English: Double Fillers for SBI PO Prelims Set 12

Double Fillers for SBI PO NIACL Assistant and other Bank exams.

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence .

  1. As everybody knows nowadays, the knowledge we ______ of life before the beginnings of human memory and tradition is _______ from the markings and fossils of living things in the stratified rocks.
    A) acquire, contradicted
    B) carry, dynamic
    C) possess, derived
    D) dominate, concluded
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    Option C
  2. Many scientific men have speculated about the first beginning of life and their speculations are often of great______ , but there is absolutely no definite knowledge and no ______ guess yet of the way in which life began.
    A) affection, loyal
    B) interest, convincing
    C) diversion, weak
    D) relevance, credit
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    Option B
  3. Plants no _____ preceded animal forms in the invasion of the land, but the animals probably followed up the plant emigration very______ .
    A) way, deeply
    B) never, nicely
    C) belief, effectively
    D) doubt, closely
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    Option D
  4. The earliest mammals, like the earliest birds, were creatures ______ by competition and pursuit into a life of hardship and ______ to cold.
    A) driven, adaptation
    B) feared, change
    C) deprived, defeat
    D) challenged, revision
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    Option A
  5. The Goat was ______ near the wall of the house, but Sumit kept _____ up the hill-side.
    A) kept, giving
    B) tied, deprived
    C) tethered, looking
    D) held, go
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    Option C
    : tethered – tied (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.
  6. He _______ although his success was not ______.
    A) flourished, unexpected
    B) succeeded, expected
    C) won, given
    D) profited, distributed
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    Option B
  7. They fought so ______ that the enemy were _____ off.
    A) nicely, spread
    B) unexpectedly, criticized
    C) bravely, driven
    D) timidly, forced
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    Option C
  8. Nothing can _____ the confusion of thought that I felt when I _____ into the water.
    A) describe, sank
    B) represent, went
    C) clear, stepped
    D) suppress, died
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    Option A
  9. Passengers were ______ it is dangerous to lean out of the window when the train is in______ .
    A) respected, running
    B) advised, moving
    C) notified, direction
    D) warned, motion
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    Option D
  10. India’s dreams of building a knowledge economy and staying competitive among the major nations of the world will depend on _______ its education system to give the basic sciences and research into their advance the prime status they_______ .
    A) improving, know
    B) overhauling, deserve
    C) inspecting, demand
    D) maximizing, acquire
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    Option B


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