Discussion Zone – 28 January 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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383 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 28 January 2017”

  1. MiMi

    good evening evryone :)))))))

    1. Purvi

      gud eve mimi 🙂


      gd evng maam 🙂

    1. Purvi

      gud eve mam 🙂


        gd evng maam :))


      gd evng maam 🙂

  2. Any exam coming which u people are going to take ??

    1. Nishi

      Feb me syndicate bank xam

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Manipal and high court

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Manipal Feb end and high court in April.

        2. Hemant ahuja?

          Mam in high court 100 ques come. 50 gk and 50 eng. Mine gk is gud. No tension. But in eng I am zero. Only passing marks in eng I will satisfied

          1. it all depends how other people perform in exam
            By try to improve English
            U have time til April. Try to improve by practicing

          2. Hemant ahuja?

            High court eng is ssc type idioms, antonyms Grammer. And other

          3. ok
            then that is somewhat easy than banking

            Learn the idioms. If u r not able to grammar, u can do other things like idioms. If active/passive comes in exam that is also easy.

          4. Hemant ahuja?

            Yes active passive also come one word subsection also

          5. so u can learn these
            Take a good book, n start learning idioms, one word asap
            Active passive remains very easy if u get them once

  3. A well design map of universities is needed to transform UP into an education hub.
    1) A well designed map
    2) A well-designed mapping
    3) The well design maps
    4) The well-design mapping
    5) No correction required

      1. Purvi

        gud eve sir 🙂

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          gd evng maam 🙂


        sorry 22 hoga

    1. 2) A well-designed mapping

  4. People are drowned to vegetarianism by all sorts of motives.
    1) drawn of
    2) drawn to be
    3) drowned to be
    4) drawn to
    5) No correction required

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Drowned means

      1. submerged or feeling suffocated

  5. There are loads of people thinking about the future of drones.
    1) load of people
    2) loading of people
    3) the loads of people
    4) lot of people
    5) No correction required

    1. 5) No correction required

      lots of people could be correct too

  6. Education always evolve out historical and cultural contexts.
    1) evolves out of
    2) evolving out to
    3) to evolve out
    4) evolve of
    5) No correction required

      1. Hemant ahuja?


  7. What can be more noble and satisfy than leading your nation on the path of progress?
    1) noble and satisfy
    2) most of the noble and satisfy
    3) more noble and satisfying
    4) more noble, satisfying
    5) No correction required

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Leading hai to satisfying aayega

    2. 3) more noble and satisfying

  8. 1) If anything, the insular state / 2) of urban life demands / 3) a serious look on outsiders by those / 4) who consider themselves insiders./ 5) No error

    1. MiMi

      ddd as insider?

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Thik hai ye

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            on nehi hoga sayad

    2. Purvi

      on me kuch galat lag rha

    3. 3; Replace ‘on’ with ‘at

  9. 1) In defining professional success, / 2) women place more value than men do on individual achievement, / 3) having passion for his work, receiving respect / 4) and making a difference / 5) No error

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ek ans de

          1. Hemant ahuja?



      33// at his work

    2. 3; Replace ‘his’ with ‘their’

  10. 1) The fact that the interviewee all agreed / 2) to take time from their hectic schedules / 3) to share their insights with students might / 4) introduce a selection effect./ 5) No error


      11 interviewer

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        ge bhai

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Ye bhai nhi

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


          2. Purvi

            gud eve bro 🙂

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            sry sry 😛

    2. 1; Replace ‘interviewee’ with ‘interviewees’

  11. 1) Now I look back on my career / 2) in the private sector / 3) and realise how I should have been / 4) leading all along. / 5) No error

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      ge mam

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ye baad main

  12. 1) It is a thing whose knowledge / 2) may not be acquired / 3) through direct perception / 4) nor can we gain it through inference. /5) No error

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      May not nhi suna kbhi

    2. 2; Replace ‘may’ with ‘can’


      maam ans ??

