Discussion Zone – 29 March 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

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  1. Good Evening Everyone :))

      1. ANUP SINGH

        raam raam yogi ji

        1. Yogi ji

          Jai shri ram

  2. Yogi ji

    Jai shri raam

  3. The Canadian penny (1)/ has been eliminated (2)/ because it is a waste (3)/ of both money or time. (4) //

    1. paakhi

      money and time

    2. Yogi ji

      Both end always come

  4. They were busy exchanging glances (1)/ and trying to understand (2)/ what the other felt (3)/ without the use of words. (4) //

        1. Keep Smile

          shayad ….others hona chahiye wahan ..bm not sure dekhte h kya hoga answ.


      33 was feeling

  5. The taxi drivers at the (1)/ airport started assault (2)/ them for a ride (3)/and they brushed him off. (4)
    A) 2 and 3
    B) 2 and 4
    C) 3 and 4
    D) Only 2
    E) No Error

    1. B

      (2) assault=> assaulting ; (4)him=>them (subject- drivers)

      1. ronnie (honey)

        oh missed it

  6. Once Shweta had any (1)/ tetra-packed fruit juice and toast (2)/ , she had enough energy (3)/ to go out and continue her work. (4) //

    1. paakhi

      aa..any galat hai

    2. ronnie (honey)

      11 some

  7. India is set to make further changes (1)/ in its overseas investment regime, scrapped the need for (2)/ approvals in sectors where licences is also required, (3)/ such as defence, telecom and broadcasting, eliminating one layer completely from the process. (4)
    A) Both 1 and 4
    B) Both 1 and 3
    C) Both 1 and 4
    D) Both 2 and 3
    E) Both 3 and 4


      33 and 22

    2. SBI PO

      D) Both 2 and 3

    3. D

      (2) scrapped=>scrapping ; (3) is=>are (licenses)

  8. Divaker

    Good evening shubhra Ma’am ek request hai ki para jumble kr questions minimum 5 diya kijiye

    1. I can give

      But usme bht tym chla jata hai. I ll give

      1. paakhi

        yes mam u r right bohat time jata hai..skip kijiye ?

        1. hehe
          bilkul skip to nhi karna

        2. Divaker

          Paakhi Ma’am lagta hai bht jayda Dushmani hai mujhse

          1. paakhi

            mene kya kaha ..are kidding 😀

          2. Divaker

            Ok. I was also but need to your favor here kabhi to bol do yes Shi bola divaker ne

          3. paakhi

            ok 🙂
            no jokes next time

      2. Divaker

        Yes but if we will skip than how will we improve for the same

        1. ronnie (honey)

          kuch kuch dose lo ya mam aap quiz dal dia kro pj pr ek alg se jaise cloze wgerh dalte ho

          1. ronnie (honey)

            bhai hu aapka me

  9. Jia was popular with // her classmates that she // always had some or the // other coming to her house. //

    1. paakhi

      ye repeated hai mam

    2. Divaker

      Among aayega ???

    3. a

      was so popular

      cz – her classmates that she


    (A) But for its survival, it needs food.
    (B) This is nature is its true form.
    (C) A jellyfish sometimes swallows a snail and since the snail is protected in the shell, it remains alive.
    (D) So, it starts eating the jellyfish from inside and keeps growing till it consumes the entire jellyfish.
    (E) It is always the enemy within that consumes and destroys society.
    (F) It is difficult to change.

