Discussion Zone – 24 September 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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297 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 24 September 2017”

  1. ? Lovely (star) ???

    1st 🙂
    ge :))

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        ge 🙂

    1. $קгค๔єєק$


      1. ? Lovely (star) ???


    2. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

      Ge lovely ji:)

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        ge virat 🙂

    3. HOPE_2017™

      Uhuu 😛

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???


  2. ...........

    good evng to all frnds:)

    1. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ


  3. GE:)

    Today no quiz

    How was RRB Clerk exam ?

    Got to know that level was up on 23rd and 24th than last weekend.

    1. $קгค๔єєק$

      hiii mam..gud evng..:)

    2. arpita

      yes mam, it was somewhat

      found tricky puzzles, could do 62

      1. But 62 is not bad if done with accuracy

        1. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

          Ge mam:)

    3. HOPE_2017™

      GE mam :))

      1. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

        Ge sir …hows yr exam?

        1. HOPE_2017™

          GE sir sirr… its bad,already i told u 🙂

          wt abr urs??

          1. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

            Hainn assistant?
            Mine good:)

          2. HOPE_2017™

            haan assis only

            kk gud 🙂 ATB

    4. ? Lovely (star) ???

      yes mam some wat diff in coding decoding got time waste thre

      1. HOPE_2017™

        Urs today na???

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          no yesterday i done only 66 all

          1. HOPE_2017™

            Hmmm 😐

            i did only 59 🙁

          2. ? Lovely (star) ???

            u applied from karnataka?

          3. HOPE_2017™

            Na naaa

            u did na???

          4. ? Lovely (star) ???

            no yaar how come my dad sick dat time here only i done

          5. HOPE_2017™

            Hmmm dnt mind it buddyyy…. now a days everywhere having same competation na… Wrk hard here only,dnt think abt ktk anymore bcz everyone from AP appling for ktk only na,so same cutoff there also…

            btw Hwz ur father now??

          6. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya he is fine by the God grace now so im happy :))

          7. HOPE_2017™

            ok gud,nice to hear :))

          8. ? Lovely (star) ???

            actualy my dad always come with me where ever i applies but my dad got sick so i have no choice so applied here only

          9. HOPE_2017™

            so sad :||

          10. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya 🙁

      2. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

        Yesss but maime sare kiye

        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          kitene kiye apka atempt?
          ha mene bhikiye but 1sec is also imp here

          1. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ


          2. ? Lovely (star) ???

            wow superb

          3. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

            Heheh ty:)

          4. ? Lovely (star) ???


        1. ? Lovely (star) ???

          66 done mam

          1. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ty mam 🙂

          2. $קгค๔єєק$


          3. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ty but 70 obove would be good :/

          4. $קгค๔єєק$

            it depends on state and vacancies associated to that state sster…frm which state u gave sster??

          5. ? Lovely (star) ???

            i applied from ap bcoz i have to travel with my dad but u know my dad not well so i applied from ap 🙁

          6. $קгค๔єєק$

            yaaa sister i knw all that situation which u suffred …..atb sster……:))))

          7. ? Lovely (star) ???

            hmm i given my best rest left to God 🙂

          8. $קгค๔єєק$

            yess sister the part which is inour hand that shud b perfect rest god will see and look after..:))))

          9. ? Lovely (star) ???

            yes pradeep bro 🙂

          10. HOPE_2017™

            again we shld be well prepd for high cutoff this yr… !!!

          11. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya record tod cutoff im expecting this year:P

          12. HOPE_2017™

            hehhe yess,….

            feeling terror even to clear prlms 😀

          13. $קгค๔єєק$

            anxiety is the ryt word sir heheheheh

          14. HOPE_2017™

            heheh poor Telugu memdium student here 😛

            Btw Ty sir jiii :)))

          15. $קгค๔єєק$

            sirjeeee…u r taunting mee now hehehe i never meant to say that any sort of comparision btwen usss u and mee same sirrr terror v create in others mind but anxeity is created within ourselves which is very dangeorus as compared to terror thats wht i meant to say hehehe no comparison sir u r such a swt nd nyc guyyy…:))))

          16. HOPE_2017™

            are aree noo taunting at all…. :)))) i dnt have that thought in my mind…. 🙂

            And ty sir jiii 🙂

          17. ? Lovely (star) ???

            hmm try for po when urs ?

