Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 109

English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

1. Piquancy (noun) – A pleasantly sharp and appetizing flavour.

  • Synonyms: Flavouring, Fondness, Relish, Zest
  • Antonyms: Apathy, Blandness, Disinterest
  • Usage: The production retains its original piquancy.

2. Plethora (noun) – A large or excessive amount of something/an excess of.

  • Synonyms: Overabundance, Plenty, Profusion, Surfeit, Glut
  • Antonyms: Lack, Need, Scarcity, Want, Few, Little, Rarity
  • Usage: There has been a plethora of plays in recent years whose claim to modernity is based on indicated rather than felt emotion.

3. Conflate (verb) – Combine (two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc.) into one.

  • Synonyms: Combine, Unite, Join, