Discussion Zone – 28 February 2017

Hello Aspirants This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. πŸ™‚

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  1. Aj bhi English Quiz karenge ??

    1. ronnie (honey)

      jo agya mam

        1. ronnie (honey)

          ge purvi ..

      1. SATISH

        ibps po result?

        1. ronnie (honey)

          mains out ho gaya tha ..urs?

          1. SATISH

            1 mark se out

          2. ronnie (honey)

            koi na ab out nhi honge

    2. Destiny : ultimate

      yes mam

  2. It is _____ of the ____ effects of the medication.
    1) most, unique
    2) more, real
    3) one, side
    4) made, best
    5) one, plight

  3. Ashwin wanted to ______ what it is really like and demonstrate that it is so much more than _____ felling a bit blue.
    1) true. time of
    2) pure, proper
    3) decent, strong
    4) to, rich
    5) just, bit

    1. Adorable Princess


  4. One of my most ________ childhood memories is being in bed late at night ______ watching to moon and even falling asleep while watching.
    1) satisfying, when
    2) unpleasant, although
    3) pleasurable, while
    4) sensual, time
    5) favourable, for

    1. ambi

      3) pleasurable, while

      1. purvi

        ge dear πŸ™‚

  5. Eventually I got my old and normal style back, although __________ I have converted _______ to boxing as a primary sport.
    1) latterly, above
    2) finally, at
    3) prior, on
    4) subsequently, over
    5) earlier, in

    1. ambi

      4) subsequently, over

      1. Gusto

        GE ambi πŸ™‚

  6. A university professor was ________ to death in Bangladesh on Saturday in an attack, the police said was similar to the recent ___________ of secular bloggers and activists.
    A. put together ,act
    B. trangulate, history
    C. unrig ,cases
    D. hacked ,killings
    E. extremely, preservations

  7. Kanhaiya Kumar on Sunday ______ that a man tried to __________ him on a Jet Airways plane.
    A. forfeited, loosen
    B. disclaimed, strangulate
    C. refuted, loosen
    D. claimed, strangulate
    E. waived, breathe

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Strangulate meanz


        ge madam πŸ™‚

        1. purvi

          but not madam

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            yup :)… magar acha nehi gaya … aap diye the??

          2. purvi

            kitne attempt kiye

          3. purvi

            atb for result

  8. The _______ star, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was found ________ in an elevator at the Paisley Park Studios complex where he lived in the suburb of Chanhassen.
    A. aggravate, susceptible
    B. vacillating, appreciative
    C. straitlaced, alacritous
    D. unpersuasive , responsive
    E. influential ,unresponsive

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. E. influential ,unresponsive

  9. It is_______ rare for top North Korean officials to give interviews to foreign media, and _______ with Western news organisations.

    A. consummately, collectively
    B. extremely, particularly
    C. transcendently, slightly
    D. abysmally, unwittingly
    E. preposterously, unwarily

    1. Adorable Princess


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Vocab hi tuff hai bhut

      1. yes
        Exams k liye ab vocab karni pdegi

    3. B. extremely, particularly

  10. The _______ of the Indian passport of Mr. Mallya comes a day after the MEA declared that it had begun the procedure of___________ to bring him to justice.

    A. engagement, anti-social
    B. license, deaf
    C. authorization, connotation
    D. revocation, consultation
    E. clearance, spontaneity

    1. D. revocation, consultation

  11. Few would dispute that universities are under threat today, though we may not agree on the nature of these threats. Recent events at Delhi’s Ramjas College are the latest in a series of intimidations, attacks and coercive measures faced by universities in India over several years. So it is worth noting that the incidents of February 21-22, because of their dramatic, open display of hostilities with party lines clearly defined, make for a somewhat reductive analysis of the larger crisis.
    This is not to abdicate the responsibility of taking a stand on those incidents, which seem to me a fascist attempt, on the part of a politically affiliated student body, to claim the β€˜nation’as its exclusive property, to prevent the free exchange of views among fellow citizens, and to use physical violence to muffle dissent. ______________________

    A) This is unsurprising, since all over India, central and state governments have made common cause in curtailing intellectual freedom and silencing opinions critical of state power.

    B) That a muffler was actually used in the near-strangulation of a Delhi University faculty member β€” a spokesperson for the role of the humanities in public life β€” appears in retrospect a chilling, almost uncanny, concretisation of metaphor.