          18. HOPE_2017™


            7th itself… Urs???

          19. ? Lovely (star) ???

            8th mine

          20. HOPE_2017™


          21. HOPE_2017™

            Atb 🙂

          22. ? Lovely (star) ???

            same to u 🙂

          23. HOPE_2017™

            Tankuuu :))

      3. ครђ

        yaa dat was time consuming…pre level ki nahi to nei lagi wo 😀

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          heheheheheh..:)))) bura man gye honge meri bt kaaa hehe

        2. ? Lovely (star) ???

          wahi to mera waha thoda time waste hua varna last week mei tho dekhe hi hogaye the questions. realy not fare

          1. ครђ

            haan ji chaliye dekhte h kya hota hai …

          2. ? Lovely (star) ???


    5. ครђ

      Gdeve ma’am 🙂

      Done with 67.

        1. ครђ

          hope fir best bro 🙂

          1. HOPE_2017™

            yup 🙂

          2. ครђ

            Hope for best*

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        gud 🙂

  4. $קгค๔єєק$

    tataa bye byee guys c u later..:))

    1. HOPE_2017™

      TC sirrrr :))

      1. $קгค๔єєק$

        jii sirrr u toooo sirrr ..:)))

    2. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ

      Okay sir..:)

      1. $קгค๔єєק$

        jiiiiiii ..:)

    3. ครђ

      byeeee…tata cyyuu :))

      1. $קгค๔єєק$

        mee jaa hi rha tha sir tbi aap aa gye to scha thoda aur chit chat kr lu hehehe

        1. ครђ

          hehe so nice of u :))
          chaliye rest kariye ab ..miltey h baad me

          byeeee tc :))

  5. Hope all did well in RRB prelims. But if did not, do not lose hope. Life is all about experiments. Some years back, success for you was getting good marks in 12th class, then getting admission in a good university, then passing graduation, post-graduation. And now success for you is getting a job. Tomorrow it will be some other thing. Keep struggling until you get you next success. Never lose hope. :))

    1. $קгค๔єєק$

      results cant decide the potential mam hehhehe…:))))

    2. ? Lovely (star) ???

      yes mam 🙂

    3. ครђ

      thankyou mam :))

      1. $קгค๔єєק$

        sir late entry hehehehe…:))

        1. ครђ

          haan sogaya tha me aakar :p ab utha …haalat kharab hogayi travelling me sir..

          1. $קгค๔єєק$

            sirrr mee to pissed hu hahaha subah 5.30 bje nikala huu…..

          2. ครђ

            aapka b centre dur daaal diya tha kya ?

          3. $קгค๔єєק$

            naini mn tha sir bht dur h allahabad se ….subah bus bhi ni milti na isly phle hi nikalna pada..:)

          4. ครђ

            ohhh , me b 5:30 nikla subah tej baarish horei thi idher to :p

          5. $קгค๔єєק$

            same idhar bbb sirr..:))) meri body to pain kr rhi due to exertion,,:)

          6. ครђ

            haan rest kijiye thoda , fir theek lagega :))

    4. Ankit A

      please suggest some online(youtube) Banking English group/channel
      thank u mam

      1. I do not have idea, but here other people can help

        Ask them which ones they follow 🙂

  6. ? Lovely (star) ???

    ok bye gn friends:))
    stay blessed prepare well 🙂

    1. HOPE_2017™

      Gunniii 🙂

      wish u the same 🙂

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???


      2. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

        dj sir

    2. ครђ

      u too star 🙂 Gn

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???


