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  1. Eng M AwesomE

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  2. Monika

    Good Noon; will start in 2 minutes

  3. ARIA ...


    1. Ambika

      agro marine processing and development of _________

      1. ARIA ...

        Scheme for Agro-Marine Processing and Development of Agro-Processing Clusters

  4. Monika

    Best Indian University of India based upon HRD ministry rankings

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Ambika

      IISc banglore

    3. Eng M AwesomE

      minranda delhi-colllege

    4. Monika

      IISc Bangalore

  5. Monika

    FICCI has projected India’s GDP at ____________ percent

  6. Monika

    Nora Chopra was a renowned ____________

    1. ARIA ...


  7. Monika

    Name the first woman judge of Delhi High Court who died at the age of 86?

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Vision

      hello Admin

  8. Monika

    As per IMF, the World economy is estimated to grow at __________percent in 2017

      1. ARIA ...

        3.5 WRLD

  9. Monika

    What is the rank of India in the world in terms of its total contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as per the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) report.

  10. Monika

    Which state has topped the Public Affairs Index-2017?

    1. Ambika

      last bihar

    2. Monika

      Top State- Kerala; Last State- Bihar

  11. Monika

    S Ramaswamy was former Chief Minister of which state?

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Ambika

      puducherry sorry

  12. Monika

    Based upon Transparency International’s report, which country has been ranked as the most corrupt nation?

      1. Ambika

        2nd vietnam

  13. Monika

    OECD has projected India’s GDP at ___________ percent for 2017-18

  14. Monika

    Mauno Koivisto was the former President of which country?

    1. Vision

      noikia=finland comp

  15. Monika

    “The People’s Maharaja”-Biography of Amarinder Singh has been authored by__________

    1. Ambika

      khushwant singh

    2. DEEP

      26th cm of Punjab

      Kushwant Singh

    3. ARIA ...


    4. Vision

      Khushwant Singh

    5. Monika

      Khushwant Singh

  16. Monika

    Name the author of “Swachh Jungle kikahani – DadikiZubani”

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Monika

      Dr. Madhu Pant

  17. Monika

    What is the rank of India in number of startup incubators and accelerators as per NASSCOM’s report?

    1. Ambika


    2. Eng M AwesomE

      raman roy

    3. Monika

      India: 3
      China: 1
      US: 2

  18. Monika

    GDP of India in 2017-18 as per the World Bank?

    1. Monika

      7.2 percent

  19. Monika

    Ustad Raees Khan was known for_______________

    1. Ambika

      sitar player from pakistan

    2. Monika

      Playing Sitar; Pakistan

  20. Monika

    Which Indian city has been adjudged as the most affordable city having the lowest cost of living as per Savills Tech Cities 2017 rankings?

    1. Eng M AwesomE


  21. Monika

    Which Indian college has been adjudged as the best college of India by the HRD ministry?

    1. Eng M AwesomE


    2. Ambika

      miranda house

    3. DEEP

      Miranda House

    4. ARIA ...


    5. Monika

      Miranda House College, Delhi University

  22. Monika

    Kishori Amonkar was a renowned ________

    1. DEEP..!!

      classical singer

    2. Monika

      Classical Singer

  23. Monika

    ADB has projected India’s GDP at ____________ percent in 2017-18

  24. Monika

    Which country has been ranked as the healthiest country on Earth as per 2017 Bloomberg Global Health Index?

    1. Eng M AwesomE


      1. Eng M AwesomE


      2. Ambika

        vienna for living standards

    2. ARIA ...


  25. Monika

    Author of “The Entrepreneur’s Guidebook”

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Ambika

      suresh bharwani

    3. Monika

      Suresh Bharwani

  26. Monika

    Rank of India in IoT-enabled customer maturity as per Genesys report

    1. Monika

      India: 2
      China: 1

  27. Monika

    India’s GDP is estimated at _______________ percent in 2018-19 by ADB

  28. Monika

    IMF has projected India’s GDP to grow at __________ percent in 2018-19

    1. Ambika


    2. Monika

      7.7 percent

  29. Monika

    Author of “The Flaming Tresses of Draupadi”

    1. Ambika

      verappa moilyy

    2. ARIA ...


    3. Monika

      M. Veerappa Moily

  30. Monika

    Allan Holdsworth was a pioneer of which musical instrument?

  31. Monika

    Vinu Chakravarthy was renowned actor of which language?

  32. Monika

    India’s GDP as estimated by the IMF for the current fiscal is___________ percent

    1. Monika

      7.2 percent

    2. Ambika

      for 17-18 – 7.2%

    3. ARIA ...

      iദṛඹ? Monika • 32 minutes ago
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      1. Ambika

        32 min ho bhi gye ???

