Discussion Zone – 15 January 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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304 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 15 January 2017”

    1. Purvi

      gud eve mam 🙂


      gd evening maam

  1. The management is 1)/ not willing to 2)/ make no concession 3)/ to the employee’s demands. 4)/ No error 5)

    1. Preeti

      3, repace no with ‘any’?

    2. (3); substitute ‘any’ for ‘no’

  2. The company has launched 1)/ a creative marketing campaign 2)/ to reach for 3)/ its rural customers. 4)/ No error 5)


      their //44

      1. see the tone of sentence
        yahn company reach kar rahi hai OR we can say ki company ka naam to its sahi hai
        But if tone me aae ki company k owners kya lkar rahe hai etc to their aaega

    2. Purvi

      for me kuch gadbad hai

  3. After her retiring 1)/ she established many 2)/ institutions to train 3)/ underprivileged but talented children. 4)/ No error 5)

    1. Preeti

      ya retirement?

    2. (1); replace ‘retirement’ with ‘retiring’

  4. Against his family’s wishes 1)/ Rajesh plans to 2)/ take up a job 3)/ as a journalist. 4)/ No error 5)


      11 // family wishes


      maam answer??

  5. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Cost price of two laptops is same. One of the laptops is sold at a profit of 15% and the Selling Price of another one laptop is Rs. 3400 more than the first one. The net profit is 20%. What is the Cost Price of Each

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Hn solution do

    1. Total CP = x + x
      SP1 = 115/100 * x
      SP2 = 3400 + 115/100 * x
      Total SP = 3400 + 2 * 115/100 * x
      Total CP = x + x
      Net profit = 20%
      now find x

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Got it…thank u mam

      2. Preeti

        mam…. 10% of x= 3400

        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          Hn ye method kese hoga??

          1. Preeti

            total profit= 20%, one is 15 tho second 5% hoga
            diff. in profit %= 10% and ts 10% is equal to 3400

          2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Thank u thank u…..

          3. Preeti

            jug jug jiyo;;

  6. The candidate has appealed 1)/ donations from younger voters. 2)/ who will be used 3)/ to defray campaign expenses. 4)/ No error 5)


      appealed for

    2. (3); substitute ‘which’ for ‘who’

  7. 1) The third season of / 2) the popular television show will ends/ 3) on a grand note with / 4) celebrities dancing and having fun / 5) No error.

      1. ek TV show ki bat ki gai hai

        1. Preeti

          tbi tho singular lgaya h shows

          1. no , TV show together is a noun here. show is not verb here

    1. Purvi

      on a me kuch gadbad hai

        1. Purvi

          on a grand note ka mtlb kya hoga


      the celebrities

    3. (2); Replace ‘ends’ with ‘end’.

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Why end??

        1. simple future tense is used
          so will end NOT will ends

  8. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Mam ek time table bana dijiye..let aj eng ..kal math .thn reas…..it will be helpful for us.

    1. ok sure
      tell me for tomorrow ?

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Yes mam…

      2. Purvi

        and mam chapter wise

        1. ok, tell for tommorow then

        2. Preeti

          purvi mam, syd chapter wise boaring ho jayega

          1. Purvi

            but comp, maths me helpful rahega ithink

    2. Preeti

      nd computer bi

  9. 1) The website which does not / 2) accept advertisements and is funded / 3) entirely by donations, describes itself / 4) as fifth most popular website on the planet / 5) No error.


      as the fifth

  10. 1) As sharing crime- statistics for / 2) the year 2011, the Commissioner admitted that / 3) there had been an undue delay in / 4) the setting up of an anti- narcotics cell. / 5) No error.

      1. an undue is correct
        see the sound of undue
        sound of A.