    3. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

      gn mam

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        gn sir /

        1. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

          o-o me kis angle se sir

          1. ? Lovely (star) ???

            fir mei bhi kis angle se mam hu 😛

          2. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            ap har angle se ho 😛

          3. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ok fir ape bhi sir ho sirji 😛

          4. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            mereko sir bolna pap hai ji

          5. $קгค๔єєק$

            nitric acid bn gye h wooo ab he is no more nitrous oxide lolzz

          6. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya bro u r right 😛

          7. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            no he is left
            or lefty

          8. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ya dats wat u r expert in provng theromes 😛

          9. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~


          10. ? Lovely (star) ???


          11. $קгค๔єєק$

            yess sir i am lefty means khabbu hehhe..:))

          12. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~


          13. $קгค๔єєק$

            but i am saying abt the hand heheh

          14. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            she is aslo saying abt hand
            wese i dosent descriminate b/w my hand

          15. $קгค๔єєק$

            no need sirrrr….u do all that with ur brain so not needed hehehehe

          16. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            well also not discriminate with brain to

            i think u have to get some face pack as soon as possible

          17. $קгค๔єєק$

            hehehehe yess sirr try desi one named multaani mitti and apply and then have a old mans’s chair rest hahahah..:)

          18. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            i think if we chat in such a romantic way right here
            some one might attach toward u so be carefull

          19. $קгค๔єєק$

            naaaa naaa not all get attracted t such vague conversation going btween uss so u and me are safe frm intreaction

          20. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            i am safe bt i am nervous about u 😛
            and ur joint venture to

          21. $קгค๔єєק$

            sirrr u came to that point naa i knew that but more than my joint venture which frm ur eyes ..there r many more joint ventures created by u secretly via maid ids providing notes so and so still going secretly wht abt that comparing to that mine is neligible quantiy…

          22. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            i dosent ask abt someone of other id and said with other gave me id i will send
            and never i ask other to show other”s pic

          23. $קгค๔єєק$

            yaaa sirrr i had already seen that ……:) past month i saw all ur activites nowdays u changed naa but behind the senes never know hehhe

          24. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            ashu is asking abt ur miss 😛

          25. $קгค๔єєק$

            hehehhe i hav no miss insted i hav ssters sir… and ashu sir also knows very well hehheh

          26. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            he tell me all about chemistry physics b/w u and _______ if better u to ask him else ur secrate will revail here

          27. $קгค๔єєק$

            no pblm by the way i am eager to know that secrets which are not known by mee itself and it also prove that atleast i hav a tru fan so …i am ready….

          28. $קгค๔єєק$

            hehhehehe laughable hehhe

          29. $קгค๔єєק$

            sir any thing left if not send that also..:)))

          30. $קгค๔єєק$

            i never try such things sirr i am happy by what i am no need to hav any extra cosmetics hahha by the way u can apply that if u hav such love for that..:)

          31. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            it not merely an exam cosmetic
            just understand the dept of this thing

          32. $קгค๔єєק$

            na na sirr nver i hav positive vibes which is eneough for mee sir hehheheh…:))

          33. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            its one type of vibe enhancement technique

          34. $קгค๔єєק$

            not needed sirrr…….pure natural frm inside the body via inspirational queotes is the best one to tackle aNY typ of situations including exams this eneough hehhe so no place for outside things or alternatives..:)

          35. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            via inspirational queotes this contradicts your status 😛

          36. $קгค๔єєק$

            it is the torque needed to genrate the energy vibes as v all know by newtons 2nd law energy can nither b created nor destroyd it needs external feature to creat and destroy….essence frm body and trque frm inspirational quotes now i guess u get the point..:)

          37. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            sorry urs words aRE high level
            i know only about newton movie which selected for ocsar

          38. $קгค๔єєק$

            thn sirrr no need to push the head against wall leave it hehhe

          39. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            where is wall

          40. $קгค๔єєק$

            assume that

          41. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            assumption not allowed

          42. $קгค๔єєק$

            but in reasoning statements and assumptions are there so for that basic is to assume wht is not heheh

          43. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            means i can asuume anything about u also as per ur words right now

          44. $קгค๔єєק$

            yesss sirr u r free to assume anything abt mee whatever u want ….

