Discussion Zone – 03 December 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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82 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 03 December 2017”

  1. Good Evening Everyone 🙂

    1. Bochan

      aj maths mam plz

    2. Always smile

      good evening ji

  2. M@nish...

    aj bhi no quiz 🙁

    1. Always smile

      konsa no test h mam?

    2. Always smile

      mil gya mam 2 no thanku:)

  3. ? Lovely (star) ???

    koe h?

    1. Neophyte

      hey lovely mam !!

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        Helo neo 🙂

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        Helo sir /

        1. ravi

          kitna attemp hua??

      2. ? Lovely (star) ???

        Gudnyt sir ☺

  4. ? Lovely (star) ???

    Sab gaya ya koe atma batk rha yaha :p

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        Old name ?

        1. Neophyte

          Neophyte means new madam

          1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  5. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    helloo ,,,any1 quiz tymings i am new here..

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      Aap pradeep sir nae ho kya?

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?


  6. ? Lovely (star) ???

    Ok gn bye all

    1. Neophyte

      Then what is there for me ??
      Dear Pulkit sir 🙂

          1. 【Acheiver】

            Goodmng madamji

          2. Neophyte

            gud morning harshuu don :))

          3. 【Acheiver】

            Ohh yehi baithe rhew

          4. Neophyte

            or kyaa
            wait kr rhe the kisi ka

          5. 【Acheiver】


          6. Neophyte

            humare sbi sir ka

          7. 【Acheiver】

            Pradeep bhai ka

          8. Neophyte

            lolzz back stab krne walon se door rehti hun main
            pulkit ki baat kr rhi hun

          9. 【Acheiver】

            Ohh yrr lov

          10. Neophyte

            hanjjii :))

          11. 【Acheiver】

            Goodd…best wishes for yrr loving journey

          12. Neophyte

            we r frnds hehehe :))

          13. 【Acheiver】

            Kabhi lov kabhi frand decide krlo

          14. Neophyte

            comment edit kro :))

          15. 【Acheiver】

            Bataao batao ..

          16. pulkit

            gudu i agree with harsh ..

          17. 【Acheiver】


          18. pulkit

            naa bhai har kisi ko first best friend bnana padta hai…
            otherwise hum uske har chote bade problem ko kaise samjhenge …or uski khusi or uski smile ko kaise jan payenge ..so first humko ek bahot aacha friend bnna pdta hai..humye love bhi usi se hota hai jo humara aacha frnd ho 🙂

          19. 【Acheiver】

            Y ea h good thought bhagwaanapki jodi ko hmesha banaye rkhe kisi ki kali nazar na pdee

    1. 【Acheiver】

      Ty bhai

    2. ??S??

      open nahi ho raha

  7. Sidharth Sethy

    Good morning all…
    have a good day ahead…

  8. RaMpAgE

    I don’t understand why people come and cry here need sympathy??Pffft??

  9. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    gud mrng 2 all ….@ne@dangerousforu:disqus ambikaa misss…..what u r trying to prove is out of my context do u really know the meaning of backstab orr piercing arrow in air….1stly i have a decent amt of respect for uu as a human being and also as a girl ..butt i warn uu dont mess with mee okk i havnt done anything 2 uuu okk …..u and ur love matter whtever it is is alien to me if next tym if i see any thing harsh frm uu then b ready i will open ur history okkk…..if u dont need that stay away frm mee …i think u need the a doze of the dehati language used by some1 for u in the passt…if u remember i think thats the best remedy for uu otherwise u havent said like that u are intelligent good butt dont try to to put ur intelligency factor to somewone who is equally capabale to tackle uu okk….if u want to play mind games then b ready to face also not by saying something in back and then compalinting to others by deleting id and then getting mouthwatered to come here with other id this sees ur personality ,,,instead of saying others see ur own okkk….