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      a undue

      1. an undue is correct
        see the sound of undue
        sound of A


      maam answer

  11. Purvi

    frnds mam quiz karati hain uske baad apan sab bhi to quiz kar sakte hain na
    ek tim decide karke

    1. yes u all can
      decide a time after my quiz or any time in a day

    2. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      yes it will be better for our preparation..


      english aur computer sabse jada needful hai … aur computer chapterwise jaruri hai

  12. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    The marked price of an article is increased by 25 percent and the selling price is increased by 16.66 percent,then the amount of profit doubles .If original marked price be rupess 400 which is greater than the corresponding cost price by 33.33 percent,what is the increased selling price.

    1. ~PK~


  13. 1) The moon may be the best place / 2) to look for aliens as there / 3) footprints on their surface would / 4) last far longer than radio signals 5) No error.

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      On its surface


      their//22 and its//33

    3. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    4. (3); Replace ‘their’ with ‘its’.

  14. 1) The company aims / 2) to nearly double / 3) its revenues on the back / 4) of a strongest product pipeline / 5) No error.

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          tab the strongest hoga//44

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Aims at

    2. Purvi

      the strongest

    3. (4); Replace ‘Strongest’ with ‘Strong’.

    4. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      we dont need seprlative degree

        1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

          ty ma’am

        1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

          V,gd EVNg purvi:)

  15. The current economic scenario (1) / could possibly undo (2) / the growth that followed (3) / the economic liberalisation of 1991. (4) / No error (5)

    1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      that HAD followed

    2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      coz 1991 libration follow kar rha

  16. The Minister will have (1) / a tough task on his hands (2) / where three different recommendations (3) / for this year’s rate reach his desk. (4) / No error (5)

    1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


    2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      WHEN …-at during the time

      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        whn used for time

        1. ~PK~


          1. with plural, s/es is not used

          2. a recommendation reaches
            3 recommendations reach

  17. Rose growers in (1) / the city are waking up (2) / to the benefits (3) / of collective action. (4) / No error (5)

    1. ~PK~


    2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


      coz we are talkihn about specific one
      the rose growers in

      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)



      22// waked up

      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        presnt continuous
        not perfect

      1. ~PK~


        1. There are 2 phrases:
          for the benefit of: it is used when someone actually wants to help and teh other person actually got benefitted.
          to the benefit of: it is used when there may not be actual intention to benefit.

          to the benefits is also correct here
          here we do not know the actual intention of the rose growers that they actually wanted to benefit or just intended to benefit
          So we cannot choose this as error

          1. ~PK~

            KK TY MAM 🙂

  18. The woman that had (1) / kidnapped a child has now (2) / been apprehended and is being (3) / held in the city’s jail. (4) / No error (5)

    1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      been apprehended and is

      1. Purvi

        woman that have q hoga

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            bola hai na

            hogi ye nhi bola
            allready ho chuka hai


      11// who

      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        that used for breaking the sentnce
        who ..nhi kar sakte coz allready THE womn bola

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            bbye purvi 🙂
            iam going

          2. KALYAN ADHYA

            bye maam

          3. Purvi

            thanku mam
            and mam plz roj aaya karo yaha

          4. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            eng quiz time?:P

          5. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            okk dear
            i ll’ try 🙂
            and if u hve any doubt thn post me ..
            i ll’ be provide a explantory ans for u

          6. FUKU OOTOKO

            meko b:)

          7. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


          8. FUKU OOTOKO

            🙂 thanku ji:)

          9. Purvi

            ok mam
            thanku 🙂

          10. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

            tum daily ek fixed time batao..pls pls plssss

          11. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            mai nai karti ab

          12. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

            eng quiz karao daily plsssss

          13. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            bahut busyschedule hai mera

            sirf evng k baad kabhi
            aati hu just for time paas ….and clearing doubt of posted one 🙁

          14. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

            ok dear thnk u bt if u can week me 1-2 days time de sakhte ho den pls try fr us..

          15. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Tumhari pas notes hai sab rules (english ka)

          16. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            nahi jaga nhi hai ……..
            hota to pehle hi post kar deti
            maine apne banking pretn time me ..sari sites me posted rules padhe the and 3 ya 4 books bhi
            and after job i alwys came in eng quiz ..fi cahhe kuch quetsn kyun na ru
            just for practice.
            thats why ..sab yaad rehte

          17. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            U r in which bank?