          45. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            ta ta gnt
            romantic dreamzzz of #######(Ashu knows)
            dont miss me !!!1

          46. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            gnt dont miss me !!!!!

          47. $קгค๔єєק$

            sure sirrr girls will miss uuu take care of them hehhehehe

          48. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            kowns ?

          49. $קгค๔єєק$

            gud nyt sr..:))

          50. ? Lovely (star) ???

            dp dekhiye sir mei student hu ap sir ho 😛

          51. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            ultaa bol rhe aap mam
            main abhi bottle se milk peta hu and apki quiz kr krke bada hua hu

          52. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ap se nae jeet sakthi /

          53. ? Lovely (star) ???

            bcoz u r sir im student 😛

          54. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            ur name lovely hai na
            pehle l ata hai [phr p letter se si
            l ap badee
            bade == mam
            me chota — student

          55. ? Lovely (star) ???

            this is like therom u r proving any way that ur statement is true lol

          56. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            kk handzz up i surrender to my mam i.e u 😛

          57. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ok sir going now see u later tata gn 🙂

          58. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            kk now or later i will be chrismatic orator gnt /

          59. ? Lovely (star) ???

            gn sir:)

          60. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            mam :/

    4. $קгค๔єєק$

      gud nyt sster..:)) sds

      1. ? Lovely (star) ???

        gn bro 🙂

  7. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

    Hello I am new here

    1. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

      hi same mine second day hw r u

      1. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

        Fine bro –how are uu

        1. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

          same sir wellcome

          1. Mritunjay Bharadwaj


    2. $קгค๔єєק$

      bro…i think two days previously u comment was seen so not new then haha

      1. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

        But one girl mockery with me
        Saying not fighting it Means what
        For surety and finding genuine
        Candidate i write new

        1. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

          sir dont worry as every day is new day new hope so
          its fine gnt /

          1. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Yes bro —expectation pr
            Toh duniya tika hai

          2. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Sir how same question from uu

          3. $קгค๔єєק$

            sir aapk gupt bhogi hai naa isly unke paas aise questions ka ans h ….hairan mat hoiye aakir kaar same designations se ho to khyalat to mil hi skte h hhehe

          4. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Matalb plz don’t distract me
            Reply genuinely

          5. $קгค๔єєק$

            i am not distacting yuu i am saying that he has a perfect ans to such senerios bcz he handles such situation mostly which u mentioned abv u are asking abt the girl mockery pblm naa so its ans can be given by him only bcz he knows such situation well…got my point

          6. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Okkk Sir plz guide me about how
            To rock on in banking sector
            I am compute science engineering
            From lovely professional university
            I’m in between the what to

          7. $קгค๔єєק$

            sirrr i am an aspirant only still stuggling to find a place….so if u really want to rock in banking sector we hav two outstanding persons one is ambika mam she is born banker ….with execptionl talent and other one is our beloved mod shubra mam….i am too elex and comm engg and trying to match up the qualites of the above mentioned personalites…:)))

          8. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Struggling How many year

          9. $קгค๔єєק$

            nearly 1 year

        2. Ambiiii

          Are I was just kidding dear…Sorry if u found it rude

          1. $קгค๔єєק$

            oooo mam aap culprit thi kyaa hehhehee

          2. HOPE_2017™

            check ur inbox sir

          3. $קгค๔єєק$

            okkk my dear sirjeeee hehhe

          4. $קгค๔єєק$

            disqusss one???

