Discussion Zone – 03 November 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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355 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 03 November 2017”

  1. Divaker

    Koi hai quiz hoga ya nahi

  2. Divaker

    Jay mata di sabko
    Ache se padho sab sab ka selection ho jaye may God bless you all

  3. ambika

    All the best for exam to all 🙂

    1. Divaker

      I send you mail did you check that ??

      1. ambika

        actually id active nhi hai wo

        1. Divaker

          Again chenge kar di
          Mail me of possible

          1. ambika

            thodi pblm thi to dlt kr di thi..ab krke dekhna

          2. Divaker

            Do mail id thi ek pe to deliver ho gayi thi mail

          3. ambika

            ohh.mujhe nhi pta
            dekhti hun

          4. ambika

            kuch nhi aya uspe to

          5. Divaker

            Tum.mail kro mujhe

          6. Divaker

            You karo I Revert krta hn

    2. ADK

      Exam to parso hai na?

      1. ambika

        hm ..sabke centre door hain..to kal jana pdega sabko

        1. ADK

          Accha then apko bhi All the Best.

    3. Divaker

      U too buddy

    4. !SAY MY NAME!

      All the best mam 🙂

  4. pulkit

    Headquarter of international bank
    1. Sonali Bank belongs to which country?
    A. Mauritius
    B. Bangladesh
    C. Fiji
    D.sri Lanka
    Ans-B: Bangladesh
    2.Antwerp Diamond bank headquarter in which country?
    A. Prague
    B .turkey
    C. Belgium
    D. France
    3.Bank of Nova Scotia is related to which country?
    C. Canada
    D. France
    Ans -C
    4.Headquarter of Deutsche Bank belongs to which country?
    A. Switzerland
    B. Austria
    C. Russia
    D. Australia
    E. Germany
    5.Mizuho corporation bank belongs to which country?
    A. South Korea
    B. Japan
    C. china
    D. magnolia
    E. North Korea
    6.Sberbank belongs to which country ?
    A. Ukraine
    B. Kazakhstan
    C. Uzbekistan
    D. Russia
    E. none of these
    7.Headquarter of DBS bank is in which country
    A. Malaysia
    B. Thailand
    C. Vietnam
    D. Singapore
    E. Indonesia
    8.United overseas bank headquarter in which country?
    A. Malaysia
    B. Thailand
    C. Vietnam
    D. Singapore
    E. Indonesia
    Ans -D
    9.Woori bank headquarter in which country?
    A. South Korea
    B. Japan
    C. China
    D. Magnolia
    E .north Korea
    10.Shinhan bank headquarter in which country?
    A. South Korea
    B. Vietnam
    C. china
    D. magnolia
    E. Thailand
    Ans -A
    11.UBS AG Bank headquarter in which country?
    A. Switzerland
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Poland
    E. UK
    Ans- A
    12.Credit Suisse Bank headquarter in which country?
    A. France
    B. Germany
    C. Poland
    E. Switzerland
    13.Royal bank of scotland (RBS NV) headquarter in which country?
    A. Switzerland
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Poland
    E. UK
    14.J P Morgan Chase bank ) headquarter in which country?
    A. Canada
    B. USA
    C. Mexico
    D. Venezuela
    E. Argentina
    15.West pac Banking corporation bank headquarter in which country?
    A. Newzealand
    B. Australia
    C. Tasmania
    D. France
    E. Germany

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      dadaaaa…shukriyaaaa aapkaaaa …gud nyt swt drmzzzzz and prepare well for mains…:))))

      1. pulkit

        yess i m trying more than my ability and all the best for exam:)

  5. Divaker

    Hello pulkit sir

    1. pulkit

      hey ge sir..

      1. Divaker

        How are you

        1. pulkit

          cool how are you:)

      2. Divaker

        SBI Target set kar Raha hn abhi se
        I didn’t get success in any exam

        1. pulkit

          wo tho ho gya mera bas joining date nahi aayi:)

          1. Divaker

            Are congratulations phir to bro

          2. pulkit

            thank you hehheheh mazak kar raha tha:))

          3. Divaker

            I am worried for my future whether I will get success or not

          4. pulkit

            bas focus sahi jagah kro

          5. Divaker

            Bhai yahi karta hn hr bar .25 50 1 ise se rah jata hn smj nhi aata what I do to overcome

          6. pulkit

            koi naa ho jayegi bas yaha aache log hai unse baat karte raho aap sab bhaot help karenge aapko .

          7. Divaker

            Kuch guide kr do if possible

          8. pulkit

            main kya karoo yaha bahot aache log hai mujse bhi aapko usne puchna chahiye ambika mam hai pradeep sir shubhra mam hai they are quiet well main thoda kamjor hu aapke jaise

          9. Divaker

            pradeep select hua SBI mein

          10. pulkit

            more than selection

          11. pulkit

            .03 se reject ho gaye bhai

          12. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            mera naam htaiyee mee achha nhi hu dadaaa i am a bad guyyy kyu mera naam prestigious personality mn daal kr unka naam khrabb kr rhe h …:))))

          13. pulkit

            esa nahi hai bhai sab aache hai :)) bas koi res main aacha koi quant main aapki di aachi hai.

          14. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz salute hehehee

          15. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            bhai convex lens yaaa concave lens ka focus bnana clear it hehehehhehe

          16. Divaker

            Jay ho bhai ki

          17. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            kamyabi k piche naa bhaigiye sirrr kabbil bniye kamyabhi zhk mar k aapk piche piche aaiyegi…aisa phusuk wangdu uff aamir khan ne 3 idiots mn kha thaaa…:))))

          18. Divaker

            Bhai ab ye sab acha nhi lagta hai I am trying my best

          19. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            bhai yh dialogue h dil pey naaa lo

          20. DAS

            kya baat hei sir!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. MERAKI

            btw phunsuk wangdu exists in real..nem- sonam wangchuk

          22. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            yaaaa…mam atbb for rrb mains po..:)))

          23. MERAKI

            ty sir :))shubh raatri

          24. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            jii mam shubhratri and shabbakhair…:)))

          25. MERAKI

            now islam after french spanish:))

          26. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            yaaaaa i wnt to try all those languages b4 going to leave hehehehe…:))))

          27. MERAKI

            sir mixture alligation ko deatail mein padhun, mean practice yaa only formula ??

          28. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            naaa no detail mix alligation mn just check the avg value yaa koi aisa step jisse avg value nikali jaa ske detail is no required fro ibps po and rrb po mains mn wo liquid wala aata h yha toh percent mn dia hogaa yaa ratio mn easy h bn jaayega aapko..:))

          29. MERAKI

            okay sir mujhe min 10 chahiye bas kesebhi…for the first time reading dese chapters…sbipo ka nightmare repeat nehin karna

          30. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

            hhehehhe dariye mat darengi then aap mess up karengi so keep the things simple mam…havoc mt paaliyee rrb po mn toh aaram se maths 25 + bn jayenge including simplification hehehehe..:)))

          31. pulkit

            yes kbc main dekha tha water man of ladhak..

  6. gomathy priya

    eng quiz by shubhra mam?

    1. Divaker

      She is not able to conduct due to her busy schedule Ma’am

      1. gomathy priya

        oh, ok

  7. gomathy priya

    @@disqus_KbrOSDmA5s:disqus mam?

      1. gomathy priya

        from where u r preparing missing di?i am following our website only, its enough?i already asked u

        1. ambika

          sorry.. I didn’t see ur msg
          U can check on IG and AC too.

          1. gomathy priya

            oh,ok, ty mam:)

          2. Divaker

            Hey don’t be upset be cool and there will.be easy questions you have to perform calmly

          3. gomathy priya

            ty divaker

          4. ? Lovely (star) ???

            OK thanks siso :p

          5. ambika

            welcome pinky

          6. ? Lovely (star) ???


  8. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

    gud nyt swt drmzz every 1 atb for all who hav the exams day after tommorow prepare well give ur best and leave the rest to GOD…tata..:)))

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      Thanks gudnt bro :))

      1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

        jii siso…take care..:))

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          Tc bro

        2. Divaker

          Guru ji need your counsel to clear pre exam

  9. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where will be a three day international medical conference, ‘IMTechCon 2017’, began at CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH)held?
    1. Mumbai
    2. New Delhi
    3. Chandigarh
    4. Lucknow
    5. Hyderabad

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  10. !SAY MY NAME!

    Under the chairmanship of whom RBI forms High-level Task Force on Public Credit Registry?
    1. Kishore Kumar
    2. Yeshwant M. Deosthalee
    3. Hemant Kumar
    4. Mukesh Chandramouli
    5. Manna H. Dey

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


    2. ambika

      ty shubham 🙂
      gud bye

      1. pulkit

        padh lo …quiz hai jyda mat socho

  11. pulkit

    Which of the following has certified the clearing arms of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as qualified central counterparty (CCP)?