        1. ARIA ...

          ໄiദṛඹ? • 29 minutes ago
          32 min ho bhi gye ???
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  33. Monika

    RBI has estimated India’s growth rate at _______ percent for the 2017-18 fiscal

  34. Monika

    Author of “Hope in a Challenged Democracy – An Indian Narrative”

    1. DEEP

      Ashwini kumar

    2. Ambika

      ashwini kumar

    3. ARIA ...


    4. Monika

      Ashwini Kumar

    5. Vision

      Ashwini kumar

  35. Monika

    India’s GDP is estimated to be __________ percent for 2017-18 as per OECD

    1. Monika

      7.3 percent

  36. Monika

    FICCI has projected India’s GDP at ____________ percent

    1. Monika

      7.4 percent

  37. Monika

    Author of “Matoshree”

    1. Ambika

      sumitra mahajan

    2. ARIA ...

      S. MAHA +JAN

    3. Monika

      Sumitra Mahajan

  38. Monika

    Author of “Asha Parekh: The Hit Girl “

    1. DEEP

      Khalid Mohammad

    2. DEEP..!!

      khaleed mohammd

    3. Ambika

      khalid mohd

    4. ARIA ...

      KALID MAH.

    5. Monika

      Khalid Mohamed + Asha Parekh

  39. Monika

    Girish Chandra Saxena ‘Gary’ was former governor of which state?

    1. Monika

      Jammu and Kashmir

  40. Monika

    Begum Yaman was a renowned ___________

    1. DEEP..!!

      sufi sing

    2. Ambika

      singer sufi

    3. ARIA ...


    4. Monika

      Sufi Singer

    5. Vision

      Sufi singer

  41. Monika

    Author of “Building the land of five rivers”

    1. ARIA ...


    2. Ambika

      arjun gaind

    3. Vision

      Arjun gaind

    4. Monika

      Arjun Gaind

  42. Monika

    “Numbers Do Lie, 61 Hidden Cricket Stories” has been written by ______

    1. Ambika

      akash chopra

    2. ARIA ...


    3. Vision

      Akash Chopra

    4. Monika

      Akash Chopra

  43. Monika

    author of “Veerappan, Chasing the Brigand”

    1. Ambika

      vijay kumar

    2. DEEP

      Vijay Kumar !

    3. Monika

      Shri Vijay Kumar

  44. Monika

    “Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl” has been written by

    1. DEEP

      Kamal Mukherjee

    2. Ambika

      ram kamal mukherjee

    3. Vision

      Kamal Mukherjee

    4. ARIA ...


    5. Monika

      Ram Kamal Mukherjee

  45. Monika

    author of “The People’s President: Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam”

    1. Monika

      Shri S.M. Khan

  46. Monika

    Author of “Cyber Pathshala”

    1. Ambika

      tarun vijay

    2. ARIA ...


    3. Vision


    4. Monika

      Tarun Vijay

  47. Monika

    Name the bool released by the Indian Army on Rashtriya Rifles.

    1. Ambika

      home of the brave

    2. ARIA ...


    3. Monika

      Home of the Brave

    4. DEEP

      By bipin Rawat

      Home of the brave

  48. Monika

    Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was former President of which country?

  49. Monika

    Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan was a renowned _______________

    1. Ambika

      sitar player

    2. ARIA ...


    3. Monika

      Sitar player

  50. Monika

    Banasree Sengupta was a ________________

    1. ARIA ...


    2. DEEP

      Singer+ actresses

    3. Monika

      Bengali singer

  51. Monika

    Chuck Berry was a _____________

    1. ARIA ...


      1. ARIA ...


    2. Monika

      American guitarist, singer and songwriter

  52. Monika

    Ved Prakash Sharma was writer and of novels and screenplay of which language?

  53. Monika

    Chinu Modi was a renowned ____________

    1. DEEP

      Writer Gujrati

    2. Monika

      Gujarati poet, novelist, story-writer and critic

  54. Monika

    Arvind Padmanabhan was associated to which profession?

    1. ARIA ...


  55. Monika

    Raymond Kopa was associated to which sports?

    1. Monika

      Football Player (France)

  56. Monika

    world’s oldest person Emma Morano belonged to which country?

  57. Monika

    That’s All for Today… Thankyou All for Participating ……)))))



    2. DEEP

      Thank you ma’am 🙂

    3. Jenny

      O no :
      Thnk yu ma’am

      1. ARIA ...

        UR BA QUIZ ??

        1. Jenny

          I didn’t announced
          Did I announced??

          1. ARIA ...


          2. Jenny

            Hmm but vision has completed it i think

          3. ARIA ...

            KK MEANS NW UR QUIZ WILL BE ON ..?

          4. Jenny

            Anytym 🙂
            But will tell yu before conducting 🙂

          5. ARIA ...

            KK TQ SSA JI /

    4. DEEP..!!

      thanx mam

  58. Monika

    Topic for tomorrow CA QUiz at 3 PM – From AZ Current Affairs PDF for SBI PO 2017 :
    Important Days: Page: 65-72
    Part 2 Pdf of SBI PO 2017- Complete

  59. Jenny

    Tell me guys mam hs conducted quiz of which page pdf?
    I missed it badly:

    1. ARIA ...

      THINK 58-65


    vo chalie gayei


      ambi na



  61. ARIA ...

    YEH KOWN H??


