Discussion Zone – 12 July 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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  1. Vikash

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    english quiz??..

    1. Vikash

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      1. yes. thode time ki problem hai

        it will be resolved asap

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    4. _/_

      Q4. A man goes to the fair in Funcity with his son and faithful dog. Unfortunately man misses his son which he realizes 20 minutes later. The son comes back towards his home at the speed of 20 m/min and man follows him at 40 m/min. Meanwhile, the dog runs to the son and comes back to the man to show him the direction of his son. It keeps moving to and from at 60 m/min between son and father, till the man meets the son. What is the distance travelled by the dog in direction of the son?
      (a) 600 m
      (b) 800 m
      (c) 1200 m
      (d) 1500 m
      (e) 1000 m

    5. _/_

      Q6. A clock is set right at 12 noon on Monday. It loses ½% on the correct time in the first week but gains ¼% on the true time during the second week. What is the time shown on Monday after two weeks?
      (a) 12:25:12
      (b) 12:24
      (c) 12:27:21
      (d) 12:26:12
      (e) None of these

      1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

        first week hours = 24*7 =168 hrs
        now loss =1/2%of 168 =0.84hrs
        now similarly next week
        =>1/4% of 168 =0.42hrs
        => net change =0.84-0.42 =0.42 hrs gain
        =>0.42hrs =0.42*60 =25.2 mins
        1mins =60 sec
        =>0.2 mins =0.2*60 =12sec
        => totl tym =25mins12 sec
        => final tym =12:25:12=option1

        1. _/_

          Three men –A ,B and C working together can do a job 6 hours less time than A did alone ,1 hour less time than B alone and half the time needed by C .In how many days will A finish the work alone ?
          A) 20/3 days
          B) 23/4 days
          C) 22/5 days
          D) 33/6 days
          E) 27/8 days

          1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            let a+b+c =x
            =>a =x+6 ,b =x+1 ,c =2x
            1/x =1/(x+6) +1/(x+1) +1/2x
            =>1/2x =2x+7/x^2+7x+6
            =>x^2+7x+6 =4x^2+14x
            =>x =2/3,-2 using +ve value =>a’s work =6+2/3 =20/3days

          2. _/_

            without x
            i want

          3. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            not possible see the options…:)

          4. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$


        2. _/_

          A woman has her three daughters. First and second can take 24 and 30 days resp. to complete a work .In how many days third one takes to complete the work. If woman can complete the whole work alone in 3(3/11) days .The efficiency of woman is double than her three daughters.
          A) 22 days
          B) 12 days
          C) 13 days
          D) 21 days
          E) 19 days..

          1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            is question mn two problems h phla yh ki eficency jo women k double individually hr daughter se double h ya sum of efficiences of three daughter se double in h bcz dono cases mn do diffrent ans aayege

          2. _/_

            ys same here ty
            qs me dikkt hai

          3. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            decimal ko dekiye 2.55 h nd decimal part h to usme 5 h and agr 5 ya 5 se less hti h value to hm no.as it is lete h and udhr dusre part mn 6 k bd 6 h so hm round of mn 7 lenge means 0.37
            now calculte it
            440/40 +1850.6/100 =29.056~29

          4. _/_

            440/40 +1850.6/100 =29.056~29
            explain kr do thoda sa details me

          5. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            2.5/100 ayega theek from rule of approximation
            now 2.5 *40 =100 hta h toh 2.5/100 ko hm 1/40 likh skte h naa
            => 440/40 theek and 0.37 ko hm 37/100 lik skte h and
            37 =40-3 =>(40-3)/(100*100)*4880 zero se zero cancell kijiye aa jyega ans…:)

          6. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            kahaani 2 hundreds ki is prakaar h ek 100 jo h wo % ka 100 h and dusra decimal ka 100 ….:)))

          7. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$


          8. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            1135*15/2 =1135*(10+5)/2 =8512.5~8510

          9. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            lengthy nhi h kuch basics yad rki jaaye to 1 liner hi h agr hme yh pta ho ki approximation k rules kya hote h and kha whole no. and kha same no.
            lena ho to within 1 mins ans aa jaayegaa..:))

          10. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            if u want to fast ur multiplication tactics use box type method and for that watch videos of multiplication in you tube…:)))

          11. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$


          12. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            option c que 6

          13. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            7^3 =343
            7 ^3 =343
            7^2*7 =343 *2 =686(tens digit ka square * one digit)
            7^2*7 =343*2 =686 (tens digit *1s digit ka square)
            now ones digit as it is =3
            now 686+343+34 =1063 (3) taken other terms carry forward
            then 686+343+106=1135 (5) taken other terms cary forward
            now finally 343+113 =456
            now finally write the whole term serially =456533 ~456500
            so option 3

          14. _/_

            aaj mam ki quiz ho rhi kya link de do

          15. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            yess ho rhi hed Link: https://disqus.com/home/dis
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  7. Diya

    Condescending: He tends to adopt a condescending manner when talking to young women.