    A. European Securities & Markets Authority
    B. North American Securities & Markets Authority
    C. African Securities & Markets Authority
    D. Asian Securities & Markets Authority
    E. South American Securities & Markets Authority

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      dada kis month ka h yh????

        1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

          oooo fr mee chltaaa huu laut k fir kisi din milta huuu take caree…:)))

      1. pulkit

        pradeep bhai plzz part in quiz

        1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

          bhaaiii mne oct ka ni pada h isly ..:)

  12. pulkit

    In which field Kazuo Ishiguro won 2017 Nobel Prize?

    A. Physics
    B. Chemistry
    C. Literature
    D. Peace
    E. Physiology

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


    2. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  13. pulkit

    Who has topped in Forbes India Rich List 2017 for 10th consecutive year?

    A. Lakshmi Mittal
    B. Pallonji Mistry
    C. Hinduja Brothers
    D. Mukesh Ambani
    E. Azim Premji

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  14. pulkit

    Which of the below multinational manufacturing company has unveil its new campaign ‘#HereToCreate’ for FIFA U-17 World Cup in India?

    A. Nike
    B. Puma
    C. Adidas
    D. Reebok
    E. Vans

  15. pulkit

    Name the first Indian won a European racing championship, by winning the Boss GP Championship (Formula Class) title, at Imola, Italy.

    A. Karun Chandhok
    B. Parthiva Sureshwaran
    C. Armaan Ibrahim
    D. Gaurav Gill
    E. Mahaveer Raghunathan

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  16. pulkit

    Who won India’s first ever gold medal at Wushu World Championships, in Russia?

    A. Y Sanathoi Devi
    B. Surya Bhanu Pratap
    C. Uchit Sharma
    D. Pooja Kadian
    E. Vedhika Nair

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  17. pulkit

    On 5th October 2017, World Teachers Day is observed all over the world. Theme of 2017 World Teachers Day is _____________________.

    A. ‘Passion in Teaching , Makes powerful Teachers’
    B. ‘Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers’
    C. ‘Respect Teachers – deliver valuable education’
    D. ‘Teach wisely , Reach Zenith’
    E. ‘A way of Teaching is art

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  18. pulkit

    World Animal Day is observed on ______________ every year.

    A. 1.1st Oct.
    B. 2.2nd Oct.
    C. 3.3rd Oct.
    D. 4.4th Oct.
    E. 5.5th Oct.

  19. pulkit

    Who inaugurated the Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi?

    A. 1.Mr Ram Nath Govind
    B. 2.Mr.Narendra Modi
    C. 3.Mr.Venkaya Naidu
    D. 4.Mr. Prakash Javadekar
    E. 5. Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani

      1. ADK

        Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. 50 years

  20. pulkit

    Who was inaugurated ‘Paryatan Parv’, 20 days tourist festival to promote India to all over India at the Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi?

    A. Dr.Harsha Vardhan
    B. 2.Mr. Rajnath Ram Badan Singh
    C. Dr. Jitendra Singh
    D. Mr.L.K.Adwani
    E. Dr.Mahesh Sharma

  21. DAS

    quiz complete??????????//

  22. pulkit

    Name the State Cabinet has approved Heritage Tourism policy & ‘Mukhya Mantri Rural Road Repair Scheme’.

    A. Arunachal Pradesh
    B. Odisha
    C. Nagaland
    D. Himachal Paradesh
    E. Jammu & Kashmir

  23. pulkit

    Where will the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 to be Held?

    A. Bangalore
    B. New Delhi
    C. Kolkatta
    D. Chennai
    E. Hyderabad

  24. pulkit

    Where will be a three day international medical conference, ‘IMTechCon 2017’, began at CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH)held?

    A. Mumbai
    B. New Delhi
    C. Chandigarh
    D. Lucknow
    E. Hyderabad

  25. pulkit

    Which country has ranked first in online harassment, in the Asia Pacific region as per the report of Norton by Symantec?

    A. China
    B. Mongolia
    C. India
    D. Singapore
    E. Cambodia

      1. pulkit

        shubham bhai aap hi karwo quiz jyda log aate hai …main karwane laga tho log bhag jate hai.

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          shayad oct ka kisi ka nahi hua hai sir isliye aisa hai 🙂

          1. pulkit

            ohhh sahi kaha

  26. pulkit

    Which State Government signed a MoU with American payments solution company Mastercard for setting up centre of excellence?

    A. Karnataka
    B. Andhra Pradesh
    C. Maharashtra
    D. West Bengal
    E. Bihar

  27. pulkit

    Which entity receives the Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance, from the Institute of Directors, in London, on 25th October 2017?