    1. ronnie (honey)


      1. Divaker

        Ma’am please koi tarika batao his se ye hamesha Shi ho jaye

        1. relate hi karna hota hai

          in next i ll tell u

          1. ~~~S~~~

            plz muchey bhi

  11. The body’s organs are ____ by blood, which ______ nutrients in exchange for waste products from cells.
    A) treated, charges
    B) fed, provides
    C) checked, absorbs
    D) affected, marks
    E) changed, stimulates

      1. ~~~S~~~

        gud eve sir:)

        1. ronnie (honey)

          sir bolna chodo ..dost hu

  12. While the impacts of air pollution on health have become a cause of growing _______to people all around the world, the actual mechanics of exactly how dirty air makes people sick are not clearly _______.
    A) reality, visible
    B) population, seen
    C) concern, understood
    D) worry, marked
    E) production, shown


      mam if possible, endow us with questions based on new words. ty

  13. The unfortunate fact is that much of science reporting is a ______ of ideologically driven junk science, hyped research, or thick, technical jargon that almost no one can_______.
    A) representation, include
    B) game, create
    C) web, digest
    D) morass, understand
    E) place, comprehend

    1. paakhi


    2. ronnie (honey)

      d lg rha –morass –mire

  14. Each year, ______ Christmas trees are _____ with a bright, ornamental star meant to represent the Star of Bethlehem, the star that led the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
    A) many, decorate
    B) numerous, completed
    C) decorated, hit
    D) lucky, tightened
    E) countless, topped

      1. paakhi

        2nd blank me third form hona chahiye

      1. ronnie (honey)

        decorated hota to shi hota dost a

        1. paakhi

          Passiv voice na

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


      1. ~~~S~~~

        yee mera right ho gaya:p


    (A) Not all actions are bodily movements, and the causal theory of action also applies to mental actions such as imagining and calculating.
    (B) It is not enough for imagining a teddy bear that one has an image as of a teddy bear.
    (C) If a hallucinogenic drug causes me to have an image as of a teddy bear, then I have not imagined a teddy bear, since my having the image as of a teddy bear is something that has happened to me, rather than an action of mine.
    (D) A mental event is an action only if it is caused by an appropriate intention of the subject’s.
    (E) Having an image is an action of mine only if it is preceded by my having an appropriate intention. And if, as a matter of complete coincidence, I intended to imagine a toy just before a hallucinogenic drug caused me to have an image as of a teddy bear, then I have not imagined a teddy bear.

    1. ~~~S~~~

      🙁 gud eve ma’am

    2. paakhi

      i lov teddy bear
      Bt SKIP 🙁

    3. ronnie (honey)


  16. paakhi

    Ty mam..
    Hv to go ..bye

  17. Because the number of child sexual abuse cases in Kerala is inordinately high and rising _______by the year, some experts explain it away as the result of a general perversity _______ from an increasingly permissive society.
    A) alarmingly, stemming
    B) carelessly, rooting
    C) harmfully, explained
    D) carefully, deleted
    E) trivially, arising

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    2. A) alarmingly, stemming

  18. _______ to the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, India seems bent on showing that it can indeed ______ an ancient Dragon new twists.
    A) Following, find
    B) Contrary, teach
    C) Similar, teach
    D) Reluctant, find
    E) Limiting, teach

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


  19. optimistic

    Happy Ugadi gudi padwa

      1. optimistic

        Opti please

    1. MITTHU

      = happy new year

  20. India’s internet ______ is not only poor with less than 30% of the population having access, it _____ poorly in terms of affordability.
    A) usage, predicts
    B) speed, penetrates
    C) penetration, ranks
    D) facility, finds
    E) bandwidth, hikes

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


      1. ~~~S~~~


  21. optimistic

    India’s rank in the Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2017 is – 87

  22. On March 17th, the government outlined a series of reforms to the English school system, including the most radical shake-up of governance in decades. (………………………………………………………………….).The announcement provoked consternation: more than 130,000 people have signed a petition objecting to the changes; a small number also gathered in Westminster to register their objections in person on March 23rd. Why has the government decided to go ahead with such extensive reforms?

    A) When Michael Gove, a champion of the reforms, was removed as education secretary in 2014 there were around 4,000 academies, nearly 20 times the number when he took office in 2010.
    B) There is a long way still to go: currently 59% of secondary schools and only 17% of primary schools are academies.
    C) Under the plans, all schools will become academies, state-funded institutions that are mostly free from government control and can set their own curriculum and pay, by 2022.
    D) By contrast, the new proposals suggest a more closely managed system.