  10. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    gud mrng 2 all….i dont want 2 indulge but now i think had to put some words in context of mee….@n@dangerousforu:disqus miss ambikaa…first of all i hav a decent amt of respect for u as good human being and a girl but dont use that thing for against quantity okk i havnt done anything 2 u u saying i backstabed uu do u reall know the meaning of backstab or piercing arrow in the airr….u and whatever ur matter is its alien to mee but noww u made this comment naa thn i strongly doubt ur character the othere were absolutely ryt…now my polite words for u is that dont mess with mee dear….i am not like other persons kick me out say polite wrd and come bck again if u put fire in the oil then be ready to burn in the flame i have nothing for u like kids…but a decent worning that dont play mind games with mee okk u r intelligent good but dont use ur intelligency factor here no all r idiots who cant crk ur intention …b4 saying it to mine see urself first how many tyms u hv been messed with others yrr…and thn complainting with ur frnds to support uu fm back and then u delet ur id thn again with zero patience and mouthwatering aspect u still come here with diffrent ids this shws ur character..if u r a decent girl then bee with ur originalality and then speak the words like backstabb..and for ur kind info..i dont bckstab wuth u like kids..and todays world u very well know that give and take phenomena thatwise also if i back stab u i am getting nothing frm u then why i should waste my precious tym in backstabiing u when i am equally capable to tackle u like 100 girls in one round but i am a decent person so not applying anything to u…okk u silliy girl…u have high intelligent quotient but zero interpretation so only u said something to mee like this anywayss hav a nyc day and no back comments frm u..

    1. Neophyte

      Ohh I know your are very very decent person ,, I know it very well par hum decent nhi hain ,, or kisi se approval ki need bhi nhi hi humkoo ,,aap bhi intelligent honge apne ghar me honge ,,or character ki baat aapke moonh se achhi ni lgtii ..behn behn bolte the or kiya kya aapne ?? kya prove krna chahte the mere bare me ?? respect is just a word,,ur comment se boht kuch pta chalta hai ,,or meetha jehr dene ki baat bhi aap hi krte ho na 20 emojis ki aaad me kuch bhi bol do or fir bolooo I was just kidding ,, I know this thing from very first day ,,
      or aag me ghee daalne kaa kaam humara nhi hai wo aapka hai or matlb aapko kisi ne kuch bol diya to wo person hi wrong hai wowwww aasmaan se tapke ho kya ?? Jo khud ko itna achha samjhte ho,,or boht ho gya respect ka drama ,,u silly boy ,,apne kaam se matlb rkhoo or ye reaction ek din ka nhi aya emra jo hajaar baatein mere bare me prove krne ki failed koshish ki na tumne this was for that ,,or TELEGRAM pe hum nhi aap hi ghoomte hain,,boht wrong baatein circulate krne ki try ki na mere bare me :)) and I have atleast 2 best frnd who come to my rescue always but ALAS u don’t even have one and u r surrounded by what people I am loving to see it ,,or kab wo tumhari band bjayenge dieing to wait that scenario :)) hehehehehehehehehehehehe DON’T TAKE MY WORDS SERIOUSLY SIR ,, I WAS JUST KIDDING ,, THIS IS THE WAY I TALK ,,I AM VERY DECENT PERSON I COME FROM VERY DECENT FAMILY ,,dusre log to jungle se aaye hain na

      MY FOOT ,, go to mam now and ask her to ban me , i am waiting for that day since a long time

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        get losst u silly girll concertnate on ur studiess i think u r foot hadnt grown eneough so u are getting disbalanced lol u first take care of ur foot tataaa u

        1. Neophyte

          yhin bethe the reply ka wait krte krte lolzz

      2. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        heheh i am not u kind of person to seek hlp frm others she is matured if she thinks for bann she will ban if u hav problm thn u dont come here na as simple as it use common sense yrr

    2. Neophyte

      kaam dhaam to aapko nhi hai sir jo dusro ko aag lgane ka kaam krte
      plz koi better kaam dhoondh lijiye and stay away frm me and pulkit samjhe…

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        aqap fire exinguisher bn jaa o yrrr mne aapko kaam dia toh h lol

  11. RaMpAgE

    aaj pizza order itna late kiun hahaha

  12. RaMpAgE

    Peene ki capacity, jeene ki strength, account ka balance aur naam ka khauf … kabhi bhi kam nahi hona chahiye

  13. RaMpAgE

    chup chap msg padhne walo janta kabhi maaf nei karegi lol

  14. RaMpAgE

    why my pizza is late i want to know that

  15. Neophyte

    lagta hai aaj koi sakpkaa rha hai ki jitni false respect bnayi thi mene sab paani me jaati dikh rhi hai

  16. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    hehehhehee jaao jaao frusted neophyeee video games khlo jaao mario

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        nhi bchho k liye angry birds sahi rhegaa

  17. RaMpAgE

    why my pizza is late i want to know that

  18. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    means u r foxx u cant catch the grapes so left it saur hwhhehehe always rytt hhhee means u accepted that u r mia khalifaa o my gud ness go yaar have some meditation heheh

  19. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    yesss yrrrr who is the culprit all no hehe iknew that u will take support frm mam mam knows who am i hehehe dnt need an adjective fm uu go home and play video games if mam is supporting mee y r u coming heeree loosed ur common sense i think

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