          18. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            nabard officer(Chartd accountant)

          19. FUKU OOTOKO

            muje b banna h:)

          20. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            __/ __ u ca ho .?????

          21. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            whn persuing for ca
            at the same time i was preparng for banking exam ….COz i wanted to becm PO

            and after many failure
            got pnb clrk
            but left for PO
            and one day my drem come true :Pselctd in BOB po
            but before i got dis news …got some otr one about my ca ..final clrd :)and aftr clrng interview and exam i was selectd in nabard 🙂

          22. FUKU OOTOKO

            🙂 good

          23. Mysterious !

            Hello mam 😛

          24. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            hey 😛

          25. Mysterious !

            Looking gorgeous touch wood 😛

          26. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            awwwwwww cho swt of you 🙂 ty
            and your personality alwys mesmarising me <3
            thats means a lot in our gesture……..hehe looks does not matter :/lol

          27. Mysterious !

            Hehe <3
            same thinking 🙂

          28. FUKU OOTOKO

            bus karo dono jaha jagha mili aur sure ho jate ho dono 🙂 ufff ye girls ke baate kabhi nai khtam hoti hahah by didu’s good night 🙂

          29. Mysterious !

            Bbye m also going 🙂

          30. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            mai almost 15-16 xam mai fail ho chuka hun..kuch nahhi ho raha hai… 🙁 ..

            ur success secret…??

          31. Mysterious !

            Never give up !

          32. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            se start kiya tha
            rrb +lic+oicl +ibps sab me fail2014

            clrd clk/…
            sbi po faild
            lic fld
            oicl fld
            CLRD po …interview NOT clrd

            3rd time po me slection huaa..finally

            han but result aata tha (FAIL )likha huaa
            sab ro rahe hote the ..mai result dekhte hi rote rote padhna start gusse me 🙁

            and CA maine 10 se hi join kar liya tha ..so clrd ho gya 🙂
            SO Never give up
            i knw …tough hai khud ko sambhalna
            BAS EK CHEEJ yaad RAKHO jo ek ya
            yrs barbad huye fail hoke …AGAR AB skip karoge to ..LOG or tumhara maan yhi kahega KYA KIYA yrs
            (JABKI HUM JANTE HAI din raat ek karke padha tha ..so dont waste our hardwork ..just bcoz failures)

            jab tak clr na ho yhi sonch k khus karo khud ko yaar yrs mehnt ki hai maine or ek year

          33. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

            great dear..

        1. FUKU OOTOKO

          welcome ji

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            ab ja rhi

          2. FUKU OOTOKO

            hehhehee bye didu:)

    3. (3)
      and will not be used

      been apprehended is being


      ok mam ji

  19. The Company aims (1) / to nearly double (2) / its revenues on the back (3) / of a strongest product pipeline. (4) / No error (5)

    1. Mysterious !

      Of “the” strongest

        1. Mysterious !

          Hello 🙂

          1. FUKU OOTOKO

            hii didu:) aur kon kon se site ka name chipya h mujse fata fat sab reveil kar do inbox me:) nai apki bike meri:)

          2. Mysterious !

            First tym i came at this pltfrm dear jst i sw the link smwhr n open this 🙂

          3. FUKU OOTOKO

            same here sis 🙂 m just kidding:)

        1. Purvi

          its ok mam 🙂

    2. (4) of strong product pipeline.

  20. The judge advised the government to (1) / have metered autorickshaws across the state while (2) / recounting his personal experience where an auto- rickshaw driver (3)/ made him to wait and also demanded Rs. 100. (4) / No error (5)

    1. Purvi

      33 recollecting

      1. recount is also correct
        it means telling someone an experience

    2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

      whn u r solving any error just see 7 point
      read all topic very well………….
      1-subject VERBS agreement
      2-prepostnl error,adverbial ,,
      4-noun /pronoun
      8-:P padhne me sahi lag rha ki nhi ..(but pls ye exceptional rule hai )

      made him wait

      1. FUKU OOTOKO

        ok thanku ji:)