          5. HOPE_2017™

            yes sir jiiiii

          6. $קгค๔єєק$

            jii sirrr..:))

          7. HOPE_2017™

            buddyyy :))))

          8. HOPE_2017™

            gud mrng:))

          9. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

            Struggling boys are telling uu
            Born banker —-help me where
            To start in banking if I have to
            Join coaching institute to
            Tackle basic thing in banking
            Study ki home study to crack
            Within months sorry for taking
            Your kidding seriously plz guide
            Me as enough as uu are
            I’m in between the lines

          10. Ambiiii

            Of course u are better than us i would say 🙂

            Study at home or join coaching whatever u find like ,,but main thing that will matter is ur dedication and practice so don’t waste much time and start it from now only , and as u said u r in between the lines so u must be preparing already that I am assuming,,,so follow 1-2 good sites and keep practicing some mocks and in case of any further help,, you can ask me anytime or our shubhra mam.

          11. $קгค๔єєק$

            mam ek bhakt aapse dua ki umeed kr rha h lolzzzz uspr b apna prakash daaliye hehehe..:)))

      2. Mritunjay Bharadwaj

        Plz guide me I am preparing for
        MBA Entrance –how lead in banking

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          thn belw is ur soln contact nitrous oxide for that he is an mba graduate

          1. Mritunjay Bharadwaj


    3. Deadpool :))

      hello welcome ji


    koi hai

      1. $קгค๔єєק$


          1. $קгค๔єєק$

            u scolded some1 mam hehhee????

          2. Ambiiii

            no bro he took me in negative way

          3. $קгค๔єєק$

            okkkk mam he is ur frnd?????

          4. Ambiiii

            no bro,he is new here


        Chapter RRB is finally over. I’m going to resume preparation for IBPS PO from tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.——-AMBUUU

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          ambuu ko spcl refrence heheheh…:))))

          1. MAYANK BHARADWAJ100%

            weight dooo dena na padega ——-one of mod of AZ

          2. $קгค๔єєק$

            mil gya aapko prasad then chadhawa chadake jaaiyegaa hehehe lolzzzz..:)))

        2. Ambiiii

          All the best dear :))


        kya baat hai sab thik na ——-

        1. Ambiiii

          yes all fine mayank 😉

    1. $קгค๔єєק$


    2. $קгค๔єєק$

      aap reminder bn k aaye ho bro???


        Chapter RRB is finally over. I’m going to resume preparation for IBPS PO from tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          ooooohhh ynottt bro wishing u best of the best luckk may god bless u showers of sweet luck to crk ibps by eneough marks..:))

          1. MAYANK BHARADWAJ100%

            haha aur sab uuu ka preparation running na

          2. $קгค๔єєק$

            yesss sir running endlessly jb tk job nhi milti hehehe..:)))

          3. MAYANK BHARADWAJ100%

            kya huua uuu ka india jita

          4. $קгค๔єєק$

            aur kyaaa kr di naa india ne aussie ki taisi 3-0 unaccessable lead..:)) now waiting for india to whitewash australia by 5-0

          5. MAYANK BHARADWAJ100%


          6. $קгค๔єєק$

            maxwell austalia ka shahid afridi h hehee

          7. MAYANK BHARADWAJ100%

            HAAN india clean sweap karega hiii

  9. bhanu

    The income of A, B and C are in the ratio of 7:9:12 and their expenditure are in the ratio 8:9:15. If A saves 1/4th of his income, then the saving of A, B and C are in the ratio of

    1. Gusto

      Ia = 7x …. Ea= 8y
      Sa = 7x- 8y = 1/4*7x
      27x/4 = 8y
      y = 21x/32
      Sb = 9x – 9y = 9x -9*21x/32 =99x/32
      Sc = 12x -15y = 12x – 15*21x/32 = 69x/32
      Sa :Sb :Sc = 7x/4 : 99x/32 : 69x/32 = 56:99:69

    2. $קгค๔єєק$

      hi bhanu mam…whts up????

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          mam… if u dont mind…ur actual name mam?????