    A) polite

    B) aggressive

    C) haughty

    D) appreciating

    E) None of these.

    anyone please tell me the meaning of

    1. Bubli

      humble, gracious

    2. Bubli

      ans is a polite

    3. Diya

      please anyone explain it

  8. Vikash

    quiz karao chasmis

    1. @chasmish_/_

      9 pm banking

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        Sorry!!, missed quiz.
        Gd n8t beautiful girl

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          6. K!nG Iz B!nG

            regular quiz krti rho az se enough h,,,,
            koi bi 3 subj ko target bna lo,,,,means xam kitna bi tough ho,,,tmhe ana chahiye,,,jo scoring subj h tmhara ,,uspe jyda focus kro,,,
            Bs regulart rho,,or kch nhi,,,doubts k liye
            @ambika mam h yha,,,,
            and no need to wry,,abi tym h,,so lg jao,,,

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      maestro,,,,,31st july tk sbka ho jyga

  13. ครђ

    10 baje jise Gusto sir ki Eng quiz karni ho …Aajana 🙂

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  15. jyotika

    lets strt vocab quiz
    only 10 words

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      box used for storage

  20. Paapa Ka Para

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  21. jyotika

    coffers -box,hand

  22. jyotika


    1. Diya

      treat with unrespectful manner

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  24. Diya

    coffers means?

    1. Felicity

      box. .. …

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  27. _/_

    Q13. An empty fuel tank of a car was filled with A type petrol. When the tank was half-empty, it was filled with B type petrol. Again when the tank was half-empty, it was filled with A type petrol. When the tank was half-empty again, it was filled with B type petrol. What is the percentage of A type petrol at present in the tank?
    (a) 32.5%
    (b) 37.5%
    (c) 38.5%
    (d) 40%
    (e) 35%

    1. Diya

      let capacity 100ltr
      A = 100 ltr
      When the tank was half-empty, it was filled with B type petrol
      A = 50
      Again when the tank was half-empty, it was filled with A type petrol
      When the tank was half-empty again, it was filled with B type petrol.
      B=22.5+50 = 72.5
      SO A = 37.5

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          2. nalini aspirant

            bro tht cat level site which u r gave to me …

          3. Divaker

            Which one I don’t remember there are many sites

          4. nalini aspirant

            u tell me some site names plzzz why because i hav to improve eng bro thts why plzzzzz which one best for eng

          5. Divaker

            Everything is best that you are reading and prepledder gmat

          6. nalini aspirant


          7. nalini aspirant

            i dont knw how to get eng quiz link plzzz help me bro…

          8. Divaker

            Work on reading skill and read daily grammar is the only way to make you perfect in English

          9. Divaker

            Download app and you can read there

    2. Divaker

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          1. Gusto

            mera 10pm lekin abhi mam ki quiz nhi to abhi kar lete hai

    3. PHOENIX

      As ur wish, sir

  32. Gusto

    ok lets start

  33. Gusto

    Vinoba Bhave was one of those Gandhians who did what he believed.

    A) did what he believes
    B) does what they believe
    C) did what they believed
    D) no improvement

    1. nalini aspirant


    2. Gusto

      DID WHAT THEY BELIEVED (option ‘C’).
      If ONE OF + NOUN is followed by a relative pronoun (WHO/WHICH/THAT), the verb and the pronouns after the relative pronoun is plural. So it will be THEY.

  34. _/_

    abhi to 9 bja hai

    1. Gusto

      han aaj jaldi kar lete hai

  35. Gusto

    The data shows that/the unemployment rate has/raised to 6.1 per cent/the highest in 5 years./NE

    1. Gusto

      Replace RAISE by RISEN in part ‘C’.
      RAISE is a transitive verb and therefore must follow an object. But RISE is an intransitive verb and therefore does not require an object. Hence third form of the verb RISE will be used here

  36. Paapa Ka Para

    Ravi purchased two articles for ₹ 1,500 each. He sold them, gaining 6% on one and losing 4% on the other. His gain/loss percent in the whole transactio
    isme x+y+xy/100 wala formula q applicable nhi ho rha?

