English: Double Fillers for SBI PO Prelims Set 12

Double Fillers for SBI PO NIACL Assistant and other Bank exams.

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence .

  1. As everybody knows nowadays, the knowledge we ______ of life before the beginnings of human memory and tradition is _______ from the markings and fossils of living things in the stratified rocks.
    A) acquire, contradicted
    B) carry, dynamic
    C) possess, derived
    D) dominate, concluded
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    Option C
  2. Many scientific men have speculated about the first beginning of life and their speculations are often of great______ , but there is absolutely no definite knowledge and no ______ guess yet of the way in which life began.
    A) affection, loyal
    B) interest, convincing
    C) diversion, weak
    D) relevance, credit
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    Option B
  3. Plants no _____ preceded animal forms in the invasion of the land, but the animals probably followed up the plant emigration very______ .
    A) way, deeply
    B) never, nicely
    C) belief, effectively
    D) doubt, closely
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    Option D
  4. The earliest mammals, like the earliest birds, were creatures ______ by competition and pursuit into a life of hardship and ______ to cold.
    A) driven, adaptation
    B) feared, change
    C) deprived, defeat
    D) challenged, revision
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    Option A
  5. The Goat was ______ near the wall of the house, but Sumit kept _____ up the hill-side.
    A) kept, giving
    B) tied, deprived
    C) tethered, looking
    D) held, go
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    Option C
    : tethered – tied (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.
  6. He _______ although his success was not ______.
    A) flourished, unexpected
    B) succeeded, expected
    C) won, given
    D) profited, distributed
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    Option B
  7. They fought so ______ that the enemy were _____ off.
    A) nicely, spread
    B) unexpectedly, criticized
    C) bravely, driven
    D) timidly, forced
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    Option C
  8. Nothing can _____ the confusion of thought that I felt when I _____ into the water.
    A) describe, sank
    B) represent, went
    C) clear, stepped
    D) suppress, died
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    Option A
  9. Passengers were ______ it is dangerous to lean out of the window when the train is in______ .
    A) respected, running
    B) advised, moving
    C) notified, direction
    D) warned, motion
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    Option D
  10. India’s dreams of building a knowledge economy and staying competitive among the major nations of the world will depend on _______ its education system to give the basic sciences and research into their advance the prime status they_______ .
    A) improving, know
    B) overhauling, deserve
    C) inspecting, demand
    D) maximizing, acquire
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    Option B


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    Nothing can _____ the confusion of thought that I felt when I _____ into the water.
    A) describe, sank
    B) represent, went
    C) clear, stepped
    D) suppress, died
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    Option A

    i think c should come here…people drown into water n things sank….plz clear

    1. Aristotle Plato

      Drown means that you die because you get too much liquid of some kind in your lungs, but the author is alive and he is describing the situation here. So “sank” best choice from others.

    2. Suraj

      what confusion will some one have by stepping in water?? but option a) wins over c) because when some one is sinking,, there is a sort of fear and hallucination.. so the author says that nothing can describe this thought

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