          1. $קгค๔єєק$

            okkkzzz…hehee…10ks mam…:))

          2. ~~NITROUS ~OXIDE~~

            wow nice name

          3. $קгค๔єєק$

            pta tha ki aap apna comnt daal hi denge…lolzzz

          4. HOPE_2017™

            Ohhh hello “..” 😛

          5. bhanu

            sruthi ammu shreya
            any othr name u have?

    3. ᏉᎥᏒᏗᏖ


  10. $קгค๔єєק$

    gud nyt guysss…tataa stay blessed stay healthy..:)) sd ..:)

  11. Anyone having Federal bank exam today??

    1. $קгค๔єєק$

      let the total distance b/w a and b =x
      and time to reach at 8 pm = y
      => from 8 pm to 6 pm =y -2
      => frm 8 pm to 9 pm =y +1
      => x/(y-2) =25——(1)
      => x/(y+1) =15—–(2)
      from here y =6.5 h
      => x =112.5
      => avg spd =112.5/6.5 =17.30km/hr

        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          my plzr anytym and always

    2. Ambiiii

      Ratio of speed…………………………..5:3
      so ratio of time taken by both……….3:5

      1………….3 hr
      so 3…….4.5 hr and 5….7.5 hrs

      distance …4.5*25 = 122.5 km and new time required ….6.5 hrs so avg speed…112.5/6.5 = 17.30 km/hr

      1. bhanu

        nahi samaj me aya://

        1. Ambiiii

          when distance is same ratio of speed is reverse of time taken

        2. $קгค๔єєק$

          spd is inversely proportional to tym…..:)

        3. $קгค๔єєק$

          s =d/t now frm physics concept
          s(1)/s(2) =d(1)/d(2) *t(2)/t(1)
          frm here also u can easly undestand the inverse relation..choose any as ur easyness..:)

          1. bhanu

            that i got it here 3….4.5??
            this one i dnt get it

          2. $קгค๔єєק$

            see here 9 -6 =3
            now time ratio =3:5
            now 2 ratio =3 => 1 ratio =1.5
            so 3 ratio =1.5*3 =4.5
            and 5 ratio =5*1.5 =7.5
            now got the point mam..:)

          3. bhanu

            haaa perfectly got it

          4. $קгค๔єєק$

            hehee my plzr mam ..:)

          5. bhanu

            tq sirrr :))))))))))

          6. $קгค๔єєק$

            ji ji..:))))

  12. ADK

    There are eight planets in the solar system namely Percury,Menus,Parth,Jars,Lupiter,Katurn,Nuranus and Keptune. Five planets revolve around the sun in the clockwise direction and remaining three revolve in the anticlockwise direction.

    # No two planets revolving in the anti-clockwise direction are adjacent to each other.
    # Planets revolving in the clockwise direction are situated neither nearest to the sun nor farthest to the sun.
    # There is only one planet that is Menus between Percury and Lupiter. Percury revolves in the anticlockwise direction.
    # Jars is the nearest planet to the sun that revolves in the clockwise direction.
    # The third nearest planet and the sixth nearest planet to the sun revolves in the clockwise direction.
    # Nuranus is the 4th nearest planet to the sun and Katurn is the farthest planet to the sun.
    # Neither Keptune nor Perth is adjacent to Katurn.
    # There is only one planet between Keptune and Perth. Keptune revolves in anticlockwise direction.

    1. Ambiiii

      Keptune ( AC),,jars(C),,,Perth(C),,,,Nuranus (C),,,,percury(AC),,,,menus(C),,,,lupiter(C),,,,Katurn (AC)

      1. bhanu

        u r puzzleholic na
        but me puzzlephobia
        u grt

        1. Ambiiii

          Hahahaha,,Thankyou dear :))))

    2. $קгค๔єєק$


        1. $קгค๔єєק$

          bht phle hi kr lia tha sirr…but wt kr rha tha hmre reasoning guru kaa taki confirmation mil sake hehhe wse glt ho jaata h naa mera isly confirmation zruri h…hehe

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