Discussion Zone – 08 November 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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      jai bhole baba

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      kha ho sabbb sb kaisan baaa…:)

      1. Divaker

        Bs acha hai dada u bolo

        1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          sab theek bhaii ab next exam kaun sa h aapka???

          1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            ibps clrk nii??? rbi assistant nii ibps so ni?????

          2. Divaker

            Han bhai SBI hi hai ab

          3. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            all the best bhaiii ..quants reasoning wagirh abi se lagna shuru kr doo sbi fr pattern bdlega so b prepared..:)

    1. " Born To Win "

      ye kro

  1. shinjani

    yahan par bhi koi quiz ni hoti 🙁

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      chutti pey hai sab mamm…:)

      1. shinjani

        koi ni…self study 🙂

        1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          wait kijiye might b at 9 o clk ca ki quiz ho static wali..:)

  2. 【Appy Fizz】

    The Union government has constituted a ministerial panel headed by
    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to oversee merger proposals of state-owned

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


      1. 【Appy Fizz】

        bachh k ku??

        1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          kuchni sirrrr aa mera moood bht achha h isly bakar kr rha hu aisa samj loo aap heheeh..:)

          1. 【Appy Fizz】

            tb to achhi baat h ..acha to honaa chaye na..:)

  3. !SAY MY NAME!

    Recently which country joined Interpol as full time member?

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. !SAY MY NAME!


      1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

        aap ko ans malum tha yaa puch rhe the hehehe..:)))

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          malum tha sir..mujhe nahi aata tha so mujhe laga ki mujhse miss ho gay 🙂

          1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            hmm mn bhul gyaa thaa aap ga queen k board off diectors mn se ek member h to aayega hi hehehe..:)

          2. !SAY MY NAME!

            no sir :’D lol

      2. 【Appy Fizz】

        acha kiya jo yahn post kr dia hmko bhi yaad ho gaya:PP

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          ji sir 🙂

  4. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which country has become the first country to leave International Criminal Court (ICC)?

    [A] Botswana
    [B] South Africa
    [C] Burundi
    [D] Gambia

        1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          aur kuch sir..??:)

          1. ADK

            Capital and Currency

        2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          population ,density male female ratio etc etc hehe…:)

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [C] Burundi

  5. 【Appy Fizz】


    Which state chief minister has been honoured with the Golden Peacock
    Award under the category ‘Global Leadership in Public Service and
    Economic Transformation’?

    [A] Uttar Pradesh
    [B] Andhra Pradesh
    [C] Assam
    [D] Tripura

      1. ADK

        Chandrababu Naidu

        1. ADK

          Gov – E S L Narasimhan

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [B] Andhra Pradesh

  6. 【Appy Fizz】


    Who has officially been sworn in as the new Prime minister of New Zealand?

    [A] Bill English
    [B] Dame Patsy Reddy
    [C] Winston Peters
    [D] Jacinda Ardern

    1. ADK

      Jacinda Ardern; Second Youngest Female

    2. 【Appy Fizz】

      [D] Jacinda Ardern

  7. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which state to host the 36th edition of National Games of India in 2018?

    [A] Goa
    [B] Assam
    [C] Kerala
    [D] Jharkhand

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      yh kis month k h bhai???

  8. 【Appy Fizz】


    Which country’s team has won the 2017 FIFA Under-17 World Cup?

    [A] England
    [B] India
    [C] Spain
    [D] France

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [A] England

  9. 【Appy Fizz】


    India and which country have agreed to implement HOSTAC to strengthen maritime security?

    [A] Japan
    [B] United States
    [C] Germany
    [D] Russia

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [B] United States

  10. 【Appy Fizz】

    Gautam Adhikari, who passed away recently, was the co-founder of which TV channel?

    [A] Zee TV
    [B] Star Plus
    [C] Sony
    [D] SAB TV

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. 【Appy Fizz】

      [D] SAB TV

  11. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which team has won the 5th edition of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2017?

    [A] Bengal Warriors
    [B] Patna Pirates
    [C] Jaipur Pink Panthers
    [D] UP Yoddha

      1. ADK

        3rd Consecutive time

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          defeated gujrat?

          1. ADK

            khoi tha bhayena

    1. 【Appy Fizz】


  12. 【Appy Fizz】

    Who will be head of the newly constituted task force of RBI on Public Credit Registry (PCR)?

    [A] M Deosthalee
    [B] Sekar Karnam
    [C] Vishaka Mulye
    [D] Rashesh Shah

  13. 【Appy Fizz】


    Who has been appointed as the new MD & CEO of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?

    [A] Nikunj Srivastav
    [B] Suresh Sethi
    [C] Udit Mahatre
    [D] Vijay Kumar Sinha

    1. 【Appy Fizz】


  14. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which Indian bank has recently signed MoU with Escorts for tractor financing?

    [A] ICICI Bank
    [B] Dena Bank
    [C] State Bank of India
    [D] Bank of India

  15. 【Appy Fizz】


    Irruppam Veedu Sasidaran, who passed away recently, was the legendary personality of which field?

    [A] Law
    [B] Sports
    [C] Journalism
    [D] Film Industry

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [D] Film Industry

  16. 【Appy Fizz】

    EEPC India has signed pact with which Indian bank for export finance?

    [A] Punjab National Bank
    [B] State Bank of India
    [C] Bank of India
    [D] Dena Bank

  17. 【Appy Fizz】

    Gaur Kishore Ganguli, the noted freedom fighter passed away. He hailed from which state?

    [A] Jharkhand
    [B] Odisha
    [C] West Bengal
    [D] Kerala

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      isko lern rkhne k liye sourav gaungli ko dhan rkhna bss

  18. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which Indian state has topped in digital initiatives, as per recent report by Coeus Age Consulting?

    [A] Karnataka
    [B] Madhya Pradesh
    [C] Maharashtra
    [D] Andhra Pradesh

  19. 【Appy Fizz】

    all gone?/

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      sir kitne attendence chahiye aapko? :p

      1. 【Appy Fizz】

        bss 1 bhut h

  20. 【Appy Fizz】

    RBI will make LEI compulsory for companies with over Rs 5 crore exposure. What does ‘LEI’ stands for?