    1. MiMi


      1. Srishti

        Hello Lucky!
        Thanks for informing me about the Jio Error!! 🙂

        1. lucky

          welcome dear:))))sa,e happened with me..thats why i told to try

    2. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    3. Option C explains the reforms mentioned in the previous sentence.

  23. optimistic

    2017 Abel Prize was awarded to – Yves Meyer

    1. Hopeful

      french mathematician

  24. Probability

    shubhra mam seeing after long time

      1. Probability

        remember me 😀

          1. Probability

            yes mam

          2. yes, then I remember 🙂

  25. optimistic

    Central sector scheme Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana (RVY) will be launched from – Andhra Pradesh

  26. There are three billion smartphones bouncing inside pockets and bags around the world. (………………………………………………………………………………………………….).With such ubiquity, constant usage, and connectivity, researchers have publicly drooled over the potential for mobile devices to become gushing conduits of health information. They could wirelessly and effortlessly provide data on patients’ symptoms, the success or failure of new treatments, and the progression of diseases—streamlining clinical trials, research, and personalized care.

    A) One of the most striking findings of their look at the utility of the app for research was the low user retention.
    B) Their owners are often within arm’s reach 24-7
    C) But reality is not, according to a study published this week in Nature Biotechnology.
    D) The app was designed to help monitor and control participants’ asthma symptoms, as well as feed researchers data.

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    2. Probability

      With such ubiquit matlb always found
      B option
      arm’s reach 24-7

    3. B) Their owners are often within arm’s reach 24-7

      See the next statement after the blank. ” With such ubiquity, constant usage, and connectivity .” It means that the last sentence should be something related to constant usage of smartphones. So Option B correctly fits the blank.

  27. optimistic

    Pawan Hans is going to launch this new service from 1 April 2017 – Delhi Darshan rides

    1. MITTHU

      2500rs per ride for 10 mintes

  28. METEOROLOGISTS are forecasting a bumper monsoon for India this year. This is good news for the more than 600m people—about half of India’s population—who depend on the rains it brings. Knowing when and where the monsoon will arrive is especially important for farmers; even now, two-thirds of India’s fields lack irrigation.(………………………………………………………..), especially as four in every ten monsoons are classified as abnormal anyway.

    A) The winds transporting the main or “south-west” monsoon come from an area south of the equator
    B) As the air gathers moisture during the journey, atmospheric convection forms huge storm clouds which arrive first in southern India around early June
    C) But forecasting the monsoon remains fantastically difficult
    D) India is the world’s fourth-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    2. C) But forecasting the monsoon remains fantastically difficult

  29. optimistic

    VIKALP Scheme will be available to railway passengers from – 1 April 2017

  30. optimistic

    Indian global telecommunications services company Bharti Airtel has acquired 4G business of Tikona Networks including the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) business for Rs 1,600 crore.

  31. Calcutta ________ one of the most ________ periods of the state’s political history.
    (a) propounded . . . catchy
    (b) saw . . . modest
    (c) underwent . . . humble
    (d) expoused . . . severe
    (e) witnessed . . . turbulent

    1. MITTHU

      abhi esse related news b aayi thi paper me

      1. M@nish...

        apko kahi dekha hai :p

        1. ~~~S~~~

          hmm sacchi:P

          1. M@nish...

            muchi :p

    2. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    3. (e) witnessed . . . turbulent


      turbulent = tempestuous/precarious/unstable/wobbling/dither

  32. optimistic

    Person ranked as wealthiest Indian by Forbes World Billionaire Report 2017 – Mukesh Ambani

  33. Queen Victoria was so ________ when she read “Alice in wonderland” that she wrote a/an ________ note to Lewis Carroll.
    (a) enchanted . . . appreciative
    (b) captivated . . . promising
    (c) lured . . . admiring
    (d) enticed . . . impressive
    (e) nonplussed . . . speculative

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    2. Probability

      option 1 and c fir ho ra first box mein
      par admiring note is not
      appreciation degi na padh k