    C) If this is the background, the foreground is the site of a vigorous territorial battle, fought partly by political cadre, partly by students, intellectuals and academics of all persuasions, for physical control of university spaces.

    1. ambi

      B) That a muffler was actually used in the near-strangulation of a Delhi University faculty member β€” a spokesperson for the role of the humanities in public life β€” appears in retrospect a chilling, almost uncanny, concretisation of metaphor.

    2. B) That a muffler was actually used in the near-strangulation of a Delhi University faculty member β€” a spokesperson for the role of the humanities in public life β€” appears in retrospect a chilling, almost uncanny, concretisation of metaphor.


    A) Satellite pictures reveal that crop burning in adjoining states is the major driver of the drastic drop in air quality in the national capital region.

    B) As people inhale pollution rather than air in the national capital region, it is time to revisit the sufficiency and efficacy of administrative mechanisms and pollution abatement interventions.

    C) Large-scale trash-burning across the city is another factor.

    D) While it is important to impress on people the need to drastically cut down on Diwali firecrackers, there is a need to move away from an approach that focuses on a single polluting source.

    E) Yet, the focus of the pre-Diwali anti-pollution drive was solely on firecrackers

    F) Firecrackers burst during Diwali tipped the scale.

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Ef Ka relation hai

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      First B hai


      na maam.. plzz explain

    4. Hemant ahuja?

      Da Ka bhi related hai

    5. Adorable Princess


  13. In a development that has huge symbolism for North Africa and the Arab world, the way Morocco has handled the death of a fish-seller in the northern city of Al Hoceima is indeed commendable. According to reports, 31-year-old Mouhcine Fikri was crushed to death by the garbage compactor of a truck when he had mounted the vehicle to protest and retrieve his catch of fish that had been confiscated by the police. While it remains to be ascertained as to how the garbage compactor was turned on while Fikri was still in the back of the truck, his death sparked large protests in as many as 20 locations across Morocco.
    _______________________ For it’s true that Fikri’s catch of swordfish was illegal as it wasn’t allowed to be fished at this time of the year. But in an environment where unemployment remains a problem, for the police to confiscate and destroy Fikri’s catch when others may have escaped a similar fate was seen as harsh.

    A) That the unfortunate sequence of events led to Fikri’s death only added fuel to the fire.

    B) King Mohammed VI immediately directed the interior minister to meet Fikri’s family members and reassure them that justice would be done and no official responsible would be spared.

    C) The protesters’ anger was directed at the perceived highhandedness of the officials and the apparent impunity they enjoy.

  14. Destiny : ultimate

    next ?

  15. The _______ of the Indian passport of Mr. Mallya comes a day after the MEA declared that it had begun the procedure of___________ to bring him to justice.

    A. engagement, anti-social
    B. license, deaf
    C. authorization, connotation
    D. revocation, consultation
    E. clearance, spontaneity


      repeated maam

  16. purvi

    frnds ek request hai
    jis jis ko difficult words ki meaning pta ho vo plz post kar dena jisse baaki logo ko bhi meaning yaad ho jaye

    1. Adorable Princess

      gr8 idea…

  17. The US can hardly deny its own _____ role in the _____ of erasing trading quotas.

    1) effective, subject
    2) stunning, margin
    3) dubious, matter
    4) diplomat, remark
    5) sprouting, practices

    1. purvi

      dubious – doubtful
      sprouting – grow


        ty πŸ™‚


      sprouting- production

  18. IT would ____ better and more scientific decision making ____ banks.

    1) exaggerate, to
    2) pattern, in
    3) concern, for
    4) facilitate, within
    5) crop, inside

  19. REARRANGE and find odd sentence

    A) This is rather higher than the rate predicted for the Asia Pacific region as a whole of 5%.
    B) So, if those two are doing well it’s not all that much of a surprise that the region’s aggregate or average is too.
    C) A new United Nations report on the economic growth prospects for India in this current year, stating that they expect GDP growth to be 7.6%.
    D) And that’s some of the mealy mouthed mush that we’ve come to expect from the UN.
    E) Of course, said Asia Pacific region is entirely dominated by the pair of China and India in economic terms

    1. Adorable Princess

      dd odd 1….

      1. Adorable Princess


    2. D
      The paragraph if made is talking about the report of UN and role of Indian and China in Asia’s GDP. There is no statement that UN has told, so D statement does not have any prefix statement.
      Mealy mouthed means afraid to speak frankly or straightforwardly.