    [A] Legal Enact Identifier
    [B] Legal Enaction Identifier
    [C] Legal Entity Identifier
    [D] Legal Ennui Identifier

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      20 digit

      1. 【Appy Fizz】

        alpanumeric code

    2. 【Appy Fizz】


  21. 【Appy Fizz】

    The Government of India (GoI)
    has constituted a Commission under which article of the Constitution to
    examine sub-categorization of OBCs in the central list?

    [A] Article 341
    [B] Article 342
    [C] Article 340
    [D] Article 343

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [C] Article 340

  22. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which Indian origin couple has won the 2017 IHV Lifetime Achievement Award for AIDS research?

    [A] Shikha Chawla and Nitin Chawla
    [B] Saba Karim and Anna Karim
    [C] Naren Prabhu and Kirti Singh
    [D] Salim Abdool Karim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      D] Salim Abdool Karim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim

  23. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which country hosted the first-ever meeting of BIMSTEC Task Force on Traditional Medicine?

    [A] Myanmar
    [B] Bangladesh
    [C] India
    [D] Thailand

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [C] India

  24. 【Appy Fizz】

    What is the theme of the 2017 Vigilance Awareness Week (VAW)?

    [A] Vision to promote Corruption Free India
    [B] My Vision-Corruption Free India
    [C] Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance
    [D] Public participation to promote integrity

    1. Ap

      Corruption free india an impossible. Task

    2. 【Appy Fizz】

      [B] My Vision-Corruption Free India

  25. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which state will be the ‘Focus State’ at World Food India (WFI) 2017?

    [A] Odisha
    [B] West Bengal
    [C] Assam
    [D] Karnataka

  26. 【Appy Fizz】


    What is the India’s passport position in the Global Passport Power
    Rank 2017, as per global financial advisory firm Arton Capital?

    [A] 78th
    [B] 94th
    [C] 75th
    [D] 66th

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [C] 75th

    2. 【Appy Fizz】

      topped ….singa

  27. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which of the following union ministries have jointly launched a new scheme “SAATHI”?

    [A] Ministries of Finance and Railways
    [B] Ministries of Power and Science & Technology
    [C] Ministries of Minority Affairs and Human Resource Development
    [D] Ministries of Power and Textiles

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [D] Ministries of Power and Textiles

  28. 【Appy Fizz】

    Girija Devi, who passed away recently, was the renowned classical singer of which gharana?

    [A] Seniya and Banaras gharanas
    [B] Gwalior and Kirana gharanas
    [C] Atrauli and Seniya gharanas
    [D] Patiala and Bhendi Bazaar gharanas

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [A] Seniya and Banaras gharanas

  29. 【Appy Fizz】

    Who is the author of the e-book “India 2017 Yearbook”?

    [A] Rajiv Mehrishi
    [B] R. K. Verma
    [C] Ashwani Lohani
    [D] Rajiv Gauba

  30. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which country is hosting the 2017 global conference on consumer protection?

    [A] China
    [B] South Korea
    [C] Bangladesh
    [D] India

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [D] India

  31. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which city is hosting the International Conference on Green Initiatives & Railway Electrification?

    [A] Kochi
    [B] Chennai
    [C] Guwahati
    [D] New Delhi

  32. 【Appy Fizz】


    India has signed how much amount of loan agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support coastal protection in Karnataka?

    [A] $75.5 million
    [B] $65.5 million
    [C] $55.5 million
    [D] $75.5 million

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [B] $65.5 million

  33. 【Appy Fizz】

    Who has been honoured with the Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award 2017?

    [A] Vishwanathan Anand
    [B] AR Rahman
    [C] Javed Akhtar
    [D] Sulochana Tai

    1. 【Appy Fizz】


  34. 【Appy Fizz】

    What is the theme of the 2017 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH)?

    [A] Discover, remember and share
    [B] Archives at Risk: Protect, remember and share
    [C] It’s your story – don’t lose it
    [D] Protect & share your visual story

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [A] Discover, remember and share

  35. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which country has been named the best country to visit in 2018, according to Lonely Planet ‘Best in Travel 2018’ list?

    [A] South Korea
    [B] Chile
    [C] Spain
    [D] New Zealand

    1. 【Appy Fizz】


  36. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which state/UT Cricket Association has become the newest associate member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

    [A] Nagaland
    [B] Tripura
    [C] Puducherry
    [D] Mizoram

    1. 【Appy Fizz】


  37. 【Appy Fizz】

    Digamber Singh, who passed away recently, was related to which field?

    [A] Politics
    [B] Sports
    [C] Journalism
    [D] Law

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      [A] Politics

  38. 【Appy Fizz】

    Which country is hosting the 14th South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation in Law (SAARCLAW) Conference?

    [A] Sri Lanka
    [B] India
    [C] Nepal
    [D] Myanmar

    1. 【Appy Fizz】

      sri lanka

  39. 【Appy Fizz】

    The 2017 Infantry Day is celebrated on which date in India?

    [A] October 25
    [B] October 26
    [C] October 28
    [D] October 27

  40. 【Appy Fizz】

    Thats all for today
    good night

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          okk prince charles

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      sd and tc bhaiii..:)))0

  41. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

    gud nt swt drmzzz every11 prepare well take care ..:))

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      bro u gone ??

        1. Ambiyaa :)

          haanji :))
          abhi free huyi bus main

      1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

        yeesss i am here i thaught aap aaoge ni..:)

        1. Ambiyaa :)

          aa gyi bro 🙂
          start kren kya ?

          1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            jiiiii sureee..:))

  42. Ambiyaa :)

    BSNL has entered into an agreement with Coriant, a Networking solution provider. It belongs to which Country?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      Explanation: State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has entered into an agreement with US-based networking solutions provider Coriant to chart the path to 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) in India.

  43. Ambiyaa :)

    Who has assumed the charge of New Secretary of Department of Financial services, Ministry of Finance?

    Pradeep Kumar
    Nripendra Mishra
    Rajiv Kumar
    Radhakrishna Kini

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      Rajiv Kumar, has assumed office as the new Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance.

  44. Ambiyaa :)

    Which bank has been Awarded for Use of Technology for Financial Inclusion Among Large Banks under 13th IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Awards 2016-17?

    Union Bank

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      The Thirteenth Edition of the IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Awards was held on 1st of September, 2017. Shri S. Ganesh Kumar and Shri Sudarshan Sen, Executive Directors, Reserve Bank of India, presided over the function. Best Bank Award for Use of Technology for Financial Inclusion Among Large Banks – State Bank of India Best Bank Award for Use of Technology for Financial Inclusion Among Mid-Size Banks – Vijaya Bank Best Bank Award for Use of Technology for Financial Inclusion Among Small Banks – Karnataka Bank Ltd.

    2. 【Appy Fizz】


  45. Ambiyaa :)

    Who is going to be declared as the “Co-patron” of Calcutta Archdiocese?

    AJ John
    MG George
    Mother Teresa

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


      1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

        aapne to gud nyt ki meaning hi bdl daali h

    2. Ambiyaa :)

      agar wrong hua to kisi ka to hi answer dungi main warna nhii

  46. Ambiyaa :)

    Which of the following country has banned initial coin offerings?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. ADK

      Bitcoin ban hua tha; ab ye initial coin kaha se aaya

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        : The Chinese government has banned initial coin offerings, a new fundraising phenomenon that has taken the Internet by storm. The People’s Bank of China ruled that these unregulated sales violated Chinese law and must stop immediately.

        new method hai koi …google kr liyo baad me

  47. Ambiyaa :)

    bhaai tum chaupchap quiz krlo na ..

  48. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

    aap so jaaao aapne apna kot khtm kr dia naa yh hm jaise dumb logo k liye spcl class h ..:P

  49. 【Appy Fizz】

    good nyt.:)

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      ye requested quiz hai sir pradeep bro ke liyee 🙂
      mix ka schedule or koi tym rkh lenge

      1. 【Appy Fizz】


  50. Ambiyaa :)

    Ministry of Power has launched UJALA scheme at which of the following place?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  51. Ambiyaa :)

    Which country is going to host 10th BRICS Summit?

    South Africa

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      johaneesburg sa

    2. ADK

      Current jo China me hui wo 9th thi na?

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        haan xiamen me
        stronger partnership for brighter future

  52. Ambiyaa :)

    Ankul Mittal Belongs to which sports?


    1. 【Appy Fizz】


    2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  53. Ambiyaa :)

    aug-nov ke important days with theme and sports personalities jinhone recently koi tournament jeeta hai ya news me hain wo jaroor pdh lena sab log

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      jiiii queen victoria..:))

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        hehehe ;p
        jin logo ka first tym exam hota wo boht dilemma me hote na..to thoda guide krte rehna chhaiye unko bhi humko

        1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

          unko discrptive ki itni fikr h jaise ki discriptive 250 no kaa and bki 20 no aa rha ho heeh

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            heheehehe 😛
            whii na bro..ignorance leads to false prejudices

  54. Ambiyaa :)

    With which of the following country has India signed Cultural Exchange programme for the year 2017-2020?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      : India and Myanmar have signed eight Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and three agreements in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar to strengthen the multifaceted partnership between the two countries. The MoUs are: MoU on Maritime Security Cooperation Cultural Exchange Programme for the year 2017-2020. MoU on Enhancing the Cooperation of the Upgradation of the Women’s Police Training Centre at Yamethin, Myanmar.

  55. Ambiyaa :)

    President of Myanmar ??

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  56. Ambiyaa :)

    What was the theme of 9th BRICS summit?

    Strengthening Policy coordination and Breaking a new path for growth
    Stronger Partnership for brighter Future
    Quality Growth and Human Development
    Deeper Integration for Peace, Progress and Prosperity

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ap

      Stronger partership

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        U have rrb mains ap ???

    3. ADK

      Stronger partnership for Better future

    4. Garima

      Stronger Partnership

  57. Ambiyaa :)

    The Reserve Bank of India has projected Gross Value Added rate at ___ for FY18.


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      In its Annual Report for FY17, the Reserve Bank of India has said that Gross value added (GVA) would grow by a higher rate of 7.3 per cent in the current financial year, against 6.6 per cent a year ago.

    3. Ap

      Isme hotch potch ho rhi h bhut kese yaad rkhe

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        hmm same..note down krlo na sab .

        1. Ap

          Kiya pr do din phle rtta mara tha bhul gye

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            Don’t worry ..achha yhan pe post krna kal morning me
            koi trick bnayenge iski

  58. Ambiyaa :)

    Which state has signed MoU with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to build India’s first Hyperloop system?

    Andhra Pradesh

      1. ADK

        Vijaywada to somewhere

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      rrb mains me yhi ques tha par sites ne odisha se related koi ques de rkha hai :||

    3. Ambiyaa :)

      The Andhra Pradesh government has signed an MoU with the US-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to build India’s first Hyperloop system. The planned project is aimed at connecting cities Amaravati and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, supposedly covering the distance of over 35 km in just five minutes.

  59. Ambiyaa :)

    ___ , an American legendary guitarist, bassist and writer has passed away.

    Walter Becker
    Roland Bautista
    James Mankey
    Jeff Muller

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        Jeff muller bhi swarag sidhare hain kya ??

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            puch rhi hun 😛
            huye hai kya ??

          2. ADK

            Nahi pata tukka tha

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      America’s legendary guitarist, bassist and co-writer for the sophisticated, dark-humored band Steely Dan, Walter Becker has passed away.

    2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  60. Ambiyaa :)

    Who has bagged gold at Commonwealth Youth weightlifting Championship in 44kg?

    Karnam Malleshwari
    Saikhom Mirabai
    Konsam Ormila Devi
    Sanjita Chau

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  61. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

    my comments r not showing????