      1. Srishti

        Lure = tempt to do something so it should be the right answer

        1. Probability

          yes but chk 2nd box

    3. (a) enchanted . . . appreciative

  34. The hi-tech industry’s ________ demand for workers has ________ a lucrative new middlemen industry.
    (a) voracious . . . spawned
    (b) rapid . . . placed
    (c) generous . . . generated
    (d) hushed . . . triggered
    (e) impartial . . . implicated

    1. MITTHU

      voracious = hungry ki sense me hota h kuch

      1. Keep Smile

        spawned ??

        1. MITTHU

          sense to rapidly ki nikl rahi thi to bol diya not sure for ans

      2. ANUP SINGH

        voracious= blatant/flagrant/fervent/candid/franc

    2. (a) voracious . . . spawned

  35. optimistic

    World Bank signs USD 100 million credit agreement with Centre & Uttarakhand for improving health safety of 13 villages

  36. optimistic

    Nellore in AP to get Post Office Passport Seva Kendra

  37. (…………………………………………………………..). One of the problems that comes with taking our technology to the nanoscale, however, is that we can no longer see what’s going on with them. Computer chips, with their arrays of transistors laid out like cities, have components that measure as little as 14 nanometers across, or about 5,000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Checking out these wonders of engineering without using expensive and destructive imaging techniques is a challenge, to say the least.

    A) While their method currently necessitates drilling out a cylindrical section of the chip, they say that future improvements should allow them to image whole chips without destroying them.
    B) Chips are made in spotless laboratories to prevent even the smallest speck of dust.
    C) These kinds of imaging techniques may need to follow their own variant of Moore’s Law.
    D) Computer chips continue to shrink ever smaller, but we still wring more processing power out of them
    E) This would allow scientists to actually see the interior design of some of their tiniest creations.

      1. Probability

        cant na
        their reprensting whom??

    1. D) Computer chips continue to shrink ever smaller, but we still wring more processing power out of them

  38. (………………………………………………………).In February 2016 the European Central Bank announced an investigation into the use of the €500 ($549) note; soon afterwards Peter Sands of Harvard University published a report arguing for its withdrawal, along with big bills like the SFr1,000 note ($1,000) and even the $100 bill. Why are big banknotes falling out of favour?

    A) For most people, large notes can be a liability, rather than an asset.
    B) High-Value banknotes have been getting a lot of bad press.
    C) Working out exactly who holds big bank notes is a tricky business.
    D) Getting rid of large notes might hinder criminals.
    E) The Swiss authorities have no plans to get rid of their Sfr1,000 note.

      1. MITTHU

        acha bala b bol raha tha tera ans dhekh ke confuse hogya:(

          1. MITTHU

            :)) my fault ..muje apneap pe trust karna chiye tha hehehe

          2. Keep Smile

            fir bhi sorry :))

    1. Probability

      dnt bring gk no talk about swiss bank or anytoher

    2. B) High-Value banknotes have been getting a lot of bad press.

      1. ~~~S~~~

        B) High-Value banknotes have been getting a lot of bad press.

  39. optimistic

    SEBI bans Reliance Industries from equity derivatives trading for one year

  40. Marriages between members of the extended family were ________ to strengthen the ties of relationships.
    (a) mentioned
    (b) promoted
    (c) indulged
    (d) performed
    (e) evolved

      1. Probability

        marriages are performed or indulged?

        1. Keep Smile

          lets see..

        2. Keep Smile

          u r correct ..

          1. Probability

            take time read give late reply doesnt matter

          2. Keep Smile

            :)) ok

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


      1. ~~~S~~~

        kyu evolved nahi?

  41. optimistic

    Winner of the 2016-17 Santosh Trophy is – West Bengal runner up goa


      defeated goa

    2. Keep Smile

      kerala ne bhi santosh trophy jeeta tha na ??