    The board of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cleared a proposal to introduce banknotes of Rs 200 denomination. The process of printing the new Rs 200 notes is likely to begin after June, once the government officially approves this new denomination.

  63. ARIA ...


    1. Eng M AwesomE


      1. ARIA ...


  64. Tera BAAP

    kon kon hai upvote

    1. Eng M AwesomE


      1. Tera BAAP

        yaar 2 coding decoding ke qostn hai post karu ,karoge

        1. Eng M AwesomE

          kro agr aata h toh

    2. Vision

      hello shape
      bhnadhan bank private hai

      1. Tera BAAP


        1. Vision

          bhandhan bank hai na private hai

          1. Tera BAAP

            oh my god ,mai aj tak goi asset samjh raha tha .dhitkar hai mujhpe .shit
            thanks yaar for correcting me 🙁

  65. Tera BAAP

    Directive to stop racing’ is coded as ‘C#19 E$31 D&20 A@22’
    ‘Results will be release’ is coded as ‘C@26 A#04 C*16 E$27’
    ‘Continue testing water regularly’ is coded as ‘ E*21 F$21 D&29 C#10’
    ‘On the right destiny’ is coded as ‘ B&11 A*17 E$21 D#13’

    1. Tera BAAP

      In a certain code language
      ‘tell sold memo today’ is written as ‘dsl& nsda+ nrl% dlm#’
      ‘solo study bell yield‘ is written as ‘hxel% dal& nrl# srud+’
      ‘way loved polo seal’ is written as ‘zv+ nkve% dra& nol#
      ‘money feed heel redo’ is written as ‘dqd# dge& nlne+ dee%’

      1. intruder

        E-1=D (1st)
        T-1=S (2nd)
        L=L (as it is at 3rd)
        L=symbol…symbol of L=& (at last)
        no of words=no of coded wrds
        if word is of 5 lettr den coded in 5, if 3 letters den coded in 3 …

        1. intruder


        2. Tera BAAP

          superb .ap kaise kar lete aise ko decode please koi way ho to share kijiye .bhot time lagta mujhe

          1. intruder

            time to lgta h mko bhi but if u giv tym n find logic den frm nxt tym it’ll be in ur mind to try dis or dat…aise prctice krne se speed inc ho jati h..imo

          2. Tera BAAP

            hmm thank you .upar wale me symbol ka kya logic hai jara batana ap

    2. Vision

      ty for link

    3. Tera BAAP

      symbol ka kya logic hai


    Congrs to oll who passed UPSC n any exam
    But I have 1 query
    Hw could ppl cleared the tough exams UPSC
    soch k b dar lagta h
    N here m sturggling frm last 2 years for the baby exam of banking
    if we compare wid UPSC its a baby exam
    Wats the difference?
    Why some ppl have the zeal n they put ol in one n why some ppl tried collecting that zeal to do that work?

    1. Tera BAAP

      who said its a baby exam compare to UPSC .bro nowadays a upsc aspirant cant be able to crack a single pre of sbi or po .i saw some of them ,the level of banking exams are not a cup of every1s tea.dont think its a baby

    2. Ambika

      lolzzz what made u think to call it baby exam :))



        aree babbaaa busss uuuueehhhh think karne vali kya baata hai

        1. Ambika

          ok ok :))
          just kidding dear .wese exam koi bhi easy ni hota

    3. Ambika

      And yes what u said about the zeal…ofcourse it is the main reason after the success of any exam big or small ,,,,some people are stimulated from within ..may be they want to change something for the betterment in their lives ..or any other reason but it is definitely a big push for them to DO SOMETHING ..its about WILL POWER bcoz it is not a 15-20 days’ thing u have to be a devotee sometimes ..

      Boht log hote jo only baatein karte rehte hain but step nhi lena chahte they want ki sab kuch ese hi mil jaye it is never possible it ur baby (banking)exam or baby’s grandfather(UPSC) exam..jab tak determination na ho kuch ni milne wala …and i know people will ask me how much have you achieved in ur life to say all this tell me …..then i ll say i have nothing to boast about . but i am trying and i am sure rather damn sure that i ll be something very soon

      DISCLAIMER : These are my personal opinions and directly taken from my life’s experiences so if anyone finds anything offensive ..I DON’T CARE AND I WILL ALWAYS SPEAK MY MIND !!!

      1. Tera BAAP

        well illustrated points..i also told the same thing its not a baby .and its just a stupidity to compare it with UPSC .all have their own agreed with your points.

        1. Ambika

          ::))) yeahh


        wow what a rational answer u give good talent

  67. Tera BAAP


  68. Tera BAAP


  69. Tera BAAP

    MOd .reply

    1. just saw this comment.

      What to reply at ??

  70. Tera BAAP

    i think koi ab reply nai dega

        1. Tera BAAP

          He regarded the act as an encroachment on his fundamental rights. He broke the provisions of the act on a number of occasions.
          (A) Being convinced that the act was an …………
          (B) Having broken the provisions of the act on a number of occasions, he encroached …………
          (C) He considered the provisions of the act as an encroachment on ………………..
          (1) A and B
          (2) A and C
          (3) B and C
          (4) All the three
          (5) None of these

          1. it will be (2) A and C

            Being convinced that the act was an encroachment on his fundamental rights, He broke the provisions of the act on a number of occasions.