  62. Ambiyaa :)

    Who has taken the charge(MD & CEO) of Vijaya Bank?

    Kavita Narayanan
    Vikash Sangakaran
    Sankara Narayanan
    Narayan Murthi

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      He replaced ?

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        Kishore sansi

  63. Ambiyaa :)

    Who has been appointed as US Envoy to India?

    Tom Cooney
    Helen La Lime
    Kenneth Juster
    John Bass

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)

      Kenneth Juster

    3. Ambiyaa :)

      lolz isse buri dp ni mili kya :p

  64. Ambiyaa :)

    Louisiana, the US Gulf Coast has been hitted by which Hurricane?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      least significant bit =0

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        lolz mujhe to kisi movie ka name yaad aa rha isse:P

        1. 【Appy Fizz】

          sahi pkde ho

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            tumhari didi hain kya ye mam ?

          2. 【Appy Fizz】

            aise ques mujhse kyu krte tum..maine kya bigada h bolo?

          3. Ambiyaa :)

            hadd haai ..didi bola to buri baat hai ye ??

          4. 【Appy Fizz】

            haan hadd to hai hi yrrr…..mujhse hi kyu pucha ye?

          5. Ambiyaa :)

            tum special ho na isliye 😛
            or kisi se meri banti hi nhi hai 😀

          6. 【Appy Fizz】

            haanji bo to dekh hi liya:

  65. Ambiyaa :)

    Which of the following country is going to host 2019 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship?


  66. Ambiyaa :)

    Richard Anderson, a ‘Six Million Dollar Man’, has passed away recently. He belonged to which field?


    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  67. Ambiyaa :)

    What amount of money is needed by World Health Organisation (WHO) to eliminate Measles from South East Asia?

    500 USD
    600 USD
    700 USD
    800 USD

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      The World Health Organisation (WHO) said that it needs to pump in over $800 million to eliminate measles from five developing economies of South East Asia (SEA) — Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Timor Leste — by 2020.

    2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  68. Ambiyaa :)

    Digital payment company ItzCash partners with which life insurance provider to offer general insurance products?

    ICICI Prudential
    HDFC Ergo
    Bajaj Allianz
    United India Insurance

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      Mumbai based digital payments company and financial exchange Ebix’s ItzCash, has partnered with non life insurance provider HDFC ERGO to offer general insurance products through its physical retail outlets.

  69. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

    mam discuss is hanging koi sumo bait gya lgta h shal v continue tommorow????

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      okk bro 🙂

  70. Ambiyaa :)

    wait 1 min plz

      1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

        chubby chin rossy lips heheh

        1. Ambiyaa :)


          1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            mujhe bhi …:P motu kimze le li thi aaj mne subha isy sabk sikhane aaya h hehe

          2. Ambiyaa :)

            ab disqus shi hai bro ???
            kren quiz ya kal kren ?

          3. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            nhi h mam hota toh mee bolta hi nhi hang ho raha wo refresh kr k commnt dek rha mn..:))

          4. Ambiyaa :)

            okk bro :))
            nhi krte fir to

  71. Ambiyaa :)

    Ok we ll do tomorrow now 🙂 ty all

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      good night 🙂

      1. ADK

        Chal Sept ses garum aaju, suru gar.

        1. Ambiyaa :)

          okk I ll join

          1. ADK

            Bhag gaya lagta hai. :’D

          2. Ambiyaa :)

            hmm kaafi tej hai 😀

        2. !SAY MY NAME!

          jio sakera bijog cha :’D

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            bnaa lo bahaana bachhu 😀

          2. !SAY MY NAME!

            translator 0.o

          3. Ambiyaa :)

            naa naa
            context se pta chal jata hai kya reply ho sakta hai 😛

          4. !SAY MY NAME!

            aise hi reasoning me itti kharab hai aap :p

          5. !SAY MY NAME!

            ADK kaha gayab fir

          6. !SAY MY NAME!

            abui syaal jasto luki rako :p

          7. !SAY MY NAME!

            kun date bata?

          8. !SAY MY NAME!

            herdaichu echin

          9. Ambiyaa :)

            CA nhi banking kro beta shubhu or suman 😐

          10. !SAY MY NAME!

            net bahot slow hai 4G khatam ho gaya :/
            try karta hu

          11. Ambiyaa :)

            achha rehne do fir 🙂
            main hi kraungi kal

          12. !SAY MY NAME!

            rukiye dekhta hu hone se aap to yahn hi hongi

          13. Ambiyaa :)

            haan main yhin hun

          14. Ambiyaa :)


    2. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      cho cho mch queen victoria mam..:))))

    3. Ambiyaa :)

      tym fix nhi hai mam
      It was requested quiz so we ll do accordingly

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        ambika name hai mam
        ambiyaa ..fictional name hai mera 🙂

  72. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state has passed the Industrial Disputes regarding lay off of employees?
    1. Assam
    2. Hyderabad
    3. Tamil Nadu
    4. Kerala
    5. MP

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


    2. Ambiyaa :)


      now they can remove 300 employees

  73. !SAY MY NAME!

    North-East calling festival has inaugurated by MoS Jitendra Singh in which state?
    1. Rajasthan
    2. Hyderabad
    3. New Delhi
    4. Kerala
    5. HP

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?


  74. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name of the state in India leads in new tax registration under GST regime?
    1. HP
    2. Maharashtra
    3. New Delhi
    4. UP
    5. West Bengal

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      5555 77%

  75. !SAY MY NAME!

    real quick okay :p

  76. !SAY MY NAME!

    Under what scheme Government of India has planned to enroll 80 lakh kids?
    1. School chalo Abhiyan
    2. Sukhanya Samriddhi Scheme
    3. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
    4. Midday meal scheme
    5. UDAN

  77. !SAY MY NAME!

    How much amount has been allotted for all the river linking projects in Maharashtra for the next two years under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) by Central Government?
    1. Rs.50000 crore
    2. Rs.100000 crore
    3. Rs.80000 crore
    4. Rs.60000 crore
    5. Rs.45000 crore

  78. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who flagged off women crew ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’of Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini at the INS Mandovi naval training near Panaji?
    1. Nirmala Sitharaman
    2. Rajnath Singh
    3. Manohar Parikar
    4. Arun Jaitley
    5. Piyush Goyal

  79. !SAY MY NAME!

    How much penalty SEBI has fined to Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited( PACL) and its four directors?
    1. Rs.5464 crore
    2. Rs.7654 crore
    3. Rs.2434 crore
    4. Rs.2234 crore
    5. Rs.5678 crore

  80. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where is the Head Quaters of Exide Life Insurance?
    1. Rajasthan
    2. Hyderabad
    3. New Delhi
    4. Kerala
    5. HP

  81. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which two big insurance companies have got approval for Initial Public Offering from SEBI?
    1. ICICI Lombard and SBI Life insurance
    2. HDFC Life Term plan
    3. IDBI and Yes Bank
    4. Bajaj Alliance
    5. IDFC

  82. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which company has allowed one-time password for opening online insurance account?
    1. DSB
    2. IDFC
    3. IRDAI
    4. Mobiwik
    5. Paytm

    1. Ambiyaa :)


  83. !SAY MY NAME!

    thik haiya jyada ho gya?

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        aap hi answer de rahi 😐

          1. !SAY MY NAME!

            sabhi piche aa rahe lol

    1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

      so jaao sirrr ab bht ho gyaaa ,…:)) aapy fizz ki trh aapko bhi sulana padega abh heehehe

  84. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who bagged NR Madhava Menon Best Law Teacher Award?
    1. VC Vivekanandan
    2. AB Rohatgi
    3. TK Vishwanathan
    4. Mohan Peiris
    5. Tahir Mahmood

  85. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which organization has tested Anti Tank Guided Missile-NAG?
    1. ISRO
    2. NASA
    3. DRDO
    4. Civil defence organitation
    5. Swedish Armed force

  86. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

    fynally byeee all take care safe nyt ..:)

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      gud night bro :)))

    2. 【Appy Fizz】


  87. !SAY MY NAME!

    Find out the US Air force which has launched Super Secret mini shuttle.
    1. SpaceX
    2. Boeing X-37
    3. X-37B
    4. Hush mini shuttle
    5. X-345

  88. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has launched the book Hit Refresh?
    1. Mark Zukerberg
    2. Satya Nadella
    3. Sachin Bansal
    4. Jeff Bezos
    5. JackMa

  89. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has won Malaysian Squash meet?
    1. Harinder Pal Sandhu
    2. Saurav Ghosal
    3. Joshna Chinappa
    4. Janet Vidhi
    5. Siddhartha Suchde

  90. !SAY MY NAME!

    Himalayan Day is being observed on which date across Uttarakhand?
    1. 12 September
    2. 11 September
    3. 8 September
    4. 9 September
    5. 2 September

  91. !SAY MY NAME!

    When was the first World suicide Prevention Day observed?
    1. 10th September 2002
    2. 10th September 2003
    3. 10th September 2004
    4. 10th September 2005
    5. 10th September 2006

  92. !SAY MY NAME!

    ho shared a picture of his space exploration startup SpaceX’s first full-body spacesuit in Instagram on 8th September 2017?
    1. Elon Musk
    2. Evan G. Greenberg
    3. Jeff Bezos
    4. Brian Moynihan
    5. Dennis Muilenburg
    Answer – 1.Elon Musk

  93. !SAY MY NAME!

    transition me thora rukna ..net slow hai :p

  94. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has laid the foundation for first Greenfield smart city project in Ranchi?
    1. Venkaiah Naidu
    2. Rajnath Singh
    3. Nitin Gadkari
    4. Piyush Goyal
    5. Narendra Modi

  95. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which cabinet approves changing state’s name to Bangla?
    1. Assam
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. West Bengal
    4. Kerala
    5. Madhya Pradesh

  96. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state will provide skill training to 30000 surrendered militants?
    1. Assam
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. Himachal Pradesh
    4. Kerala
    5. Madya Pradesh

  97. !SAY MY NAME!

    The 5th edition of the ‘Coastal Shipping and Inland Water Transportation Business Summit 2017’ on 22nd of September will be hosted by which city?
    1. Chennai
    2. kochi
    3. Hyderabad
    4. Mumbai
    5. Lucknow

      1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

        mam aap gud nyt kr hi do otherwise appy fizz aaj ni soyega hehehhe

        1. Ambiyaa :)

          hahahaa 😀

        2. 【Appy Fizz】

          kya hua bhai …..aap aisa sochoge ..ummeed na thi..

          1. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            are bhaii mera mtlb aap hmsha glt samjte hoo mam jaaiyegi quiz bnd hogi then v all aaram se so paayege naa dekho mee bhi gud nyt kr k ghum rhaa naa islye khaa bcz mujhe bhi aane ka mn ho rhaa but meri tym limit exceed ho gyi h so for aa; sake aise kha aapne kitni der phle ek nhi 3 br gud nyt kia naa fr bhi quiz ki wjh se aa rhe isly dada

          2. 【Appy Fizz】

            bss kro bhai..bhut hua…chota bachcha nhi hu ,,,
            thanku bye.

          3. Ambiyaa :)

            aree itna gussa kyun ho rhe ho harsh ????

          4. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            dada meraa aapko hurt krne kaa koi irada ni h naa thaa if aap dusri tarike se samj rhe toh fr soory bhaiii aab khush ho jaaye aap chote bachhe hote toh mn explain krta kyaa aap continue kijiye theek h sory ..:)

          5. 【Appy Fizz】

            mam aap gud nyt kr hi do otherwise appy fizz aaj ni soyega,,
            ye konsa tareeka h..isko kya samjhu m.?