      1. Paapa Ka Para

        dekho kr k

    1. yuvi

      wo same lose or same gain pe hota hai na?

        1. Divaker

          answer Kita AA RHA h

          1. Paapa Ka Para

            1% prf

          2. Divaker

            Us seeto 1.76 aa raha hn

          3. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

            CP 1 = Rs 1500 and profit = 6%
            SP 1 =1590
            CP 2 = 1500 and loss = 4%
            SP 2 =1440
            Total cost price =3000
            Total selling price=3030

    2. @chasmish_/_

      x y ni use ho pa rha
      ansr 1% profit

  37. Gusto

    There is no enmity between ——– and ——–.

    A) he, I
    B) him, me
    C) he, me
    D) him, I

    1. nalini aspirant


    2. Gusto

      HIM, ME (option ‘B’).
      BETWEEN is a preposition; and after a preposition objective form of a pronoun is used.

  38. @chasmish_/_

    _______ banking system provides a wide variety of financial services including commercial and investment services.

    1. nalini aspirant


    2. _/_

      tum baad me krna aaj

      1. @chasmish_/_

        bich bich me ye bhi

        1. _/_

          yaar mix kuch smj na aata

    3. @chasmish_/_

      A universal bank is a financial service conglomerate combining retail, wholesale and investment banking services under one roof and reaping synergies between them.
      Answer: D

    4. Divaker

      Hi chasmish post karo ar

  39. Gusto

    I refreshed myself with a cup of tea.

    A) was refreshed
    B) was refreshing
    C) refresh
    D) no improvement

    1. nalini aspirant


    2. Gusto

      No improvement. ..
      REFRESH YOURSELF = to make oneself feel less tired.

      1. yuvi

        bt ye daily ka routine h n..to past kyu hoga?

        1. Gusto

          sentence se daily routine nhi lag rha hai .. maine ek cup tea ke khud ko refresh kiya .. ye daily routine nhi hua

          1. Divaker

            Refershed to hoga na it’s not a universal pharse???

  40. Gusto

    It is better/to keep one’s head in the face of danger than/losing one’s courage./NE

    1. Gusto

      Replace LOSING by ‘TO LOSE’ in part ‘C’. ..
      In comparison the words or phrases must be of the same kind. At first it’s ‘TO KEEP’ (infinitive), so it should be infinitive after THAN also. In the sentence it’s gerund (verb+ing). We cannot use gerund with IT IS BETTER as the construction IT+BE+ADJECTIVE takes infinitive.

  41. Gusto

    Many people reported ——– a noise in the night.

    A) to hear
    B) having heard
    C) to have heard
    D) been hearing

    1. Gusto

      TO HAVE HEARD (option ‘C’).
      If the action of the infinitive happens before the time of the main verb (here REPORTED), we use perfect infinitive (TO + HAVE + IIIrd VERB); not the simple infinitive (TO + Ist VERB)

  42. _/_

    gusto ye qs ho gye hai
    diff post kro

    1. Gusto

      sabhi nhi heye the

  43. Divaker

    Kar lo if you want to

    1. Divaker

      Than I said you should have to

    2. Divaker

      There are many books after your name what does it mean??

  44. @chasmish_/_

    The Concept of ‘Universal Banking’ was implemented in India on the recommendations of:
    Abid Hussai Committee
    R H Khan Committee
    S Padmanabhan Committee
    YH Malegam Committee
    R Gandi Committee

    1. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: B

  45. paakhi

    y site is nt working properly

      1. paakhi

        for last 2-3 days?

        1. PHOENIX

          Maintenance going on.. will be fine asap…. mam said

  46. Gusto

    He is the best singer ——– was awarded by the Prime minister.

    A) which
    B) who
    C) whose
    D) that

    1. Gusto

      THAT (option ‘D’).
      Superlative degree always takes THAT; not WHO.

  47. Gusto

    Since I am not new to Mumbai you must not have come to the railway station to receive me.

    A) should not have
    B) need not have
    C) ought not have to
    D) no improvement

    1. Gusto

      NEED NOT HAVE (option ‘B’).
      To express an unnecessary action which was nevertheless performed we use the structure NEEDN’T + HAVE+ VERB-3; e.g.

