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English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list

1. Hummock (noun) – A small natural hill

  • Synonyms: Knoll, Sand Dune, Ridge, Hillock, Sand Pile
  • Antonyms: Depression
  • Usage: Captain Bill leaned back on a hummock of earth, his arms folded behind his head.

2. Bauble (noun) – Cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing.

  • Synonyms: Knickknack, Doodad, Gimcrack, Trifle, Curio, Novelty, Whatnot
  • Antonyms: Worst
  • Usage: But men were buying Valentine’s baubles for their honeys long before the first Zales ever opened its doors in a suburban shopping mall.

3. Crabbed (adjective) – Annoyed and irritable.

  • Synonyms: Cross, Bad-tempered, Cantankerous, Crabby, Disagreeable, Grouchy, Surly
  • Antonyms: Good-humored
  • Usage: He grew crabbed and soured, his temper flashing out on small provocation

4. Vilify (verb) – Spread negative information about

  • Synonyms: Assail, Berate, Damn, Malign, Revile, Attack, Curse, Knock, Slam
  • Antonyms: Approve, Commend, Favor, Laud, Defend, Protect, Praise
  • Usage: The trial was televised and the victim’s identity became known, resulting in her being vilified by almost the entire town.

5. Temporize (verb) – Draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time

  • Synonyms: Balk, Delay, Hesitate, Stall, Equivocate, Procrastinate, Hedge
  • Antonyms: Advance, Further, Help, Face, Go Ahead
  • Usage: So he temporized and beat about the bush, and did not touch first on that which was nearest his heart.

6. Effete (adjective) – Excessively self-indulgent, affected, or decadent

  • Synonyms: Brunt-out, Corrupt, Debased, Declining, Obsolete, Worn-out, Overripe, Drained
  • Antonyms: Capable, Tireless, Useful, Working, Productive
  • Usage: John Bull was an effete old plutocrat whose sons and daughters were given up to sport and amusement.

7. Foist (verb) – To force onto another.

  • Synonyms: Impose, Fob off, Compel to accept, Inset fraudulently, pass off
  • Antonyms: Prevent, Overlook, Remove, Neglect, Help
  • Usage: Mr. Knoll added that the 3-D “Star Wars” movies are not “going to be foisted on anybody against their will.

8. Gadfly (noun) – A persistently annoying person criticizes others in order to provoke them into action.

  • Synonyms: Motivator, Annoyance, Energizer, Excitant, Irritant, Pest, Spur, Stimulator
  • Antonyms: calmness, Happiness, Satisfaction
  • Usage: Mr. Phelps is regarded here as the ultimate example of an irritating local gadfly.

9. Burgeon (verb) – Grow and flourish rapidly.

  • Synonyms: Prosper, Snowball, Sprout, Blossom, Expand, Grow, Increase, Thrive
  • Antonyms: Decline, Diminish, Decrease, Fade, Lessen, Shrink, Wither
  • Usage: Brooklyn’s burgeoning dining scene has even developed a following among Manhattan food lovers.

10. Haggle (verb) – Dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

  • Synonyms: Bargain, Barter, Dicker, Quibble, Squabble, Wrangle, Argue, Cavil
  • Antonyms: Agree, Concur, Comply
  • Usage: Obama said while officials can haggle over the makeup of spending cuts, the policy issues have no place in the measure.

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