  13. Drawing attention to the pitfalls of ……………… solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors. Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not last for long and thus research on Thorium as its ……………… must be revived.
    (a) using, substitute
    (b) believing, replacement
    (c) depending, reserve
    (d) reckoning, option
    (e) relying, alternative

    1. (e) relying, alternative

  14. In an effort to provide……………… for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing education without adequate infrastructure, thus churning out …………….. graduates every year.
    (a) chances, fresh
    (b) platform, capable
    (c) opportunities, unemployable
    (d) prospects, eligible
    (e) policy, incompetent

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Bhagwant mann welcom

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Churning means

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Stirring means

          1. milana
            or can say shaking

    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    3. (c) opportunities, unemployable

  15. The move to allow dumping of mercury ……… an outery from residents to the area who ………….. that high levels of mercury will affect their health and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.
    (a) resulted, insist
    (b) provoked, fear
    (c) incited, determined
    (d) activated, accept
    (e) angered, believe

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Bob pkka

  16. ………………….. has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a valid license and maintaining a stock of ……………. Drugs.
    (a) Note, overwhelming
    (b) Step, impressive
    (c) Execution, outdated
    (d) Action, expired
    (e) angered, believe

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Tusi kiveṁ ho ..ha ha ha ha ha

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Bhagwant mann ye

        2. ambika

          theek hain hum to

  17. Even as the ……………. Elsewhere in the world are struggling to come out of recession. Indian consumers are splurging on consumer goods and to ……………. this growth. Companies are investing heavily in various sectors.
    (a) economies, meet
    (b) countries, inhibit
    (c) governments, measure
    (d) nations, inflict
    (e) companies, counter

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Splurging means

  18. Since the deadline has been changed from next week to this Thursday you should give this work priority.
    1)be given this work priority
    2)not give priority this work
    3)prioritized this work
    4)priority this work
    5)No correction required

    1. 5)No correction required

  19. The grim job market has taken its toll on students, many of those had hoped for a much better future.
    1)Much of whom
    2)Many of whom
    3)Several of those
    4)Many of which
    5)No correction required

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  20. The ban was imposed by the state’s commercial taxes department last Friday after protests by a certain community, which had threat to burn cinema halls screening the controversial movie.
    1)Had threats of burning
    2)Had threated to burn
    3)Had threatened to burn
    4)Had threatened to burning
    5)No correction required

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Past tense

    2. 3)Had threatened to burn

  21. Many students waits anxiously at the college gate to know their results.
    1)Student waited anxiously
    2)students waiting anxiously
    3)students waited anxiously
    4)students waited anxious
    5)No correction required

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. 3)students waited anxiously

    3. students waiting anxiously – wait kar rahe hai

      students waited anxiously – wait kiya

  22. Purvi

    gud night frnds 🙂

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....



      gd nyt maam 🙂

    3. Hemant ahuja?

      Itni jaldi gn

  23. The salaries and the perks of the employees in this institution are not in according with the rest of the industry.
    1)are not in accordance
    2)is not in accordance
    3)are not according
    4)is not on accordance
    5)No correction required

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


    2. 1)are not in accordance

  24. Unpredictable _________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any _________
    1) performance, setting
    2) belief, judgment
    3) operation, purpose
    4) behaviour, conclusion
    5) react, decision

    1. 4) behaviour, conclusion

  25. Skeptics would not _________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it _________ around the sun.
    1) permit, orbits
    2) accept, revolves
    3) experience, circles
    4) assume, went
    5) challenge, spins

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  26. A public servant who is guilty will not _________ punishment and no _________ person will be punished.
    1) be, sincere
    2) flee, guilty
    3) defend, common
    4) avoid, uninformed
    5) escape, innocent

      1. MiMi

        good perfrmnce

  27. Many teachers _________ the lack of professional freedom as the _________ for leaving the job.
    1) cited, reason
    2) explained, force
    3) claimed. understanding
    4) argued, culprit
    5) believe, ground

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Cited means

  28. Few professions can _________ the sheer variety and constant _________ of being a doctor.
    1) like, struggle
    2) share, enthusiast
    3) match, challenge
    4) draw, workload
    5) justify, exception

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Skip samjh nhi aaya ye

  29. Vision is usually ___________most effectively when many different __________are used.
    (1) developed–manifestations
    (2) adapted–organisations
    (3) communicated–vehicles
    (4) exhibited–forms
    (5) described–thought

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        C bhi bol de

        1. MiMi

          wo tere liye chod diya..

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Quiz Kab karwaygi tu

          2. MiMi

            aj..r u ready?