  42. The young artist maintains a/an ________ of style and does not ________ it to cater to the masses.
    (a) array . . . simplify
    (b) nerve . . . engulf
    (c) monotony . . . hasten
    (d) dichotomy . . . hold
    (e) purity . . . dilute

          1. Probability

            laugh every time at ur dp 😛

          2. STAR NEWS

            Koi Na
            Bp Too Kuch kiya mainai kisi kaa :)))

    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


    2. (e) purity . . . dilute

  43. Thats all for today 🙂
    GN 🙂

    10 PM: CA of 23 and 24 March 2017

    1. STAR NEWS


      Aatai hi katam

      Ty Mam

      1. M@nish...

        star news apko rakhe aage :p

    2. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''

      thnx mam:)

    3. Probability

      Thanx mam
      bye gn sd tc atb
      and nice new site 🙂

    4. ~~~S~~~

      thank you ma’am gud n8t

        1. purvi

          to ke sath v1 aati hai
          but kahi kahi to ke sath v1+ing bhi use hoti hai
          to vo is case me hoti hai ?

          1. yes few cases hote hai jahan to + v1+ing is used

            V1+ing is used as a noun
            so jahan par to k bad noun use ho sakta hai vahan ing

            kuch phrases k bad b use hota hai like
            look forward to – jab to verb ka hi part ho

          2. purvi

            nhi samaj aa rha

          3. doing some work abi
            i ll tell with examples

          4. purvi

            okkk mam
            thanku 🙂

          5. MITTHU

            to+ing use as gerund

          6. purvi

            will u plz explain me in detail

          7. MITTHU

            same as gerund
            I am opposed to increasing taxes.
            yaha to+incresing(noun) ka work kar rahi h

          8. MITTHU

            verbs . adjective , pharese ke bad to aajaye to waha b to+ ing ka use hoga
            or phrasl verb jo b to se end to b to+ v+ing ka use ga but preposition ke bad to ho to ing ka use nai hoga v1 ka use hoga only

          9. purvi

            got it
            thanku 🙂

    5. ~~~S~~~

      maam koi site jaha se rc practice qus mil sake?

        1. ~~~S~~~

          ma’am second last qus me
          kyu evolved nahi?

    6. Gusto

      thank u mam
      Gn !!!

    7. MITTHU

      thanku mam :))

    8. K!nG Iz B!nG

      10x mam???


    1) What is a dedicated grievance redressal platform on social media for queries to oil and gas?

    a. MoPNG l-seva

    b. MoPNG m-seva

    c. MoPNG d-seva

    d. MoPNG e-seva


      ANSWER: MoPNG e-seva

  45. optimistic

    Ravish Kumar awarded first Kuldip Nayar journalism award


    2) Which UN conference was boycotted by India on 27th March 2017?

    a. Negotiation of legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons leading to complete elimination

    b. Prohibiting nuclear weapons

    c. Prohibiting nuclear tests

    d. Both b and c


      ANSWER: Negotiation of legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons leading to complete elimination


    3) Which nation’s president was sentenced to death for treason on 25th March 2017?

    a. Yemen

    b. Libya

    c. Somalia

    d. Sudan

      1. ANUP SINGH

        want more of ’em?


      ANSWER: Yemen

  48. optimistic

    27th March: World Theatre Day

  49. optimistic

    Bengaluru gets India’s first vertical garden Hosur road

  50. optimistic

    Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel wins Australian Formula One Grand Prix

    1. STAR NEWS

      43 Race Victory


    Abhi takk Disqus Problem thik kyu nahi hua :////

    Abhi bhi kisi ka comment nahi dikh raha hai :////

    @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus Mam

    1. yes
      problem hmesha rhti hai disqus ki
      use embedded link

  52. optimistic

    Indian who got ranked in the 2017 Best CEOs List of Barron’s – Aditya Puri

    1. STAR NEWS

      Rank 23 ??

  53. jaga

    India has the potential(1)/ to become a superpower in the near future(2)/ as the nation has the maximum number(3)/ of youths in the world.(4)/No Error (5)


    1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''


      1. Keep Smile

        hi broda !!

        1. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''

          hii kitne aye cil me?

          1. Keep Smile

            result aa bhi gaya ??

          2. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''

            answer response sheet aaye h

          3. Keep Smile

            85 apka ??

          4. Keep Smile

            broda check inbox .. apke ??

          5. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''

            ke maine reply be kiya h:))

          6. Keep Smile

            apke marks ??

          7. "sandeep "'''Mission 2017'''

            110 n u

          8. Keep Smile

            good yaar ..check ur mail ..mere bahot km h ..

      2. Srishti

        a number = Singular
        phrase “a number of” = Plural

    2. MiMi

      no error////////////

  54. MiMi

    Who has been awarded with Sikh Jewel Award for 2017?

    1. MiMi

      gurinder chadha

  55. MiMi

    Which of the following will buy West Asian e-tailer Souq.com

  56. MiMi

    Who will lead the abroad roadshow of SEBI?

  57. MiMi

    The central government will provide Rs ______ to the top seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) ?

  58. MiMi

    Kishangarh airport is being constructed in which state?

  59. MiMi

    Which team has been presented with ICC Mace?

  60. MiMi

    T R Andhyarujina who passed away recently was related to which field?

  61. MiMi

    ahmed Kathrada who passed away recently was a politician and activist from which country?

  62. MiMi

    Chirag Shetty is related to which sports?

  63. MiMi

    Border-Gavaskar Trophy is related to which sports?

  64. MiMi

    Indian Oil Corp (IOC) has signed an agreement with Nepal to supply1 million tonnes (MT) of petroleum products for a period of ___ years

  65. MiMi

    Who has been appointed as the CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights?

      1. MiMi

        my favourite AZ

    1. Suraj

      akele akele quiz 🙂

      1. MiMi

        He he he nhi sir me revise kar rahi thi…

  66. Peacock in the Rain


  67. Suraj

    Good Evening!!!!!
    Todays Topic: 23 , 24 March 2017 CA + Syllogs practise of todays post
    Will start in few minutes

  68. Suraj

    Who has been awarded the 2017 Abel Prize?
    A) Robert Langlands
    B) Edward Witten
    C) Donald Coxeter
    D) Yves Meyer

    1. optimistic

      D French by UK

    2. Suraj

      Option D
      Explanation: Yves Meyer was honored largely “for his pivotal role in the development of the mathematical theory of wavelets”.

  69. Suraj

    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved the membership of how many countries to join as its member?
    A) 10
    B) 12
    C) 13
    D) 25

    1. Suraj

      C) 13 new
      Explanation: China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved the membership of 13 more countries. With 57 founding members, the AIIB which was established in 2015 aims to provide financing to address the daunting infrastructure needs across Asia. The 13 new additions will take the total number of members of AIIB to 70.

  70. Suraj

    How much amount has World Bank committed for the Uttarakhand Health Systems Development Project?
    A) US$ 100.00 million
    B) US$ 122.00 million
    C) US$ 125.00 million
    D) US$ 150.00 million

    1. Suraj

      A) US$ 100.00 million
      World Bank has committed UD$ 100 million. Total Project outlay is $ 125 million.

  71. Suraj

    Which state has topped in linking Aadhaar number with Jan Dhan Accounts?
    A) Tripura
    B) Telangana
    C) Andhra Pradesh
    D) Punjab

    1. Suraj

      C) AP
      As on March 15, Andhra Pradesh had linked 87.73 per cent of its Jan-Dhan Accounts

  72. Suraj

    A-Z GST Guide Programme has been rolled out by which e-commerce company for its seller?
    A) Flipkart
    B) Snapdeal
    C) Amazon
    D) Shopclues

  73. Suraj

    Which of the following company is going to acquire 4G business of Tikona?
    A) Reliance
    B) Airtel
    C) Vodafone
    D) Idea

    1. Suraj

      B) Airtel – for Rs 1600 crore

  74. Suraj

    Government of Goa has announced to make Goa Open Defecation free by ____ .
    A) October 2, 2018
    B) April 1, 2019
    C) April 1, 2020
    D) October 2, 2019

    1. Suraj

      D) October 2, 2019

  75. Suraj

    Ashokamitran who passed away recently was a writer in which language?
    A) Malayalam
    B) Tamil
    C) Gujarati
    D) Hindi

    1. Suraj

      B) Tamil
      Real Name- Jagadisa Thyagarajan

  76. Suraj

    Who has won the first Kuldip Nayar journalism award?
    A) Sudhir Chaudhary
    B) Barkha Dutt
    C) Ravish Kumar
    D) Arnab Goswami

    1. optimistic

      Cc one lakh prize money

    2. Suraj

      C) Ravish Kumar

  77. jaga


  78. Suraj

    1. Which Insurance Ombudsman has become the first to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification by STQC?
    A) Mumbai
    B) Kolkata
    C) Lucknow
    D) Delhi

  79. Suraj

    Government has removed the Tax Collection at Source(TCS) on cash purchase above Rs 2 lakh. What per cent TCS was charged earlier for such transactions?
    A) 1%
    B) 2%
    C) 3%
    D) 4%

    1. Suraj

      A) 1%
      This 1% TCS started with previous budget and has now been removed after ban on transaction above Rs 2 lakh is proposed.

  80. Suraj

    Economy of which country has been ranked the top performing in terms of overall strength and vitality as per Asia Competitiveness Annual Report 2017?
    A) India
    B) Malaysia
    C) China
    D) Japan

  81. Suraj

    The World Bank funded Uttarakhand Health Systems Development Project aims to improve the health care services in how many district of the state?
    A) 10
    B) 11
    C) 12
    D) 13

    1. Suraj

      In all the 13 districts of Uttarakhand.

  82. Suraj

    Where will be the headquarter of the Cloud Region be loacted that will be set up by Google in India?
    A) Delhi
    B) Bengaluru
    C) Mumbai
    D) Kolkata

  83. Suraj

    To commemorate Golden Jubilee of National Dairy Development Board’s (NDDB) launched a book titled _____ .
    A) 50 Years – Revolution in Milk Industr y
    B) 50 Years – The Great Revolution by NDDB
    C) 50 Years – The Great Indian Milk Revolution
    D) 50 Years – Revolutionary Milk

    1. Suraj

      c) 50 Years – The Great Indian Milk Revolution

  84. Suraj

    Scientists from which country are testing ‘artificial Sun’?
    A) France
    B) Germany
    C) China
    D) Japan

  85. Suraj

    What is the maximum loan that can be sanctioned under the Idea2POC (Proof of Concept) fund for women entrepreneurs set up by the IT, BT and S&T Department, under the MultiSector Startup Policy of Karnataka. ?
    A) Rs 10 lakh
    B) Rs 20 lakh
    C) Rs 25 lakh
    D) Rs 50 lakh

  86. Suraj

    India’s first vertical garden has come up in which city?
    A) Hyderabad
    B) Mumbai
    C) Bengaluru
    D) Ahmedabad

    1. MiMi


    2. optimistic

      C Hosur road

  87. Suraj

    What is the rank of SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya in the Fortune’s top 50 greatest leaders ranking?
    A) 19th
    B) 24th
    C) 26th
    D) 36th

    1. piNKmAn-debasis


  88. Suraj

    On March 23, 2017 India observed the Martyrs day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru. This was the _____ Martyrs day.
    A) 84th
    B) 85th
    C) 86th
    D) 87th

  89. Suraj

    Which of the following company has launched Digital Payment Security alliance along with MeitY.
    A) Microsoft
    B) IBM
    C) Google
    D) Samsung

    1. optimistic

      Cc Samsung pay

  90. Suraj

    What is India’s rank in Global Energy Architecture Performance Index of WEF?
    A) 90
    B) 85
    C) 87
    D) 127

