b there sir…:)

        2. Suraj

          4x/3 is not the efficiency,, it is the number of days that he will take
          so if efficiency is become half,, the number of days that he takes is getting doubled

          1. PRADEEP $K$

            sir aaj k questions bikl smj nhi aa rha h jb efficency di hui h thn alg alg x se kyu kr rhe h ….sir…:(((

          2. Suraj

            do with any method; answer same hona chahye

          3. PRADEEP $K$

            whi to nhi aa rha ans same sir…:))

          4. Suraj

            only 4th na? ans kya aarha hai?

          5. PRADEEP $K$

            yess whi sir…;)

          6. Suraj

            ans kya aarha?

          7. PRADEEP $K$

            21(17/23) sir

          8. PRADEEP $K$

            efficiency ratio
            150———–120 =>5————4
            now efficiency of b gets halved
            =>now b =2.5
            =>days ratio =4————-2.5
            now 1.5 ratio = 45
            =>1 ratio =30
            =>4 ratio =120 =b
            =>2.5 ratio =75 =c
            total work done by b and c togather =(2.5*120)+(75*4) =600
            now efficiency ratio of d and f
            work done by d in 10 days =10*10=100
            remaining work =600 -100 =500
            now total days d and f take togather to complete the remaining work
            d(t) =500/23 =21(17/23) days

          9. raman

            maine bhi yahi method se kiya hai mera toh saho a raha hai answer

          10. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            yes mera b aa chuka usme thoda mistk h…:)

          11. PRADEEP $K$


          12. Suraj

            i will have to see this method;; answer is correct;;

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        sir correction in question 4 also i think…;))))

  5. PRADEEP $K$

    sir d+e h ya d+f h???? pehle d+e shw ho rha tha ab D+f shw ho rha h????

    1. Suraj

      in 4th na?? — its D + F now

  6. Sachin Shukla


  7. AVI™ (Sinchen loveR)

    Q 3 and 4 not understandable

    1. Suraj

      ques or solution?

      1. AVI™ (Sinchen loveR)

        from we start ??

        1. Suraj

          3) B and C sath me jitne din me kaam kar sakte hai ; D aur E ko utne days se 125/18 days aur jyada lagta hai utna hi kaam krne me…
          to ab find karo ki A and F kitne din me sath kaam kar sakte hai

          B and C ki efficiency pata hai with respect to A,, to pehle B and C ka time nikalo kitna time me kreneg,, then D and E ka nikalo;; subtract and equate to 125/18 as in solution

          1. AVI™ (Sinchen loveR)

            ok sir got it

  8. @chasmish_/_

    3,4 ka ansr nhi aa rha ?

    1. Suraj

      doing by lcm method?

      1. @chasmish_/_

        150+120 is the efficiency of b and c

      2. @chasmish_/_

        after it what to do sir i m not getting the ansr

        1. Suraj

          lcm se nhi hua ye kisi ka ques;; i dont use this method..

          1. @chasmish_/_

            A ka efficiency 100 le k kr rhi hu nhi aa rha

          2. Suraj

            yes wahi bola maine, ki ye wala ques efficiency wale method se koi nhi kar paya… try with normal method

          3. @chasmish_/_

            Ok sir thankyou

          4. raman

            i have done this by lcm method usinf efficiency..i have got the same answer

          5. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            sir efficiency method se bhi yhi ans aa rha hh ryt ans h…:)

          6. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            efficiency ratio => b—————-c
            now days ratio=>b——————c
            now b’s eff.is halved so 2.5=> days will b doubled =8
            => new days ratio=> b—————c
            now 3 ratio =45 => 1 ratio =15
            => 8 ratio =b=120 days
            and 5 ratio =c=75 days
            now work done will b same in both cases even though efficiency is halved
            so total work done by b and c =>120*5+75*4=900
            now eff of d and f => 10:13
            now work done by d in 10 days =>10*10 =100
            remaining work =900-100 =800
            now work done by both =800/(13+10) =800/23 =34(18/23) days

  9. PRADEEP $K$

    sir..aapne 4th question ka nas nhi btya which 1 is ryt????

    1. Suraj

      given ans is right..

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        then how diffrence in ans is comong sir????

        1. Suraj

          i will tell,, when i get the solution using efficiency method… ans is coming same by that method too,, one of my frnd has solved,, i will give you the solution when I get it

          1. PRADEEP $K$

            process sir aapk frnd ne solve kia h thn process i wll match that wth my soln and find out wher i am going wrong sir….:)))) becoz i tried so many tyms but getting the same ans…:)

          2. Suraj

            yes still i am not having that solution.. i will give it

          3. PRADEEP $K$

            okk sir waiting……:)

          4. Alice

            efficiency method % based?/
            i wud also lyk to knw..:)

    2. $IGi_2CoVeRT $tRiKe$

      see here bro
      cd = 150/100 ab
      =>ab =100/150 cd =>2/3 cd
      now cd =3km/hr =>ab =2km/hr…:)

  10. Sneha Dubey

    nice set of questions…

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