          6. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            aab dada chodiye is bt koo iska bht tarikaa h samjna kaa aap dusra samj rhe h mera dusra mtlb h so chodiye me aapse sorry bola naafr kyu aap bt ki khaal nikal rhe hoo …meaning mere taf se spasht h ki mam soiyegi tbi sab soyengeand sabse zyada active aap h filhal to kh dia that it and aap khud hi dek lijiye aap abhi kitni baar aaye bolye for that reason khaa if aap dusra mtlb samj rhe thn mee wo nhi samj rha isly cler ni kr paaunga sory

          7. Ambiyaa :)

            are koi baat nhi bro
            hum kisko kya samjhaa paayenge ..humare yhan ek muhaawra hai jiski jitni akal utni hi to use kregaa na

          8. 【Appy Fizz】

            haan but m apka mtlbache se samjh rha hu aap baat baat m kya khe jate khir leave it …

          9. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            bhaai ek bt btau aapko hmri aapki ladai previously kyu hui thi pta h sirf is ly bcz aapne meri chavvi dusri tarike se kr rhki h abhi bhi aap wase hi react kr rhe h mujhe aap pr bolna hota toh mee direct bolta dada aapne dekha hoga naa mee kisi ko bolne mn bilkul ni hichaktaa and mujhe aapko indirectly bolne mn kya milega jzra dimaag lgaao aap fr bhi aap aise bol rhe h aap mere prti achhi image rkhiye thn aapko meri bt samj aayegi thats all i have to say ..:)

          10. 【Appy Fizz】

            mai rkh bhi lunga thik hai baai log bhi tumko bolte jaise aaj always smile n bola…aal time tum thik nhi ho skte bhai apne ander bhi jhaank k dekha kro ki m thik hu ya agla bandha…thik h agr meko lagta maine galat samjha then itsok…ty good nyt sd:)

          11. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            bhai mne akb kha mee thik hu bolo all syml ne mujhe kya bola wo toh khud hi bhag gyi and iff aap usko jaante hoo thn usko mera msg h ki bbt puri kr k jaaye thik h dadaa …..mujhe kisi ko target krne kaa koi shauk ni h and khas kr aapko okk aap cler kr loo and mee aise kamo mn kbi haat ni daalta jha mujhe glt sabhit honaa pade bhaiii thik h doubt clear mere man kya gandgi hogi lolzz bhaaaaiiii hehehe mne kis ko chedaa aapki nazro mee yaa kisi ki desi language mn abuse ki yaa fr mee ladkio ki eveteasing krta hu jo bolti h wo bnta hu bhai bhen bro in law anything if isse aap gandagi samjte h thn koi bt ni dadaa aap bhi mere bhai saman hi ho bhai bulate h thn matlb bhi rkhte h not fake

          12. 【Appy Fizz】

            mai usko nhi janta ..or uski apki kya baat hui bo bhi nhi pata bsss last comment pda to bo diya …

          13. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            jaaiye dada ppr h naa uski tyari kijiye in machdo mn padege kuch ni milegaa aapko naurki hogi then chokri bhi hogi samje aap ehehehehe soo jaaaiye mne aapse sorry kha naa fr kyu bigad rhe hoo aap jaan lo mee bewajh kisi ko sory yuni bolta fr bhi bolaa wo matter rhkiye theek h and ek point h hr bt ka mtlb wo nhi hota agr aap insan ko achhe se dekhoge thn koi meaning ni niklegi if aap phle hi khunaas ya revenge mode mn rhoge internaaly tb usko hr bt aapko apne mn lagegi thn k ….:) swt drmzzz

          14. 【Appy Fizz】

            hahahha…kya baat h bhai kya kya samjh lete or kya bol dete …
            _____/_______hmm apko krte namste …._ is avaam m aap hi hme samjhte …:))

          15. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            but dukh aap pr h dada aap bhai ki asli meaning nhi nibhate bolte toh bhai h but aap two faced person h soory ki mee aapko bht achha person samjta thaa means aap achhe ho no dobut but aap aur logo k liye achhe ho aap hmse hmsha mukable k mood me rhte ho aaj aap btaao ki mujhe yha se jaana h daz se to bta do mee nhi aaungaa aaj se but i dont want ki hr br mee apko samjaau bcz aap samjdaar ho fr bb

          16. 【Appy Fizz】

            areyy bhaaii mai apko galat na samjhta apse bhai krke bolta and aap krke bhi ..but kuh baate aisi bol dete dil ko hurt hota h..jaise aaj bola …mana apka aim bo na tha but aisa kuch bolne se phle ek baar soch liya kijiye ……or rhi baaat apse apsi ranjis ya khunssh ki bo dil se nikal dijiye plzz mera aisa koi iraaad nhi h iiiii swearrr,,,

          17. Ambiyaa :)

            are yaar mujhe samjh ni ata..tum achhe se rehte ho sabke saath always ..or koi issue nhi hai tumhare saath kisi ko bhi .tumko kya koi ulti pattti pdha deta hai ye samjh ke baahr hai..ekdum bethe the shaanti se .or 2 min me volcano jese ho gyee

          18. 【Appy Fizz】

            sorry ambika ji mai koi bachcha nhi hu jo koi pdayega ……khir chhodiye …apke list m jo ache unse hi contact rkhiye.:)

          19. Ambiyaa :)

            haan bilkul
            dost 2 hi hon par ho achhe 🙂

          20. 【Appy Fizz】

            haanji bilkul

          21. Ambiyaa :)

            harsh tum choti si baat ko leke itna kyun gussa ho rhe ho ???
            unhone tumko kuch personal bola kya and hum sab tumhare saath majak krte rehte hain kyunki tum bura nhi maante ho tbhi na ??

          22. 【Appy Fizz】

            mazak aise bhi nhi krte jise aapne kiya …mai krta bo apko galat lgta ..aap relationship pr comment krte vo mazak m aata ..woww

          23. Ambiyaa :)

            kon sa relationship ?? kispe comment kiya humne ??
            btao to ..tum clear krlo na jo bhi hai tumhare mind me

          24. 【Appy Fizz】

            LSD bala..meri kon didi hai jo apne bol diya?

          25. Ambiyaa :)

            to didi bolna galt baat hai kya kisi ko ??
            kya soch rhe ho tum..mujhe koi did bolega to main gussa ho jaaungi kya ?

