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Since Inception, we have been hearing of Poor India, Illiterate India which gradually passed on to Developing India. And with Modi-Sarkar came into power, “Digital India” is the new trend. So, what actually is Digitial India and how it came into existence?

Digital India is a Schema comprising various projects, each targeting to prepare India for becoming a better Economy and a better Country. It was a campaign launched by #NaMo in July 2015. Its main aim is to provide govt. services online and to connect each and every part of India, electronically.

Digital India consists of three core components:-
1. Creation of Digital infrastructure.
2. Delivery of services digitally.
3. Digital literacy.

Digital infrastructure includes Public internet access, Broadband Highways, Global Information, Electronic manufacturing Early Harvest Programmes, IT Training for jobs etc. These are very crucial aspects for a country to grow nad prosper.

Similarly, Digital services encompass initiatives like DigiLocker (free, secure, flexible, easy to use); (track attendance of government employees); (where commoners can share their views, ideas) etc.

And Finally, Digital Literacy. It is the digital skill, the knowledge of computing skills in using computing networks. It has its impacts on various fields such as:
a. on Education: – Various audio-visual aids like projectors, smartboards, audience response system are some of the techniques which are helpful to inculcate digital literacy among students.
b. Society: – services like emails; LinkedIn help people to communicate, and keep up with social trends.
c. Social media: – Various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram gives the user a virtual identity.

In the 21st century, where Everything is getting advanced, Digital India is not just a trend but a necessity. It is the dire need of the hour to connect the Aam Nagrik with the government and with each other. And Digital India Programme will pull together many existing schemes which will restructure and re-focus and transform India into a Developed Country.

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