    A. Eagle Software solutions
    B. Elite Eventz Management Company
    C. Take Solutions
    D. Sri Ram Finance Corporation
    E. Fun Designers Event Management Company

  28. pulkit

    Name the bollywood actress becomes the brand ambassador of Delhi Dynamos, the first Indian Football Club?

    A. Jacqueline Fernandez
    B. Shradha Kapoor
    C. Katrina Kaif
    D. Deepika Padukone
    E. Anushka Sharma

  29. pulkit

    Who will be the event ambassador for the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup 2018?

    A. Tim Southee
    B. Kane Williamson
    C. Martin Guptill
    D. Trent Boult
    E. Corey Anderson

  30. pulkit

    Which one of the below district became the first completely Open Defecation Free (ODF) tribe district of Rajasthan?

    A. 1.Jodhpur
    B. 2.Bhilwara
    C. 3.Nagpur
    D. 4.Bharatpur
    E. 5. Dungarpur

  31. pulkit

    Under the chairmanship of whom RBI forms High-level Task Force on Public Credit Registry?

    A. Kishore Kumar
    B. Yeshwant M. Deosthalee
    C. Hemant Kumar
    D. Mukesh Chandramouli
    E. Manna H. Dey

    1. gomathy priya


  32. pulkit

    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves __________ million loan for India’s power sector.

    A. USD 100-million
    B. USD 200-million
    C. USD 300-million
    D. USD 400-million
    E. USD 500-million

  33. pulkit

    bhai bade dino baade jorr ki bhook lagi hai dnr karke aata hu fir quiz karenge..ty:))

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      ty sir 🙂

    2. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      Tata… ? dada.. ?

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      Adk sir gye… ?

  34. DAS

    full form of CRILC

    1. DAS

      KOI HEI KYA?????????//

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        nahi aata sir

    2. Ap

      Central Repository of Information on Large Credits

  35. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state has inaugurated grid connected roof top solar programme to encourage the public participation?
    1. Andhra Pradesh
    2. West Bengal
    3. Gujarat
    4. Odisha
    5. Karnataka

  36. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which one of the following that Cabinet Committee has approved the renaming of the new Central Sector Scheme 0n August 23 2017?
    1. Pradhan Mantri Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
    2. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana
    3. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana
    4. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
    5. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

  37. DAS

    Legal Entity Identifier India Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of??????????

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      aap kaun se state se ho sir?

      1. DAS

        AND YOU?????????

  38. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name the country which has signed MoU with India on Drug Demand Reduction and Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance.
    1. Bhutan
    2. Nepal
    3. Indonesia
    4. Srilanka
    5. Bangladesh

  39. DAS

    LEI is a ———– digit global reference number that uniquely identifies every legal entity/organisation that is party to a financial transaction, in any country.

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        Legal Entity Identifier

  40. DAS


  41. !SAY MY NAME!

    koi hai for a short aug quiz?

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      mai huuu

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        aap to omnipresent ho sir hehehe

        1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


    2. ADK

      koi chaina gara

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        aile hernu na aako lukeko syaal haru :p

        1. ADK

          Saab garera basi rako cha inharu, parsi exam xha nita

    3. Divaker

      Bhai thodi statick bhi krva do

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        nahi aati sir

  42. !SAY MY NAME!

    To whom the government has hiked the creamy layer ceiling to Rs 8 lakh per annum from the existing Rs 6 lakh for central government jobs?
    1. BC
    2. OC
    3. OBC
    4. SC
    5. ST

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  43. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which entity organizes Tiranga Yatra to Commemorate 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement in Mumbai?
    1.Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation
    2. India Trade Promotion Organisation
    3. Research, Designs and Standards Organisation
    4. Research, Designs and Standards Organisation
    5. Department of Consumer Affairs

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


    2. !SAY MY NAME!

      mera answer majority ka answer OK.

  44. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who headed the headed Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for India’s Economic Transformation by Commerce and Industry ministry ?
    1. Nirmala Sitharaman
    2. G.Ramachandran
    3. Dr.S.Shivashankar
    4. M.Prabhakaran
    5. Dr. V. Kamakoti

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


      1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

        iit madras chairperson kamkoti

  45. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who had headed the panel on National Mineral Policy to submit report by Oct-end?
    1.MChandrasekar Reddy
    2.R.Venkatesha Rao
    3.S.Srikanth Prasad
    4. K Rajeswara Rao
    5.M.Subbhaiya Bose

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  46. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has become Asia’s richest person with net worth of $38.3 billion?
    1.Ren Yuanlin , Chairman of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding
    2. Michael Buxton, Cofounder, Mab Corp.
    3. Jeffrey Cheah, Chairman, Sunway Group
    4. Len Ainsworth, Founder & Chairman, Ainsworth Game Technology
    5. Alibaba, Founder of Jack Ma

      1. ADK

        Jack MA , founder of ali baba :’P

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          sahi cha :p

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  47. !SAY MY NAME!