        1. Purvi

          gud eve mam 🙂

          1. Mysterious !

            Vry good evng ma’am 🙂

        2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

          achha yahn bhi block karte hai kya?:Pchit chat se

          1. Mysterious !

            Pta noi dear i came first tym here 🙂

          2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            mee too 🙂

          3. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


          4. ~PK~



        thank you maam

    3. Mysterious !

      Made him wait

    4. (4) ‘to’ will not be used
      made him wait

  21. Purvi

    thanku mam
    gud night frnds 🙂

    1. gd nt 🙂

      tomorrow computer n math ?

          1. FUKU OOTOKO

            ok ji thanku 🙂


        gd nt maam… as u wish

  22. While technology plays a major role in the life of the modern man, the most important aspect becomes the ability to __________ technology and _________ the data from all social infrastructures to create useful information for the well-being of the society.
    l) integrate, combine
    2) accommodate, blend
    3) assimilate, merge
    4) conform, coalesce
    5) consolidate, mix

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


  23. Ok friends
    GD NT 🙂
    We will meet tomorrow at 8 PM 🙂
    Keep learning, keep coming 🙂


      thanku mam ji 🙂

          1. FUKU OOTOKO

            bus vais e he 🙂 mil gya

          2. ~PK~

            O-O SECRATE BTA DO :p

    2. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      gd nt mam :)))

    3. Mysterious !

      GN ma’am 🙂

    4. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      good night mam…

  24. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

    OMG O_O
    feature kisne kiya
    maine spell error kitna kiya 😛
    pehle batana tha na 😛
    theek likhti hahaha

    1. ~PK~


      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        otey 😛

        1. ~PK~


    2. its ok
      people will understand 🙂

      1. Mysterious !

        Aap ac vale mam ho kya??

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            ohhh aap shubraaaaa ma’am ho:))))))))))))))))))))))))
            how are you ma’am?

          2. yes :))
            I m good
            U tell ??

          3. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            iam also fine 🙂
            iam one of ur studnt (AC)

          4. Great 🙂
            congo for the job :))

          5. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            thank you thank you so much :))))))))
            iam so happy to see u again:)))))
            love you ma'am
            be happy always

          6. Mysterious !

            Feeling jealous mujhe noi bola kbhi 😛

          7. Mysterious !

            Ohh then it’ll be great :)i ‘ll try come dailly here for attending ur quiz 🙂
            U r not conducting at AC now??

          8. yes come for sure 🙂
            no not there now
            its my platform

          9. Mysterious !

            Ok thnx mam :)nice to meet yu again after long tym 🙂

          1. Mysterious !

            SSA 🙂

      2. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        i hope so 😛
        coz ,if i,am making mistk..how i blv that someone trust me …..iam showing his /her right path 😛
        thats why worrd

    3. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      give up to nahi karunga mai…mera to sab wese hi ho raha hai..sab 2-3 marks se katt jata hai..ok…i m weak in eng ..but abhi thoda improve ho raha hai… but eng mai kabhi confidence nahi ata ..so kya karna hoga ..batao..

      1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

        error k liye
        trust me
        aboveb mentd topic padh lo ……………………

        RC=koi seriously nhi leta ..but trust me .reading habit +vocabb playing a vital role
        cloze test=10 questn came ………atleast 2 based on prepo,tense (jo ki error wale topic se clr ho jayega )
        LAST 8..READING skill+smart choice(agr time na ho to just read questn and given option for marking as ans ..read atleast one or two..THN start reading passage ………U have bettr idea just finishing 1 para …about THm of passage

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          Ok jo b doubt hoga ..i will ping u..thank u very much.

        2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          Tum wo nayeli ho na jo sscadda pe cji bhai ka quiz attend kar ti thi aur bht jaldi ans de deti thi…??

          1. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)


          2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            mere ko janti ho na tum???

          3. nayeli/misty singh(mishu*)

            sscaada me aate the na aap?

          4. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Hn … 🙂

  25. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    good night..

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