    1. Suraj

      C) Top- Switzerland. India – 87

  91. Suraj

    Ankur Mittal is related to which sports?
    A) Hockey
    B) Football
    C) Shooting
    D) Lawn Tennis

    1. piNKmAn-debasis


    2. optimistic

      C gold medal

    3. Suraj

      C) Shooting
      Why in News?????
      Shooter Ankur Mittal clinched his first World Cup gold medal by defeating Australian James Willet in the finals of the men’s double trap event at the at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup in Acapulco, Mexico

  92. Suraj

    Port of Chittagong is located in?
    A) Nepal
    B) India
    C) Bangladesh
    D) Sri Lanka

    1. Suraj

      C) Bangladesh
      Why in News????
      New Delhi will carry out a survey to lay one more new railway line between India and Bangladesh to access the Chittagong international sea port and ease connectivity with the landlocked northeast region. The Port of Chittagongis the largest seaport in Bangladesh.

  93. Suraj

    Recently an MoU was signed between CERT-ln and US Homeland Security Department on cooperation in the field of Cyber Security. Where is the headquarter of CERT-In located?
    A) Mumbai
    B) Bengaluru
    C) New Delhi
    D) Lucknow

  94. Suraj

    As per the amendment proposed to National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1981, the authorized capital of NABARD will be increased from Rs 5000 crore to ______
    A) Rs. 30,000 crore
    B) Rs. 10,000 crore
    C) Rs. 20,000 crore
    D) Rs. 25,000 crore

    1. Suraj

      A) Rs. 30,000 crore

  95. Suraj

    Under the Namami Gange programme the government has set an objective that no untreated municipal sewage or industrial effluent will be discharged into River Ganga by the year _____ .
    A) 2019
    B) 2020
    C) 2021
    D) 2022

    1. Suraj

      B) 2020

      Explanation: Minister of State for River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Vijay Goyal said the government has set an objective that no untreated municipal sewage or industrial effluent will be discharged into River Ganga by 2020 under Namami Gange programme.

  96. Suraj

    Assam government has signed MoU with which of the following bank to provide interest subsidy at the rate of 3.50% for housing loan and at suitable rate to make education loan at 4%?
    A) Yes Bank
    B) ICICI Bank
    C) HDFC Bank
    D) State Bank of India

    1. Suraj

      D) State Bank of India

  97. paakhi

    Mene learn ni kiya kuch aaj 😐

    1. Suraj

      very good 😀

  98. Suraj

    Vani Kapoor is related to which sports?
    A) Hockey
    B) Tennis
    C) Shooting
    D) Golf

    1. piNKmAn-debasis


  99. Suraj

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        1. ANUP SINGH

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    study and ask any doubt on that page

  101. Suraj

    Topic for tomorrow: 25 and 26 March 2017 Current Affairs + Syllogs questions from tomorrows post

    Good Night !!!!! Keep Learning!!!!!

    Practise Sets for upcoming exams

    Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Questions Set 20: http://aspirantszone.com/quantitative-aptitude-data-interpretation-questions-set-20/

    Reasoning Puzzles Set 24 (Seating Arrangements): http://aspirantszone.com/reasoning-puzzles-seating-arrangements/

    Mixed English Questions Set 46 (New Pattern): http://aspirantszone.com/new-pattern-english-questions-for-bank-and-insurance-exams/

    English: Sentence Rearrangement Set 8: http://aspirantszone.com/sentence-rearrangement-questions-for-sbi-po/

    Banking Awareness Set 37 (Regulatory Body in India): http://aspirantszone.com/banking-awareness-questions-on-regulatory-body-in-india/

    Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 26: http://aspirantszone.com/editorials-english-vocabulary-words-set-26/

    Current Affairs Quiz: March 29, 2017: http://aspirantszone.com/current-affairs-quiz-29-march-2017/

    Static GK Quiz for Banking Exams Set 35: http://aspirantszone.com/important-static-gk-questions-for-banking/

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