      Correct – C, A, E, B.

  20. Most nonprofits ____ with lending simply because local laws prohibited nonbanks from ____ deposit accounts.

    1) sustained, attracting
    2) started, offering
    3) analysed, boosting
    4) discussed, contracting
    5) issued, expanding

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            its dear+u

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        ge madam πŸ™‚

          1. KALYAN ADHYA


    1. Destiny : ultimate


  21. While the reaction to major disasters is ______ the response to emergencies like accident is ____ sad.

    1) dismal, equally
    2) hesitant, likely
    3) prior, hesitantly
    4) needed, unlikely
    5) fuller, doomed

    1. Destiny : ultimate


    2. ambi

      1) dismal, equally

      1. MiMi



    A) While email remains a significant attack vector for cyber criminals, they continue to experiment with new methods across mobile devices and social networks to reach more people with less effort.

    B) According to a report, India ranked second among nations that were most targeted for cyber crimes through the social media in 2014, after the U.S.

    C) India’s growing social media population proved to be a ready base for them.

    D) Cyber criminals are now using social networking sites to target users in India.

    E) Over 80 per cent of these scams were shared manually as attackers took advantage of people’s willingness to trust content shared by friends.

    F) India had the second highest number of social media scams globally and the highest in the Asia Pacific region.

    1. Adorable Princess


        1. Gusto

          typo ,, f is last

          1. E me these scams hai
            see kahn aa sakta h

          2. Gusto

            fir se arrange karta hun

          3. almost thk hai
            last me problem bas

          4. F me hai – media scams
            and then E me hai – these scams

            so F will follow E

          5. Gusto

            yes mam crt … waise rearrange me ek baar mind wrk karta hai .. uske baad mind puzzle hone lagta hai πŸ˜›

    2. Sur(*-*)

      First D last b?

        1. Adorable Princess

          first d?

        2. MiMi

          MAM rearrange nhi ho raha hai itna practice karne ka bad bhi :((

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            merese bhi nehi hota hai… isiliye soche ai jo aaram se ho jaye wohi banayenge

          2. MiMi

            ha wo to thik hai bt good score karne ke liye rearrnge karna parega bro

          3. KALYAN ADHYA

            sehi boli :))

          4. purvi

            pre me to bas cut off nikal jaye bahi kaafi hai

          5. yes pre me bas cutoff chaiye which will be around 5 or 6 marks – so sab kuch attempt karne ki need nhi hai

            5 or 6 marks is not a big deal for u people πŸ™‚

          6. MiMi

            mam me to comprehntion nhi karti hu..to muje reaarnge attmpt karna hoga kya cuttoff clear karne ke liye?

          7. KALYAN ADHYA

            comprehension must karo

          8. RC is not must
            kabi kabu usme sara tym waste ho jata hai, n if vocab strong nhi hai tab pkka time waste hga
            Becuase PO exams me ab vocab based RC ata hai
            Question me kuch or words hai, n passage me uske synonyms use liye hue hai

          9. MiMi

            only syno anto karti hu

          10. see 5 or 6 marks enough hai

            to u ll have to see accordingly
            RC me time waste hota hai, so no need to do, synonyms/antonyms hai to karo

          11. MiMi

            ha mam wohi karti hu me..

          12. purvi

            mam ro ro ke or bagbaan ki maska lagake cutoff tak paunchte hain
            qki mam me chake jitne attempt karu usme 50% galat hone he hote hain
            samaj nhi aa rha kya karu
            kese improve karu

          13. MiMi

            same yaar eng me wrong ho jata hai :((

          14. purvi

            isliye me bas rc karti hu qki usme confident rheti hu ki jinte karungi sahi rhenge
            but baaki or sab galat ho jata πŸ™

          15. MiMi

            koi nhi sis..abhi time hai ..improve jarur hoga hum logo ka

          16. purvi

            yes dear
            mam is doing great job
            and unki wajha se thoda thoda confidence aa rha hai eng me
            and will pray ki xam tak sabki english emprove ho jaye including me

          17. MiMi

            hmm dear sahi baat..pehele to eng bohat kharab tha bt now thoda improve hua

          18. ty πŸ™‚
            we ll help in each possible way πŸ™‚

          19. purvi

            i know u will
            thats why im here
            thanku so much for this platform