            (C) He considered the provisions of the act as an encroachment on his fundamental rights so he broke them on a number of occasions.

          2. Tera BAAP

            1 thing clear kijiye .ap koi bhi word se link up karke sentence ko connect kar sakti hai .isse koi error nai hoga .jaise so .kiya kabhi kuch or add kar deti hai

          3. yes hum kisi b word se connect kar sakte hai
            BUT difference hai

            the meaning should come to be same

            U tell me the meaning of these 2 sentences first:

            He regarded the act as an encroachment on his fundamental rights. He broke the provisions of the act on a number of occasions.

            Then I will tell you how to connect

          4. Tera BAAP

            use dusro ke property me nai enter karna fundamnetal right ki tarah dekha jata tha but usne ye provision kai baar toda ,hai something like this

          5. yes correct

            so hum aisa kh sakte hai na ki

            He regarded the act as an encroachment on his fundamental rights. SO He broke the provisions of the act on a number of occasions. ????

            I mean using so word here

            Ki usne act ko apne rights me encroachment smjha to usne bht occasions par act k provisions broke kiye ??

          6. Tera BAAP

            max sahi ho jsta but kuch aise sent me ban nai pata .banta hai to koi kehta hai wrong hai . anyway
            He had accumulated wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income. This was revealed when the income tax officials raided his house.
            (A) On revealing the accumulated wealth, the income tax officials raided …………..
            (B) His accumulated wealth which was disproportionate to his known sources of income was revealed to him by the income …………….
            (C) On raiding his house, the income tax officials accumulated ………………
            (1) None
            (2) Only A
            (3) Only B
            (4) Only C
            (5) All the there

          7. Tera BAAP

            bhai apki aj bank me chuti hai kya

          8. intruder

            nhi bhai..u ka previous name?

          9. B is not

            His accumulated wealth which was disproportionate to his known sources of income was revealed to him by the income tax officals

            But ye to wrong hai
            us person ki accumulated wealth usey officials ne nhi btai thi
            vo to usey phle se pta tha

          10. intruder

            yes correct..ty
            btw i came to knw abou dis site a few days bck n want to tell u
            ‘beautifully decorated site wid awesome content’
            m in lov wid dis site 🙂

          11. Tera BAAP

            yup..acording to new patern based all qostn are arranged

          12. thankyou very much 🙂

          13. Tera BAAP

            mam mai apse kuch starategy or query discuss karna chahta .any mail id do you have .or anything .bhot need hai

          14. KaRi$hMa

            yhi mrko lg rha..bcoz b ho skta h bt b se to ques. ka meaning hi change ho jayega ..h na mam??

          15. yes

            revealed to him – iski vajah se B wrong hai

          16. KaRi$hMa

            ha bcoz usne khud ne hi accumulate ki use to revealed h hi….

          17. Tera BAAP

            kaise none sakta hai

          18. KaRi$hMa

            a nd c honge ni …nd bcha B to b se to meaning hi change h sent. ka…ki usko reveal kiya officials ne..jbki wo income to usne khud ne hi accumulate ki thi na

          19. Tera BAAP

            good .:))

          20. Tera BAAP

            none but how

          21. B ka I told below

            C me its saying that income tax officials accumulated the wealth

            But its not true, they only revealed the wealth accumulated by person

            N A is wrong – On revealing the accumulated wealth, the income tax officials raided
            But this is also false, the officials first raided and then it was revealed not vice versa

          22. Tera BAAP

            hmm .got it ..:)

            Amidst all the negativity, gloom and doom centering (1)/ around multiple incursions on libertarian values (2)/ of a painstakingly built plural democratic society in this country, (3)/ there is something very positive once came across the other day. (4)

          23. Tera BAAP


          24. KaRi$hMa

            was ayega kya is ki jgh??

          25. Tera BAAP

            present me hai na then was kaise

          26. KaRi$hMa

            came across aa rha h na??
            ap btao yhi h kya??

          27. Tera BAAP

            error mil gaya once should be replaced by one 😛

          28. KaRi$hMa

            sch m?? hahhahaha///;itna chhota sa error tha

          29. Tera BAAP

            ha itna dimag kaha se kaise chalaye samjh nai ata ,btao ,ab dekh ke sahi lag raha .uff:(
            Whether the Aryans were indigenous to India or unwelcome intruders do not interest me more.
            a) does not interests me
            b) do not interests me more
            c) does not interest a lot of me
            d) does not interest me much
            e) No correction required

          30. KaRi$hMa

            bb ya e??

          31. KaRi$hMa

            ab d..hahhahahah…..ab bolo dd??