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Kha hai

  30. People who have been through difficult, painful and not very________change efforts often end up__________both pessimistic and angry conclusions.
    (1) successful–drawing
    (2) meaningful–projecting
    (3) reliable–evolving
    (4) strong–following
    (5) challenging–lamenting

    1. (1) successful–drawing

  31. The human mind is never__________it advances or it__________
    (1) absolute–diminishes
    (2) dynamic–shops
    (3) perfect–disintegrates
    (4) stationary–retrogrades
    (5) happy–decomposes

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Retrogrades means

        1. Hemant ahuja?


          1. MiMi

            turned upside down

    2. (4) stationary–retrogrades

  32. If misery is the effect of ill-fortune, it ought to be pitied if of ________to be _____________
    (1) virtue-criticised
    (2) calamity-reverenced
    (3) virtue-protected
    (4) vice-reverenced
    (5) virtue-reverenced

  33. It would be impossible for us to continue living in this world if each of us ___________ exactly, what fate had in ______for him.
    (1) follow–plan
    (2) appreciate–strategy
    (3) design–anticipation
    (4) visualise–hidden
    (5) knew–store

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Phir change karegi decision apna☺

  34. Adding to a growing body of research ________ cutting back on sweetened beverages it is now found that drinking_______ sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure.
    1) for, all
    2) sustaining, increased
    3) against, lesser
    4) behind, more
    5) supporting, fewer

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      C ya e

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Fewer countable ke saath use hta??

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Fewer countable ya uncountable

  35. The blame game for the air tragedy is already in full ____ with the authorities involved making attempts to______ for themselves.
    1) sway, defend
    2) view, try
    3) fledged, protect
    4) swing, cover
    5) roll, hide

    1. 4) swing, cover

      already full fledged sahi ho sakta tha
      its – already in full, so fledged does not fit here

  36. The actress, wearing a dark grey suit and open necked shirt, sat ________the proceedings looking nervous throughout, occasionally frowning as’ her lawyer ____ with the judge.
    1) through, argued
    2) on, spoke,
    3) for, addressed
    4) with, discussed
    5) along, lectured

    1. 1) through, argued

      the sentence means – jab proceedings chal rahi thi, to through the proceedings


    ok gd nyt maam 🙂

  38. Hemant ahuja?

    Dinner tyme. Thk mam.

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        So nhi rha

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Waise tere gk reh gyi thi?

  39. Hemant ahuja?

    Mam one day current affairs Ka bhi rakh lo

    1. Yes sure
      Tell the topics other than English u want to have in discussion, we ll do

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Current affairs

  40. It was an excellent social evening with people from all ____ of life getting a chance to let
    ___their hair.
    1) areas, drop
    2) realms, flow
    3) arena, undone
    4) walks, down
    5) types, loose

  41. There can be no denying fact that in sports, star coaches have_____ to get something extra out of their_____.
    1) apprehension, work
    2) ability, teams
    3) fear, member
    4) capability, house
    5) desirous, players

  42. It was an excellent social evening with people from all ____ of life getting a chance to let
    ___their hair.
    1) areas, drop
    2) realms, flow
    3) arena, undone
    4) walks, down
    5) types, loose

  43. Every woman in (a)/ the world fervently hopes that (b)/ their child will be a (c)/ normal and healthy baby. (d)/ No error (e)

    1. optimistic

      Her child woman singular women plural

    2. M@st@n!

      cc children

    3. (c) Use ‘her’ in place of ‘their’

  44. The front page story (a)/ was about a school girl (b)/ that had hurt herself while (c)/ saving a child in a accident. (d)/ No error (e)

    1. MiMi

      aaa front page of the story

  45. Attendent came to report (a)/ that the work went very slowly (b)/ because the X-ray machine was not (c)/ working very good that morning. (d)/ No error (e)

    1. d; Use ‘well’ in place of ‘very good’

  46. A woman opened the door (a)/ and standing at a distance (b)/ she pushed the plate (c)/ containing the food to him. (d)/ No error (e)

    1. optimistic


    2. d; Use ‘for’ in place of ‘to’.

  47. He is one of those few (a)/ post-colonial writer who believes that this (b)/ talk about colonialism has gone too far and (c)/ has turned into a cliche. (d)/ No error (e)

      1. optimistic

        Ac nt working na sis?

          1. optimistic

            Ok Gn sis

      1. ambika

        ye kiske liye hai 😮 jasoosi mat kro :p

    1. b;
      writers who believe

  48. Ok friends, that all for today 🙂

    Have fun. GD NT 🙂

    Suraj Sir is not coming today. U may continue within urself

    1. M@st@n!

      gn bye 🙂

  49. Hemant ahuja?

    Koi hai

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Mam odd one out bhi karwao eng ke kbhi. And nyt main krwao gk after 11 pm. Sab free hte us tyme

  50. Would you be excited by exchanging hyperlinks?

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