          20. yes it depends
            kisi kisi ko RC me bht tym lag jata hai
            so if u can do it fast, then its good
            English ki cutoff prelims n mains dono me kam jaegi

          21. but I have seen ki yahn u perform good
            pta nhi actual exam me kya ho jata hai

          22. we ll try to add sectional tests
            like 12 mins for 30 English questions
            It will help to know where u can do good

          23. purvi

            mam ek reason ye bhi hai ki eng me me kabhi sure nhi hoti hu
            yaha bhi jo bhi karti hu sab tukke lagati hu but yaha tukke kaam aa jaate hain exam me koi bhi tukka kaam nhi aata to 50% ques wrong ho jaate hain is chakar me ki jo lagaya hai vo sahi hai ya galat to kayi baar apna ans change kar leti hu or sahi ans bhi wrong ho jaata hai πŸ™

          24. ambi

            don’t panic only whi questions kro jo sure ho or RC to jarroor kro

          25. purvi

            rc he kartu hu dear
            but is baar rc me bhi dar lag rha hai
            qki is baar uski proper practice nhi ho pa rhi hai

          26. MiMi

            sbi ke liye kaise practice kar rahe ho?ca static start kar diya?

          27. purvi

            jada nhi padh rhi hu yr
            sab sites ki quiz bas karti hu or usme he saara time nikal jaata
            kuch or padhne ke liye time nhi milta isliye

          28. ambi

            don’t worry abhi to time hai boht ho jayega sab kuch

          29. MiMi

            bt target also main

          30. tumne first F likhai hai
            It cannot be the first one
            it says
            India had the —- means past se sentence start ho rha hai, which is not possible kuki para me present me b sentences hai

            jo sentence present me hai vahn se start ho sakta h

      1. thoda sa wrong ho gya

        F me hai – media scams
        and then E me hai – these scams

        so F will follow E

  23. Light from many different sources 1)/ contains various colours 2)/ each with 3)/ its own brightness or intense.4)/No error 5)

      1. MiMi

        sryy contains hi hoga

  24. In the most general sense, 1)/drought originates from a deficiency of precipitation 2)/ in an extended period of time– usually a season or more–resulting in a water shortage 3)/ for some activity, group or environmental sector. 4) /No error 5)

    1. ambi

      mam these ques are done bfor

  25. That s all for today

    GN πŸ™‚

    10 PM Quant Quiz today


      gn maam … ty :))

    2. Adorable Princess

      ty mam πŸ™‚

    3. purvi

      mam difficult wali 3-4 errors bhi diya karo plz

      1. ambi

        puzzles and syllogs new wale

        1. purvi

          new pattern wale

  26. Suraj

    Good Evening!!!
    Will start with Quants Quiz in few minutes!!!!!

  27. Suraj

    1. A and B each working alone can do a work in 15 days and 25 days, respectively. They started the work together but B left after some time and A finished the remaining work in 7 days. After how many days from the start did B leave?
    (a) 3
    (b) 5
    (c) 7
    (d) 9
    (e)None of the above

    1. ambi

      work = 375
      A = 25 units
      B = 15 units
      a’s 7 days = 175
      remaining = 200/ 40 = 5 days

    2. Suraj

      Ans – b) 5 days
      (x+7)/15 +x/25 =1

  28. Adorable Princess

    quant quiz?

  29. Suraj

    2. Two boats travelling at 5km/h and 10km/hr, head directly towards each other. They begin at a distance of 20 kms from each other. How far apart are they (in kms) one minute before they collide?
    (a) 1/4
    (b) 1/2
    (c) 3/4
    (d) 5/6
    (e)None of the above

    1. ambi

      in 1 hr they will cover = 15km
      in 1 min = 15/60 = 1/4

    2. Suraj

      Ans – a) ΒΌ

      Time when they will meet = 20/(10+5) =80 mins
      in 80 mins they travel 20 kms
      means in 1 min they will travel 20/80 km =1/4
      means they are ΒΌ km apart before they collide

  30. Suraj

    3.) 18, 82, 118, 134, 138 ,?
    a) 132
    b) 198
    c) 125
    d) 138
    e) 92

    1. ambi

      +8*8 .. +6*6… +4*4 .. +2*2..+0*0

    2. Suraj

      Ans – d) 138
      diff of 8^2, 6^2, 4^2,,…. 0^2

      1. ambi

        sir yhan 1 nhi ayega??? last main

  31. Suraj

    4. A trader marks-up his goods by 80% and gives discount of 25%. Besides it he weighs 10% less amount while selling his goods. What is the net profit of trader?
    (a) 50%
    (b) 35%
    (c) 45%
    (d) 55%
    (e) None of these