          26. 【Appy Fizz】

            galat nhi tumko pata h kisiko didi nhi bota m ..or tumko lagta ki m isko janta to dost bol dete direct didi ka kya matlb hua…

          27. Ambiyaa :)

            Ok sir aapko jo sochna sochta rhiye aap
            main apne dil me bad feelings rkhti to tumse baat hi na krti kbhi ..or rhi baat tumhare mind ki to main uska kuch ni kr sakti

          28. 【Appy Fizz】

            haanji always mera hi mind galat rheta ..:)

          29. Ambiyaa :)

            nhi aapka sahi hai
            humara galt hai jo fir se frnd banne aa jate yhan pe :))
            aage se ye galti na hogi…goodbye 🙂

          30. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            isly khta hu kis ko quiz mn mt bulaiyee fr bhi aap bulati h fr anjaam yhi hota h aap mam kisi ko naa bulana theek h ..:)) chaliye chlte h chodiyeee mt apna paksh rhkiye apni glti h hm sbko invite krte h fr nare bardasht krne padte h so kaal se noo element okk..:)

          31. Ambiyaa :)

            okk bro aap jaaiye 🙂
            aaram se so jaiye ..ye sab to hota hi rhega idhar..yhan ki air me hi hatred hai ab to

          32. ?⋆? ?  ? ?????????  ? ??⋆?

            aap bhi mam chaliye chutti kijiye sbi azpirant kii and kal se secret quiz hogi no entry..:)

          33. Ambiyaa :)

            ok bro 🙂

          34. pulkit

            ufff ye gusssa ek din jaan lega aapki:))

          35. Ambiyaa :)


  98. !SAY MY NAME!

    The traditional Bonderam festival started in which Island of Goa?
    1. IIha grande
    2. Grand Island
    3. Chorao
    4. Snorkeling
    5. Divar

  99. !SAY MY NAME!

    ADB has granted how much million to Nepal to enhance power transmission?
    1. $175
    2. $655
    3. $325
    4. $152
    5. $365

  100. !SAY MY NAME!

    Eastern Economic Forum is held in which country?
    1. USA
    2. NewZealand
    3. Singapore
    4. Russia
    5. U.K.

  101. !SAY MY NAME!

    Second Indian Worker’s Resource centre has been inaugurated in which country?
    1. U.K.
    2. NewZealand
    3. Singapore
    4. USA
    5. UAE

  102. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name the Former Odisha Health Minister who has passed away on 11th sep. 2017.
    1. Syed Mustafiz Ahmed
    2. S. Paul
    3. Sultan Ahmed
    4. Ahmed Khan
    5. Vijay Nambisan

  103. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has become the first woman to run 10 km distance for 29 minutes 43 seconds on road?
    1. Joycilline Jepkosgei
    2. David Epstein
    3. Ryan
    4. Katherine
    5. Patrick

  104. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which country has discovered 3500 year old royal tomb?
    1. Russia
    2. Egypt
    3. Germany
    4. Sweden
    5. France

  105. !SAY MY NAME!

    Digital assistance robot-ELEKTRA has been launched by which company?
    1. Reliance Energy
    2. Infosys
    3. Wipro
    4. IBM
    5. TCS

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        yeshh blo :)))

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      galti se tab hi cut ho gaya :p

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        hehe no pblm dear 🙂
        hum to hain hi ullu yhin rhenge

  106. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name the person who has resigned from International Olympic Committee?
    1. Pat Hickey
    2. Paula Radcliffe
    3. Patrick Makau
    4. Kathrine Switzer
    5. Joseph Wilhelm

  107. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which has become the first world’s longest storm to bear 185 mph winds in 30 years?
    1. Hurricane Katrina
    2. Hurricane Irma
    3. Hurricane Irene
    4. Hurricane Wilma
    5. Hurricane Ike

  108. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has won SABA U-16 Championship 2017?
    1. Nepal
    2. India
    3. Bhutan
    4. Srilanka
    5. Bangladesh

      1. ADK

        Kathmandu me event huwa tha

        1. Ambiyaa :)

          mujhe A option dikh hi ni rha 😛
          ajeeb baat hai

          1. !SAY MY NAME!

            kuch hindi ke muhawre yaa aa rahe 😛

          2. Ambiyaa :)

            hehe boloo 😛

          3. !SAY MY NAME!

            aap khud soch lo :p

      2. ravi

        nepal host kiya hai

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      mujhe B ..A hi lg rha aj 😛

  109. !SAY MY NAME!

    BCCI has released player’s handbook by what title?
    1. Be a performer in last 5 over
    2. How to tackle the situation
    3. The life and opinions
    4. 100 things every professional cricketer must know
    5. The catcher in the Rye

  110. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which of the ministry permits m-Aadhar as one of the prescribed proofs of Identity for Rail Travel Purpose?
    1. Ministry of Railways
    2. Textile Ministry
    3. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    4. Ministry of Home Affairs
    5. Finance Ministry

  111. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which organization rolls out application process for institutes seeking status of eminence?
    1. Education ministry
    2. University Grants Commission
    3. Central board of secondary investigation
    4. National Informatics Centre
    5. Ministry of Home Affairs

  112. !SAY MY NAME!

    How much worth has been estimated for the first bullet train project will be set up in Vadodara?
    1. 500 crores
    2. 600 crores
    3. 200 crores
    4. 150 crores
    5. 300 crores

  113. Ambiyaa :)

    Harsh don ???

  114. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state is going to open India’s first transgender-exclusive clinics?
    1. Banglore
    2. Tamil Nadu
    3. Kerala
    4. Rajasthan
    5. New Delhi

  115. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which Indian cricketer has launched Mission 24 to develop the poorest ward in Mumbai?
    1. Virat Kohli
    2. MS Dhoni
    3. Sachin Tendulkar
    4. Rahul David
    5. Saurav Ganguly

  116. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name of the cabinet has cleared Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage Policy 2017 with a clear plan to make its city the electric vehicle capital of India.
    1. Karnataka Cabinet
    2. Rajasthan Cabinet
    3. New Delhi Cabinet
    4. Maharashtra Cabinet
    5. Manipur Cabinet

  117. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which organization has signed MoU with Airports Authority of India to develop Kolkata, Lucknow airports?
    1. Afghan Trade and Development Agency
    2. Japan Trade and Development Agency
    3. Canada Trade and Development Agency
    4. U.S. Trade and Development Agency
    5. Denmark Trade and Development Agency

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      kal 3 jan milkar 1 month khatam karenge OK
      10 days per person kaisa rahega?