          32. KaRi$hMa

            jhut mt bolo jldi btao sahi answer…

          33. Tera BAAP

            sachi tumne ek option nai bola wohi ans hai 😛

          34. KaRi$hMa

            ni wo ni ho skta

          35. Tera BAAP

            wohi hai tabhi to doubt hai option D is ans

          36. KaRi$hMa

            Aree D h kya?? ya C?? D to mene btaya tha na??

          37. Tera BAAP

            tumne c e bola tha

          38. Tera BAAP

            yes yes sorry meko dikha nai .acha ab explain kardo fir

          39. KaRi$hMa

            much more mtlb bhot jada…bs isse lg rha yhi ayega

          40. Tera BAAP

            does correct hai waha

          41. KaRi$hMa

            does correct ni lg rha mrko isliye hi to mene answer B ya E bola tha… much more se lg rha h…wrong h shyd ques??

          42. Tera BAAP

            ok bhot hang ho raha reply 5 min baad post ho raha.. .thanku:))
            catch you later

          43. Tera BAAP

            mam somewhere msine galt likha hai but mai iske tone ko samjh raha .likh ke thik se nai bata paya

          44. KaRi$hMa

            okk mam..:):)

          45. KaRi$hMa

            apke yhi se merko pta chla ki inko kese krna hota h vrna m inko starting m hi connect krti thi…ye vhi h na wo startles??

          46. yes the same
            n good u know now 🙂

          47. KaRi$hMa

            yess mam…:):) tyy..:):)

  71. नींबू पानी

    helo koi hai yha sannnaaaata ku hai

    1. Tera BAAP

      bhaiya niche me qostn hai karo.mambhi niche me hai

  72. नींबू पानी

    kha niche ?????????

    1. Tera BAAP

      ha bhaiya

  73. Ambika

    ohhh aj site pe update chal rhe :)))

  74. Tera BAAP

    Some blue are not green
    All red is green
    I. Some blue are not red
    II. Some red are not blue.

    1. Ambika

      read below my comment

      1. Tera BAAP

        yes read and comented there too

      1. Ambika

        sir …is there any topic left in your banking sets ???
        I mean are they sufficient ??

        1. Suraj

          yes they are sufficient;; if u find any topic then tell;; we will add it too

          1. Ambika

            okk sir :)) thankyou

      2. Tera BAAP

        which 1 will follow then

          1. Tera BAAP

            confusing ,sir yehi se to liya .thoda confusion hai

          2. Suraj

            agar confusion hai then learn it as a rule

          3. Tera BAAP

            generally aisa hum lete nai but ye sayed exception condition ka rule hai

          4. Suraj

            aisa lete kyu nhi?? agar ye question hai to yehi conclusion niklega ; even if u do by venn or by rules..

          5. Tera BAAP

            venn se hi kiya
            Some blue are not green
            All red is green

            Some blue are not red kaise keh sakte hai .uska part ho ya naho .how can you say

          6. Suraj

            some blue are not green.. and all red is green.. means sara red green k inside hai; and as some blue is not green;; means blue ka kuch part green k bahar hai;; to wo part to green k bahar hai;; that cannot be red;; as complete red is inside green

          7. Tera BAAP

            thik hai sir.possibilty maan sakta tha but ye mujhe sach me samjh nai aa raha .anywayy thank for your reply

          8. Suraj

            no ye possibility nhi hai definite conclusion hai; venn me kahi gadbad hogi; ya to sare possible venn nhi banaye honge

          9. Tera BAAP

            yeha caaling ki facility nai hai nai to apni baat rakh pata sahi se

          10. Suraj

            ok; you can check it from anywhere ; definite conclusion yehi ayega

          11. Tera BAAP

            ok i will

    2. Ambika

      jab some not .. ka case ho to usko alag hi rkh lena chhaiye uska relation only yhi hoga or kuch assume karne ki need nhi hai

  75. Ambika

    yessss do i know u ????

    1. Ambika

      ohhh hehehe siya

      haan mera exam hone do then anytime dear..i ll give u my mail then contact me there

        1. Ambika

          okk dear 🙂

  76. Ambika

    @pulkitkr:disqus kab aya tha ???

    1. Tera BAAP

      dont know .mai 3 pm pe aya so i dont have any idea

      1. Ambika


        ab to pdha bhi ni jayega ufff…dekhte hain exam ko

        1. Tera BAAP

          ab padho bhi mat .ho gaya jitna hona tha .bas chill karo .quiz me partcipate .st mere acording wo bhi ab dena suitable nai hai .

          1. Ambika

            main nhi padhne wali ab :p
            jitna padh sakte the ab tak boht ho gya

    2. pulkit

      arey aaj pura rvise karna hai…yaar aache se esliye bas monika mam ke question dekha or bas fir se revise..