    1. ambi

      MP =180
      After disc = 135
      cp = 90

    2. mst electrifying da phenomenal


        1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    3. Suraj

      Ans – 50%
      Let CP of 100 unit = Rs 100
      CP of 90 units = RS 90
      MP of 100 unit = 180
      SP of 100 unit = 75 % of 180 = Rs 135
      %profit =(135-90)/90 *100 =50%

  32. Suraj

    5. Fresh fruit contains 68% water and dry fruit contains 20% water. How much dry fruit can be obtained from 100 kg of fresh fruits ?
    A) 20
    B) 30
    C) 40
    D) 50

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Aligation se hga ye?

    2. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    3. ambi

      If you have 100 Kg of fresh fruit. it means you have 8Γ—4=32 kg of solid part.

      and in each 25 kg of dryfruit we have 20 kg of solid part of fruit.

      So 32 Kg solid fruit part from the fresh fruit will produce 25Γ·20Γ—32=40 kg of Dry fruits.

    4. Suraj

      Ans c) 40 kg
      The fruit content in both the fresh fruit and dry fruit is the same.
      Given, fresh fruit has 68% water.so remaining 32% is fruit content. weight of fresh fruits is 100kg
      Dry fruit has 20% water.so remaining 80% is fruit content.let weight if dry fruit be y kg.
      fruit % in freshfruit = fruit% in dryfruit
      (32/100) * 100 = (80/100 )* y
      we get, y = 40 kg

  33. Suraj

    Anyone solving ques 5??

  34. Suraj

    6. 405 sweets were distributed equally among children in such a way that the number of sweets received by each child is 20% of the total number of children. How many sweets did each child recieve ?
    A) 9
    B) 10
    C) 11
    D) 12

    1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


      1. ambi

        pehle tum complete sol dete the na

        1. mst electrifying da phenomenal

          ab ap dete hoo na

          1. ambi

            ye wala ques mujhe nhi ata πŸ™‚

    2. Suraj

      Ans : a) 9
      let children = x
      x*(20% of x)=405
      20% of x=9

      1. ambi

        are itna simple tha ???

        1. Suraj

          aaj k sare ques simple h hai

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        45 Kaise aaya

          1. ambi

            are sry ye to last ques ka tha πŸ˜›

        1. Suraj

          solve step by step

    3. Hemant ahuja?

      20% 81 hua

      1. Suraj

        solution de diya

  35. Suraj

    7. In a competitive examination in State A, 6% candidates got selected from the total appeared candidates. State B had an equal number of candidates appeared and 7% candidates got selected with 80 more candidates got selected than A. What was the number of candidates appeared from each State ?

      1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    1. ambi

      1% = 80
      100% = 8000

    2. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    3. Suraj

      Ans : 8000
      1% of the total appeared candidates in State B = 80
      => total appeared candidates in State B = 80 x 100 = 8000
      => total appeared candidates in State A = total appeared candidates in State B = 8000

  36. Suraj

    8. A batsman scored 120 runs which included 3 boundaries and 8 sixes. What percent of his total score did he make by running between the wickets ?
    A) 40%
    B) 45%
    C) 50%
    D) 55%

    1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    2. Suraj

      Answer: C) 50%
      Number of runs made by running = 120 – (3*4 + 8*6)
      hence 50%

  37. Suraj

    9. Of the 1000 inhabitants of a town, 60 % are males of whom 120 % are literate. If, of all theinhabitants, 25% are literate, then what percent of the females of the town are literate ?
    A) 32.5 %
    B) 43 %
    C) 46.6 %
    D) 53.2 %

    1. ambi

      130/400*100 = 32.5%

      1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    2. ambi

      sir ques main 20% hoga na first line main

    3. Suraj

      A) 32.5%
      Number of males = 60% of 1000 = 600. Number of females = (1000 – 600) = 400.
      Number of literates = 25% of 1000 = 250.
      Number of literate males = 20% of 600 = 120.
      Number of literate females = (250 – 120) = 130.
      Required pecentage = (130/400 * 100 ) % = 32.5 %.