    When was the Reserve Bank of India started to issue the Rs.200 notes from select RBI offices and some banks?
    1.25th August 2017
    2 23rd August 2017
    3. 20th August 2017
    4.22nd August 2017
    5.24th August 2017

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  48. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which company has signed on Kerala-based Dhanlaxmi Bank as its bancassurance partner announced on 24th of Aug 2017?
    1. Exide Life Insurance
    2. The Oriental Insurance Company
    3. Bharti AXA General Insurance
    4. DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance
    5. Royal Sundaram General Insurance

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  49. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has been appointed as the chairman of the board of directors of Infosys ?
    1. Ravi Venkatesan
    2. Narayana Murthy
    3. R. Seshasayee
    4. Nandan Nilekani
    5. Vishal Sikka

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        malai yaad raina raisa answer haru ta :’D

        1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

          rattafication sir heheheeh

          1. !SAY MY NAME!


      2. ADK

        Former UIDAI Chief

  50. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state government launches web portal to help with competitive tests
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Punjab
    3. Uttar Pradesh
    4. West Bengal
    5. Gujarat

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  51. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where will 2018 Table Tennis Team World Cup going to be held?
    1.Kuala lumpur

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  52. !SAY MY NAME!

    Whose name was named UEFA Player of the Season for 2016–2017 on 25thAugust 2017?
    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Gareth Bale
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo
    4. Luis Suarez
    5. Neymar

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  53. ravi

    Mukesh Ambani becomes Asia’s richest man,,, net worth of $41.9 billion.

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      ty sir

  54. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has written the book ‘I Do What I Do’?
    1. Amish Tripathi
    2. Ankit Bhatt
    3. Kiran Desai
    4. Vikram seth
    5. Raghuram Rajan

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  55. !SAY MY NAME!

    Jay Thomas died at 69.He was _____________
    1. a Director
    2. an actor
    3. a writer
    4. a singer
    5. an editor

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

      i knew ittt heheh

    2. !SAY MY NAME!

      which act?

      1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?

        microsoft wifi act infintiy

  56. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who was Tony de Brume and become champion of Paris climate agreement?
    1. the former Marshall Islands foreign minister
    2. the former Hawaii Islands foreign minister
    3. the former Shikoku Islands foreign minister
    4. the former Yasawa Islands foreign minister

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  57. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who suggested GM crops should be introduced only after biosafety, socio-economic evaluation in
    Parliamentary panel ?
    1. K. T. S. Tulsi
    2. Swapan Dasgupta
    3. Suresh Gopi
    4. Sambhaji Raje
    5. Renuka Chowdhury

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  58. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where did Minister M.J. Akbar inaugurate ‘Namaskar Africa’ trade show trade show and where did he sign bilateral agreements?
    1. Liberia , Madagascar
    2. Namibia, Mozambique
    3. Nigeria, Sudan
    4. Ghana, Equatorial Guinea
    5. Tanzania, Algeria

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  59. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which Indian Coast Guard ship was decommissioned with full armed forces On August 23 2017?
    1.ICGS Sarathi
    2. ICGS Varuna
    3.ICGS Chakra
    4.ICGS Virat
    5.ICGS Karanj

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  60. !SAY MY NAME!

    RBI panel under who seeks rights-based data privacy in household finance?
    1. M.K.Chandrasekar
    2. Krishna Tulasi
    3. Subramania Swamy
    4. P.Chidambaram
    5. Tarun Ramadorai

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  61. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where the Foreign and Security Policy Consultations between India and the European Union were held?
    4.New Dellhi

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  62. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name the village which has emerged as the ‘100% computer literate’ in the entire North East announced on 24th August 2017?
    1. Nungthaang Tampak
    2. Khoijuman Khullen
    3. Thamnapokpi
    4. Chandel Khulbul
    5. Champu Khangpok

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


  63. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which one of the following is the India’s first 100% computer literate village ?
    1. Punsari
    2. Dharnai
    3. Chamravattom
    4. Korkrebellur
    5. Ballia

    1. ?  ?  ??????? ??.  ?  ?


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