      1. Ambika

        :)) hmm mujhse to nhi pdha jayega ab

        1. pulkit

          pagal pichla sara jo test di hai atleast uske banking awareness ke question dekh lo jo galat huye the…

          1. Ambika

            theek hai :))

          2. pulkit

            kam se kam banking or static..ob or pm dono ke…

          3. Ambika

            achha theek hai sab st submit kar deti hun ques dekh leti hun unke bas

          4. pulkit

            sab diye nahi hai avi tak tumne…lazy ladki:))

          5. Ambika

            3 st hain kyaa kyaa krun :DD

          6. pulkit

            wo fir submit kar do sirf ga section dena

      2. Tera BAAP

        badi lambi umar hai tumhari

        1. pulkit

          thanks dude:))

  77. Ambika

    wese agar ye giant pdf ko chor ke monthly pdf padh len to jyada achha rhega na 😀

    feb se april tak and may

    1. Suraj

      yes that too every month padho;; regularly .. then giant pdf will also look like a mini creature

    2. pulkit

      haa wo jyda better hai kyuki ye kafi pages hai but agar pura 2 baar padh li ho tho 1hr lagega phir se pura padne main so…monthly tho tumne 90% cover kar hi liya hai..tho usko pdf jo hai revise karo..usme feb se may tak ka hai…agar pdf 2 bar kam se kam nahi pda hai tho monthly jyda acha rahega

      1. Ambika

        pdf to 2-3 baar padh liya par confusion ho jata hai itne sab me isliye abhi monthly karke then kal whole pdf kar dungi

        1. pulkit

          fir tho or bhi accha hai monthly hi padho phir..2 3 baar kar lia naa fir thik hai lazy nahi hai tum tho..:))

          1. Ambika

            hehehe i am not lazy :)))
            kal to 5 bje soyi main jab sab mohalle wale bhi jag gye :p

          2. pulkit

            main bhi..:)))

          3. Ambika

            tum kyaa kar rhe the ????

          4. pulkit

            april may april may fir feb

          5. Ambika

            ohhhh :)))

          6. pulkit

            mere 78 aa rahe the out of 120 rrb ne normalize karke 67.39 diya

          7. Ambika

            achhha ese bhi hota hai ??? mujhe ni pta tha

          8. pulkit

            haa wo out of 120 tha enhone fir reduce karke out of 100 kar diya:(((

          9. pulkit

            jao yaar tum padho ye sb student life main laga rehta hai…keep faith on ourself is key of success:))

          10. pulkit

            get set udaan…ude desh ka aam nagrik..:)))

          11. Ambika

            hehehe :)))

          12. pulkit

            aaj ka din bda bura rha mera..mere 67 aaye the ntpc rrb main mera selection nhi hua:((((((

          13. pulkit

            69 cutt off gayi

          14. Ambika

            sad yaar 🙁
            ye last year hua tha exam whi na

          15. pulkit

            haa wahi kaha 19 jan ko ahemdabad gya tha dene ..2nd stage tha..asm ki cutoff 69 gayi

          16. Ambika

            koi baat nhi ..ab ispe concentrate kro jane do use

          17. pulkit

            wahi kosis main hu but thoda dukh hua ..har baar 2 ek maar se maar kha jaa rha hu..:((

          18. Ambika

            hmm i can understand …but ab ese sad na ho 2 days to bche hain or achhe se prep kro

    1. Ambika

      ye kyaa hai ???

      1. Tera BAAP

        machine input

        1. Ambika

          mujhse nhi hote ye

          1. Tera BAAP

            its ok.dusro ko try karne do

          2. Ambika

            ye to place shuffling wala logic lag rha hai

          3. Tera BAAP

            ha waisa hi hai logic crack ho to batana

  78. Vision

    niacl ao ka memory based aaya tha kya ?

    1. Vision

      link share kr dena koi

      1. Tera BAAP

        abhi ao ka kaha ayega exam hone ke baad ayega na memory based.assitant ka hai

        1. Vision

          ni niacl ao ki baat kr rhi

          1. Tera BAAP

            wo exam ke evening me milega

          2. Vision

            tum smj ni rhe
            niacl ao last 3 mint phle ho chuka
            uska maag rhi thi

          3. Tera BAAP

            aj niacl ka exam tha ?

          4. Tera BAAP

            dec ke exam ka koi memory based nai bana.bas kuch ga ke qoos or series de rakhe hai

    2. Tera BAAP

      ha kuch sets hai ba ke

  79. Tera BAAP

    More importantly, it is/ now ready to support the/ formation of a Palestinian /state in the 1967 borders./ne

    1. Ambika

      along the borders


    DIRECTIONS: Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), and (F) in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph
    A) While more mature economies have created multiple models for elder care, such as universal or widely accessible health insurance, networks of nursing homes, and palliative care specializations, it is hard to find such systemic developments in India.
    B) While India’s celebrated demographic dividend has for decades underpinned its rapid economic progress, a countervailing force may offset some of the gains from having a relatively young population: rapid ageing at the top end of the scale.
    C) As this 104-million-strong cohort continues to expand at an accelerating pace, it will generate enormous socio-economic pressures as the demand for healthcare services and tailored accommodation spikes to historically unprecedented levels.
    D) However, efforts to develop a regime of health and social care that is attuned to the shifting needs of the population have been insufficient.
    E) Experts also caution that as the proportional size of the elderly population expands, there is likely to be a shift in the disease patterns from communicable to non-communicable, which itself calls for re-gearing the health-care system toward preventive, pro-motive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.
    F) This is a cause of deep concern for policymakers as India already has the world’s second largest population of the elderly, defined as those above 60 years of age.

    koi batana meko problem ho rahi hai

    1. Ambika

      ur ques ka bhot bda answer diya hai mene niche 🙂
      shape ne bhi


        10; 30 ko see okk

        1. Ambika

          kyaa kroge ??


        dekha tumm wrong nahi ho sakti





    1. pulkit

      bhai puch rahe ho ki bta rahe ho…..?..