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        aug kyun krna ???
        sep oct kro na

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          RRB asst k liye?

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            rrb main CA boht kam rehta hai..log to paaglon jese june july bhi krte uff

      2. Ambiyaa :)

        aug ko least priority pe rkho abhi ke liye..itna CA nhi ata ab exams me
        pehle sep oct kro

        1. !SAY MY NAME!

          hmm OK then Oct

          1. Ambiyaa :)

            hmm ok 10 days main kra dungi

          2. !SAY MY NAME!

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  118. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which International organization allocates $8 billion for China’s Silk Road project?
    1. International Monetary Organization
    2. International Labour Organization
    3. World Bank
    4. UNICEF
    5. UNIDO

  119. !SAY MY NAME!

    As per Nomura India’s GDP growth for Fiscal Year 2018 is likely to rise at?
    1. 7.1%
    2. 6.5%
    3. 6.2%
    4. 7.2%
    5. 7.5%

  120. !SAY MY NAME!

    India has ranked 103 on Global Human Capital Index 2017. Which country has topped the list?
    1. Finland
    2. Norway
    3. Kenya
    4. Iceland
    5. France

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      kon ho tum bhai 😛
      name btao to

  121. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which country retains top in 2017 Global Financial Centres Index?
    1. France
    2. Norway
    3. Kenya
    4. London
    5. Cuba

      1. Ambiyaa :)

        Miss L but that is the answer :p

  122. !SAY MY NAME!

    In which country Mindtree opens first global Digital Pumpkin innovation hub?
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Kenya
    3. United States of America
    4. London
    5. Cuba

  123. !SAY MY NAME!

    Hindustan Shipyard Ltd has partnered with which company in ship building?
    1. Hyundai
    2. Tata Motors
    3. Ashok Leyland
    4. Mahindra & Mahindra
    5. Infosys

  124. !SAY MY NAME!

    Brian Acton is a co-founder of which company has announced to leave to start a non-profit venture.
    1. Twitter
    2. YouTube
    3. Whatsapp
    4. Microsoft
    5. Nestle

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      Other developer – jan koum

  125. !SAY MY NAME!

    Ek DP distract kar raha :’D

    1. Ambiyaa :)

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    2. RaMpAgE

      Lysergic acid diethylamide??

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        ha wahi chummi :p

  126. !SAY MY NAME!

    Mahendra Pratap Mall has appointed as CMD of which government organization?
    1. Central reserve Police
    2. Indian Air Force
    3. Canara Bank
    4. IRCTC
    5. Indian Coast Guard

  127. !SAY MY NAME!

    Who has been appointed as new CMD of United India Insurance?
    1. Ankur Mittal
    2. Aaditya Puri
    3. Rajiv Mehra
    4. Sunil Mehta
    5. Nagaraja Sharma

  128. !SAY MY NAME!

    Name of the logistics startup has acquired by Zomato.
    1. Runnr
    2. United Nations
    3. Council of Europe
    4. United Nations Security Council
    5. World Bank

      1. ravi

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          and oct bhi krenge finish

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  129. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state will host 36th National Games in India?
    1. Andhra pradesh
    2. Uttar Pradesh
    3. Goa
    4. Manipur
    5. Gujarat

  130. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which state won Chief Minister’s cup at National kickboxing championship?
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Uttar Pradesh
    3. Goa
    4. Manipur
    5. Mizoram

    1. ravi

      host –mp(raipur)

  131. Ambiyaa :)

    Harsh please calm down

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        wo niche hai

  132. !SAY MY NAME!

    Hindi Diwas is celebrated on which day?
    1. 20 Sept.
    2. 14 Sept.
    3. 19 Sept.
    4. 20 Oct.
    5. 15 Dec.

    1. RaMpAgE

      i think this question might in asst

      1. !SAY MY NAME!

        to fir theme bataiye

        1. RaMpAgE

          hindi meri pehechan??

    2. Ambiyaa :)

      Hindi meri pehchan

  133. !SAY MY NAME!

    Constitutional law expert and Senior Advocate had passed away. Name him?
    1. Karan Gulati
    2. Suresh Kumar
    3. Raman Roy
    4. R.K Lodha
    5. PP Rao

  134. !SAY MY NAME!

    To which refugees Government of India has granted citizenship.
    1. Chakma, Hajong refugees
    2. Barbados refugees
    3. Comoros refugees
    4. Czechia refugees
    5. Dominica refugees

  135. !SAY MY NAME!

    Government has launched Operation Insaniyat to help Rohingya refugees for which country.
    1. Myanmar
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Cuba
    4. Eritrea
    5. Finland

    1. !SAY MY NAME!

      insaniyat k khatir ye ques to jarroor aana chahiye 😐
      itna baar kar liya

  136. !SAY MY NAME!

    Where was Two-Day Regional Conference on Good Governance and Replication of Best Practices started?
    1. Kerala
    2. Punjab
    3. Manipur
    4. Goa
    5. West Bengal

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      ty bro 🙂

      1. ravi

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        1. Ambiyaa :)

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  137. !SAY MY NAME!

    Which minister has inaugurated first National Conference on “Uniformed Women in Prison Administration” in New Delhi?
    1. Rajnath Singh
    2. SmirtiIrani
    3. OkramIbobi Singh
    4. PiyushGoyal
    5. KirenRijiju

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      Kiren Rijiju – Arunachal West – Constituency

    1. Ambiyaa :)

      ta taa bro gudnyt tc :))

  138. RaMpAgE