      **I needn’t have written to him because he phoned me shorty afterwards.
      **You needn’t have brought your umbrella for we are going by car.

  48. @chasmish_/_

    sb bol rhe bad me krao 😀

    1. @chasmish_/_

      de dia

  49. Gusto

    Judge in him//prevailed upon the father//and he sentenced his son to death.//NE

    1. Gusto

      Replace JUDGE by THE JUDGE in part ‘A’.
      as we use the article THE before a common noun to give it the meaning of an abstract noun; e.g.

      **At last THE WARRIOR in him was thoroughly aroused. (WARRIOR is a common noun; means every person who takes part in a war. But here it’s used as an abstract noun; which means WARLIKE or MARTIAL SPIRIT)
      **JUDGE is a common noun which needs the article THE likewise; means the qualities that a judge should have.

  50. @chasmish_/_

    Which among the following is the first universal bank of India?
    Axis Bank
    ICICI Bank
    HDFC Bank
    Federal Bank
    Syndicate Bank

    1. @chasmish_/_

      ICICI is the first Universal Bank in India.
      Answer: B

  51. Gusto

    He has resigned himself ——– fate.

    A) in
    B) into
    C) for
    D) to

    1. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)


    2. Gusto

      TO (option ‘D’).
      RESIGN YOURSELF TO STH = to accept sth unpleasant that cannot be changed or avoided. Note this: SHE RESIGNED HERSELF TO HER FATE

  52. @chasmish_/_

    Which of the following Banks is not the Universal Bank?
    BNP Paribas
    Deutsche Bank
    ING Bank
    All are Universal Banks

    1. _/_

      m not reading this time
      at last wiil post ek sath sb

    2. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: E

  53. Gusto

    Now I must beg leave from you.

    A) beg your leave
    B) beg of your leave
    C) beg off your leave
    D) no improvement

    1. Gusto

      Here we are confused with I BEG YOUR PARDON; it’s an idiom, which is used to tell somebody that you are sorry for something you have said or done; e.g.

      **I beg your pardon, I thought that was my coat.
      NOTE: I MUST BEG LEAVE OF YOU is equally correct.

  54. @chasmish_/_

    Under which Act Universal banks are governed?
    Reserve bank of India Act , 1934
    Banking Regulation Act, 1949
    Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
    Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007
    All of the above governs the Bank

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: E

  55. @chasmish_/_

    What does F stands for in NOFHC?

    1. vidya

      non operative financial holding company

    2. @chasmish_/_

      NOFHC : Non-Operative Financial Holding Company. Non-Operative Financial Holding Company (NOFHC) means a non-deposit taking NBFC which holds the shares of a banking company and the shares of all other financial services companies in its group, whether regulated by Reserve Bank or by any other financial regulator, to the extent permissible under the applicable regulatory prescriptions.
      Answer: B

  56. Gusto

    Mrs Doral would never//spend a quiet evening//than attending a party.//NE

    1. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)


    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    3. Gusto

      Replace THAN by BUT in part ‘C’.
      THAN is used in comparisons, here we need a contrasting word. Though EXCEPT is also a contrasting word but it’s not followed by a gerund (verb+ing). Hence BUT is correct.

  57. Gusto

    Bread is usually made ——– wheat.

    A) of
    B) from
    C) with
    D) by

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. Gusto

      FROM (option ‘B’).
      The word OF is used when the form of the thing in the object remains the same (physical change); as THIS TABLE IS MADE OF WOOD. Here the object is WOOD, but when it was formed in a table the form of wood does not change; it remains wood still. The word FROM is used when there is change of form (chemical change), as CURD IS MADE FROM MILK.

  58. @chasmish_/_

    RBI released On tap licensing on Universal Banks in the private sector on 2016. As per these guidelines the validity of the in- principal approval issue for these banks will be _______.
    6 months
    12 months
    18 months
    24 months
    There is no such validity period

    1. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: C

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


  59. @chasmish_/_

    The initial minimum paid-up voting equity capital required to get an On tap Universal Bank license is Rs _______.
    100 cr
    500 cr
    1000 cr
    750 cr
    75 cr

    1. @chasmish_/_

      The initial minimum paid-up voting equity capital required is Rs 500 crore.
      Answer: B

  60. Gusto

    Your success for hard work depends on your ability.