      1. Tera BAAP

        bata rah hai there is no qustn mark !!.see and declared matlab ho gaya

        1. pulkit

          link doge plzzz ajj hi sare heart attack aane do…kal kya pta kya ho

          1. Tera BAAP

            heck your registered email ID Now!!

            To bring an end to your anticipation, India Post Payments Bank has finally released the result for the candidates who appeared for IPPB PO Mains Examination. The Result is sent through e-mail to your registered e-mail ID and we suggest that you check your email ID now to see if you’ve been called for Phase-III (Interview) of IPPB Recruitment or not.

          2. pulkit

            muje kuch bhi nahi aaya matlab mera nahi hua…pagal ho esa hota hai kya :((((((((((

          3. Tera BAAP

            IPPB has not yet released the cut off for the same but we expect it to come out soon. Check your mail IDs to see your result. Only the selected candidates have received an e-mail which itself is an invitation letter for Interview Procedure for IPPB PO Recruitment. The subject line of the email that selected students have received is: Invitation to interview | India Post Payments Bank and most of the selected students have been called to Mumbai for the Interview. They’ve mentioned date, time and exact address of the venue in the email itself.

          4. pulkit

            bhai tum jaha se copy paste kar rahe ho wahi ka link de do _/_ my hand is shaking now while typing :((((

          5. Tera BAAP

            bankersadda ka hai ye..and correct info hai jiska hua hai usko mail aya hai

          6. pulkit

            hey bhaak wo bhi koi site hai main nahi manta usko…ruko main apne friend se confirm karta hu. :/

          7. Tera BAAP

            hope tumhara jo jaye .atb.

          8. Tera BAAP

            sorry you are not selected for recruitment process.all the best for your future

          9. pulkit

            kya mazzak hai..dont play with emotion tumare saath esa ho tab pta chalega ek dum bewkuf ho 🙁

          10. Ambika

            whats wrong

          11. Ambika

            are yaar…kyun site ko sab log akhaada bnane pe lge hue ho..aaram se bhi baat ho sakti na …and samjho tum bhi jraa ..he was seriously worried to tension me ho jata hai ese

          12. pulkit

            ubal nahi raha hai bhai ek din main 2 2 shock ..

          13. Ambika

            don’t worry dear…everything will be fine

          14. Tera BAAP

            sorry bhai .gusse mai nikal gaya.extrememly sorry i understand your condition ,wait suraj sir ne kaha hai saturday tak ayega ,hope for best ,ho jaye tumhara ..kuch bura laga ho to fir se sorry

          15. pulkit

            its ok bro tears in my eyes…feeling very depressed

          16. Tera BAAP

            common bro ,you are a champ..dont be feel like that..hoga jaroor hoga hum sabki dua hai ..abhi wait karo bas or others se confirm karte chalo jiska mains tha .

          17. pulkit

            thanks buddy bye for now

          18. Tera BAAP

            raho yaar ,,mood off karke mat jao ,

          19. pulkit

            its ok bhai thoda dekhta hu kuch ga ba eske chakkar main sbi nahi chorna hai…thanks once again

          20. Tera BAAP

            love you bro and sorry again

          21. Ambika

            are ese mat baat kro yaar
            thoda politely bhi bol sakte ho na

          22. Suraj

            Wait till Saturday; they are sending the mail in a phased manner;;

          23. Ambika

            ohh esaa hai ???

          24. pulkit

            thank you sir 🙁

          25. pulkit

            tumne kaha dekha..??

      2. Ambika

        tumne diya tha kyaa ???

        1. pulkit

          haa mains diya tha

  83. Tera BAAP

    There is a Sumerian proverb (1)/ which states that if you lie, (2)/ and then tell the truth, (3)/ the truth will be considered as a lie. (4)

  84. Tera BAAP

    Check your registered email ID Now!!

    To bring an end to your anticipation, India Post Payments Bank has finally released the result for the candidates who appeared for IPPB PO Mains Examination. The Result is sent through e-mail to your registered e-mail ID and we suggest that you check your email ID now to see if you’ve been called for Phase-III (Interview) of IPPB Recruitment or not.


    ajj meko NIGHT party attend karna so good bye see u tommorrow
    YAMMI YAMMI tasty food and pankaj udas ka kaooliii
    goood knight all of uuuuuu

  86. ANKUSH

    (x-2/5)/(1/15) plz solve ratio

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  95. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

    A) Mental health insurance is even further from the discussion. There is a shortage of service providers as well as services.
    B) Mental health is a subject often not spoken about voluntarily, except by professionals in the field.
    C) The Cabinet has decided to put in place a health insurance scheme for government employees and retirees.
    D) Several barriers deter the progression of mental health services in low- to middle-income countries like India,
    E) including inadequate funding, concentration of services in urbanized centres, lack of integration with primary care services, and lack of experience and training among mental health professionals.