    4. Hemant ahuja?


  38. Suraj

    10. A sum of rupees 3903 is divided between P and Q such that the share of P at the end of 8 years is equal to the share of Q after 10 years. Find the share of P if rate of interest is 4% compounded annually.
    a) 2012
    b) 2029
    c) 2028
    d) 2081
    e)None of these

    1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ye kya hai

      1. Suraj

        try to karo solve krne ka

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Samjh nhi aa rha kya likha hai

      2. ambi

        are wo notice kidhr milega jo tum kal bta rhe the ??

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Aaj ki Mahindra video dekh. Usmain btaya hai uske baare main

    2. Suraj

      c) 2028
      Explanation :
      P*(1 + 4/100)^8 = (3903 – P)*(1 + 4/100)^10

  39. Suraj

    11. Two cans of 60 and 80 litres are filled with the mixtures of milk and water. The proportion of milk and water in the cans being 5:7 and 9:7 respectively. If the contents of the two cans are mixed and 30 litres of the water is added to the whole, then find the ratio of milk and water in the final mixture?
    a) 7:9
    b) 7:10
    c) 8:11
    d) 9:7
    e) None of these

    1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    2. Suraj

      Answer – b) 7:10
      Explanation :
      milk = 60*5/12 = 25 and water = 60*7/12 = 35
      milk = 80*9/16 = 45 and water = 80*7/16 = 35
      milk = 70 and water = 70 + 30 = 100

    3. ambi

      in can 1 = milk = 25 water = 35
      can 2 = milk = 45 water = 35
      total in mixture = 70 : 70 water added 30
      so 70: 100

  40. Suraj

    12. There are two numbers. When 25% of the first number is added to the second number, the resultant number is 1.5times the first number.What is the ratio of 1st number to the 2nd number ?
    a) 3:5
    b) 5:4
    c) 4:5
    d) 2:3
    e) None of these

    1. Hemant ahuja?


      1. ambi

        1/4 X + y = 1.5 X

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Ye kya hai.

          1. ambi

            jo tumne likha hai same hi hai akhein kholo

    2. Suraj

      Answer – C) 4:5

      A(25/100) + B = 1.5A
      A/4 + B = 15A/10
      10A+40B/40 =60A/40
      10A+40B = 60A
      50A = 40B
      A/B = 4/5

  41. Suraj

    13. A group of 24 women is supposed to do a work in 40 days. After 20 days 4 more women is employed and the work is completed in 2 days before the scheduled time. How many days it have been delayed if 4 more women were not employed?
    a) 1 day
    b) 2 day
    c) 3 day
    d) 4 day
    e) None of these

    1. mst electrifying da phenomenal


        1. mst electrifying da phenomenal

          SAME AS SIR

          1. ambi

            itne time main ye likha tumne

          2. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    2. Suraj

      Ans :a) 1 day
      24*20 + 28*18 = total work = 24*T (T is the number of days when 4 more women are not employed)
      we get T = 41, so work will be delayed by 1 day

  42. Suraj

    14. A car after travelling 100 km from point A meets with an accident and then proceeds at 3/4 of its original speed and arrives at the point B 90 minutes late. If the car meets the accident 60 km further on, it would have reached 15 minutes sooner. Find the original speed of the train?

    a) 60km/hr
    b) 80km/hr
    c) 100km/hr
    d) 120km/hr
    e) None of these

    1. ambi

      ye to bilkul bhi ni hoga mere se :pp

    2. mst electrifying da phenomenal


    3. Suraj

      b) 80km/hr
      Explanation :
      let distance between A and B be D km and real speed of the car be S km/hr
      First time car takes 90 minutes more and second time car takes 75 minutes more than
      scheduled time.
      So, T1 – T2 = 15/60 = 100
      15/60 = [100/s + (D -100)/(3s/4)] – [160/s + (D – 160)/(3s/4)] Solve this D will be
      cancelled and S comes out to be 80km/hr

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  44. Suraj

    15. A boat can travel 4.2km upstream in 14min. If the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water to the speed of the stream is 7:1. How much time will the boat take to cover 17.6km downstream ?
    a) 56min
    b) 44min
    c) 32min
    d) 48min
    e) None of these

    1. Suraj

      Explanation :
      Speed = 7x:x
      Downstream = 8x; upstream = 6x
      Upstream speed = 4.2*60/14 = 18kmph
      6x = 18
      X = 3
      Downstream = 8*3 = 24
      Time taken for 17.6km = 17.6*60/24 = 44min

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