    A) Your success depends on your ability to working hard.
    B) Your success depends on your ability to work hard.
    C) Your success depends on your ability to hard work.
    D) no improvement

    1. Gusto

      Option ‘B’.
      You must note that the SUCCESS depends; not the SUCCESS FOR HARD WORK. When ABILITY is following an action word it’s TO+INFINITIVE (not GERUND). Option ‘C’ is incorrect as HARD as an adverb comes after the verb/infinitive, not before.

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


  61. @chasmish_/_

    The NBFCs controlled by residents having a successful track record for at least _______ years are eligible to apply for an On tap license.

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: D

  62. Gusto

    You could be better off these days//and this enables you/to have little more fun.//NE

      1. _/_

        add the before little

    1. ครђ

      cccc a little

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      A little-C

    3. Gusto

      Replace LITTLE by A LITTLE in part ‘C’.
      LITTLE without ‘A’ is a negative word, but here we want something positive; so A LITTLE is correct.

      BETTER OFF = In a more favorable position or financial circumstances; e.g.

      **They were better off flying than driving there.
      Opposite of BETTER OFF = WORSE OF

  63. Gusto

    After initial setback, all ——– programmes were successful due to the initiative of the new dynamic team.

    A) consequent B) subsequently C) consequently D) subsequent

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. Gusto

      SUBSEQUENT (option ‘D’).
      SUBSEQUENT = happening or coming after something else.
      CONSEQUENT = happening as a result.

  64. Gusto

    Poets often use archaic words that are no longer in use for the sake of greater effect.

    A) that are not any longer used
    B) that are used no longer
    C) that no longer are used
    D) no improvement

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      C) that no longer are used

    2. Gusto

      THAT NO LONGER ARE USED (option ‘C’).
      NO LONGER precedes the verb and ANY LONGER follows it. The given sentence needs improvement as NO LONGER is following the verb i.e. ARE.

  65. @chasmish_/_

    The On tap Universal Banks shall get its shares listed on the stock exchanges within _______ from the date of the commencement of business by the bank.
    2 years
    3 years
    4 years
    5 years
    6 years

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      5 years

    2. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: E

      1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

        are you sure?

  66. Gusto

    He denied//to have//been there.//NE

    1. PHOENIX

      Bbbb having

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    3. Gusto

      Replace ‘TO HAVE’ by HAVING in part ‘B’.
      The verb DENY can take either a noun or the gerund (verb+ing). That gerund could be the simple gerund (verb+ing) or the perfect gerund (Having+IIIrd verb). It can take a THAT -clause also; e.g.

      **The spokesman refused either to confirm or deny the reports. (REPORTS is a noun.)
      **She denied all knowledge of the incident. (KNOWLEDGE is a noun.)

  67. @chasmish_/_

    As per RBI guidelines on Universal Banking the promoters and the promoter group shall hold a minimum of _______ of the paid-up voting equity capital of the bank.

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. @chasmish_/_

      Answer: C

  68. Gusto

    He seemed most amenable ——– my idea.

    A) with
    B) to
    C) for
    D) towards

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


      1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

        its TO /my mistakeoption B

    2. Gusto

      TO (option ‘B’).
      AMENABLE is followed by TO, not WITH or FOR or any other preposition.

  69. _/_

    gn guys
    all qs r going wrong
    need rest

    1. PHOENIX

      This isn’t done…. stick to the one that is troubling you…. learn & improve ?

  70. @chasmish_/_

    The promoters and the promoter group’s paid-up voting equity capital on the Universal Bank will be locked in for a period of _______ years from the date of commencement of business of the bank.
    2 years
    3 years
    4 years
    5 years
    6 years

    1. @chasmish_/_

      The promoters and the promoter group shall hold a minimum of 40% of the paid-up voting equity capital of the bank which shall be locked in for a period of five years from the date of commencement of business of the bank.
      Answer: D

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      6 years

  71. Gusto

    We must have serious reading for the mind as we need wholesome and nutritious food for the body.

    A) like we need
    B) like as we need
    C) just as we need
    D) no improvement

    1. Gusto

      JUST AS WE NEED (Option ‘C’).
      This is a case of comparison. LIKE is used only with nouns, pronouns or gerunds, means when they are not followed by a verb. And AS is used when there is a verb. Therefore options ‘A’ and ‘B’ both are incorrect.

  72. @chasmish_/_

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    no network

    1. Gusto

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  73. Gusto

    A girl or a boy who doesn’t strive//to gain his or her objectives,//is bound to fail.//NE

    1. Gusto

      NO ERROR.
      When two singular subjects joined by OR are followed by a relative pronoun (here WHO), the verb is singular. So DOESN’T STRIVE is correct. HIS OR HER is a correct expression in whatever order the subjects are; HER OR HIS is wrong.

    2. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      No error

  74. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


      1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

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          2. PHOENIX

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          3. Gusto

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  75. Gusto

    Pythons have horny claw-like spurs, which are present ——– either side of the anus.

    A) on
    B) in
    C) onto
    D) at

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. Gusto

      ON (option ‘A’).
      Here we are talking the SIDES of the ANUS, not the ANUS itself. Any side of a thing is a surface, and therefore two-dimensional, so ON is correct.

  76. Gusto

    If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before bed time.

    A) Had the room been brighter
    B) If the room will have been brighter
    C) If the room would have been brighter
    D) no improvement

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      D) no improvement

      1. _/_

        ys u r ryt but aaa option is also correct

        1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

          if the statement is already correct then no need to choose other options

    2. Gusto

      NO IMPROVEMENT. Though option ‘A’ ‘Had the room been brighter’ is also correct, in a question on sentence improvement if the given sentence is already flawless we do not consider the answer options even if any of the them also fits well.

      NOTE: IF the helping verb in a conditional IF-CLAUSE is SHOULD, BE, or HAD, we can leave out IF and put that helping verb at the start of the clause.

  77. Gusto

    The deadline was nearby, so Mrs Sweth had her students ——– their essay.

    A) complete
    B) to complete
    C) completing
    D) completed

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

      A) complete

    2. Gusto

      COMPLETE (option ‘A’). When the structure is like HAVE+OBJECT (here HAD+HER STUDENTS); HAVE is a main verb and not a helping herb and the third form of the verb is not always necessary like it always happens when HAVE is a helping verb; and this structure is used when we mean TO GET A WORK DONE/COMPLETED.
      NOTE: HAVE + OBJECT + VERB (ing) is also possible but then the meaning is entirely different.

  78. Gusto

    She doesn’t//have//any friend.//NE

      1. _/_

        in negtive sentnces we cant use any

        1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™

          She does not have a friend

    1. ??????????||ꀸΞ౮ɿՆɿς||√乇刀り乇イイム™


    2. PHOENIX

      Cccc any always follows plural

    3. Gusto

      Either replace ANY by ‘A’ or FRIEND by FRIENDS in part ‘C’.
      SOME and ANY (=a certain number or amount) are used with or instead of plural or uncountable noun; e.g.

      **Have a biscuit. OR Have some biscuits.
      NOTE: Both of these words can be used with singular countable nouns also, then the meaning is different.

      SOME then means ‘AN unspecified or unknown; e.g.
      **Some idiot parked his car outside my garage.

      Any then means ‘PRACTICALLY EVERY’, or ‘NO PARTICULAR’; e.g.
      **Any book about riding will tell you how to saddle a horse.

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  81. Diya

    A is thrice as good a workman as B and therefore able to finish a job in
    48 days less than B working together ,they can do it in how many days
    together ?

    A) 13 days

    B) 15 days

    C) 18 days

    D) 12 days

    E) 116 days
    @$~@disqus_0OrBOABGUE:disqus sir please give the short trick for this

    1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

      okk wait..:)

      1. Diya

        but ans toh 18 show kar raha hai

        1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

          18 tb aayega jb a jo h sirf b se 48 days less lega and 12 ans hoga tb jab a jo h 48 days less lega working togater with b means a+b sw 48 days less mene ans 18 hi kiya h aap refresh kriye page ko then dekiye..:)

          1. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

            question mn b k baad togather with likha h to sense a+b ka bn rha h isly mne kha ki togather with wha se eliminate hona chaiye and sirf last mn togather with hona chaiye then 18 ans h definately otherwise jis prakar ka sense question se aa rha usse to 12 hi sahi ans h…:)

    2. $~$PrAdeEP$K$~$~$

      3—————–1===(eff ratio)
      1—————–3-==(time ratio)
      nw 2 ratio =48
      =>1 ratio =24 =a & 3ratio =72 =b
      lcm=72 =>a =3 and b=1
      =>4(a+b)=72 =>a+b =18days
      actually working togather should be removed after b as it creats a diffrent sence of question…

        1. Jellyfish

          1/72+1/24=1/18=18 days

    3. Diya

      @dhananjaysali:disqus give ur solution

      1. Jellyfish

        See below

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