    1. mOu ^^ i can i will ^^


    2. PRADEEP $K$


      1. Be positive

        bdea? i made

    3. C) The Cabinet has decided to put in place a health insurance scheme for government employees and retirees.

      Correct sequence is: BADE. The passage talks about mental health insurance and barriers to it. C) talks about health insurance.

  96. (i) Susan admitted that she never attained her ______ of becoming president of the company.
    (ii) His body responded with a surge of _______ he gritted his teeth against.
    (iii) Under interrogation, the robber admitted that his _____ for expensive clothing led him to shoplift
    (iv) The motivation to succeed comes from the burning _______ to achieve a purpose.

    A) need
    B) longing
    C) fascination
    D) desire

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            aap mujhe bata sakthe ho aap eng ki liye rc cloze test ki practice kaha se karthe ho?

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            There are many sites you can go
            Bank po ke liye ca az d2d SK gp and all and for cat questions lp gs ing and all

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            az ko chod mai koi aur nahi janti inme se plz ye name clear likh ki post kar do alag page open ho raha yaha se

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            Nixon’s year

            If you have read today’s newspaper you must know than these words

            Else these will be incomprehensible for you
            Use Google if didn’t read

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    3. desire- a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

  97. Divaker

    Ma’am ek request hai kuch based on find correct one like 5 sentence diye hai us mein se correct one find karna bhi de diya karo

      1. Divaker

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      2. Be positive

        mam im nt getting marks in st…nt getting wat should i do

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        3. It is just ok
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        4. speed and accuracy ka dhyan do mocks me

          usey strong karo thru mocks
          Dont see ur marks or others

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          2. Then u should mark just guessing

            no use of doing these many questions in exam

  98. (i) The rocks _______ down the hillside before coming to a rest in a stream.
    (ii) The young girl _______ into the classroom, laughing with delight.
    (iii) I must have written down your e-mail address wrong. I tried to send you a message, but it _______.
    (iv) Those who put in a dismal performance will be ________ from the tour
    A) recoiled
    B) discharged
    C) bounced
    D) undulated

    1. PRADEEP $K$


    2. mOu ^^ i can i will ^^


    3. C) bounced

      (i) (with reference to an object, especially a ball) move quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it.
      (ii) move in a particular direction in an energetic, happy, or enthusiastic manner.
      (iii) (of an email) be returned to its sender after failing to reach its destination.
      (iv) dismiss (someone) from a job.

  99. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

    A) Although central banks have great independence now, the tide could turn again.
    B) Central bankers across the world have been criticised for overstepping their brief, having opined about broader issues (the Reserve Bank of India’s Raghuram Rajan on religious tolerance, the Bank of England’s Mark Carney on climate change).
    C) That decision was part of a trend that made central bankers the most powerful financial actors on the planet, not only setting rates but also buying trillions of dollars’ worth of assets, targeting exchange rates and managing the economic cycle.
    D) A suspicion that central banks were likely to favour creditors over debtors was not foolish.
    E) Twenty years ago next month, the British government gave the Bank of England the freedom to set interest rates.

    1. PRADEEP $K$


    2. mOu ^^ i can i will ^^


    3. D) A suspicion that central banks were likely to favour creditors over debtors was not foolish.

      The correct sequence is: ECAB. The passage is about freedom given to central bankers.

      1. PRADEEP $K$

        i thaught saoo..:))

      2. Be positive

        about to correct it its dd

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  101. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

    A) For battery-powered models, range is limited and the charging rate remains slow.
    B) Lilium is starting work on a five-seat vehicle and hopes to offer a ride-hailing service.
    C) A prototype of a small electric plane that is capable of flying up to 300 kilometres per hour, made by Lilium, a German startup, completed a successful test over Bavaria on April 20th.
    D) Another German company, e-volo, has been testing a flying vehicle for several years.
    E) It recently showed off the second version of its electric Volocopter, which could be certified for flight as soon as next year.<

    1. mOu ^^ i can i will ^^


    2. A) For battery-powered models, range is limited and the charging rate remains slow.

      The correct sequence is: CBDE. The passage talks about companies that are going to launch flying cars.

  102. Eng M AwesomE

    In ssc chsl
    mam plz guide fr descriptive

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    3. I will see the type of topics which are asked and will tell u

  103. The terrorists had already killed three / soldiers as they burst into / the premises before the QRTs took / them on, according to Army sources. //

    1. ~~~S~~~


      1. premises is correct

        used for a building

        1. Divaker

          Vicinity could be synonym???

          1. Divaker

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      i think

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  104. This is an opportunity to show / the world the causes and efforts / that should be celebrated as / we move towards a sustainable future. //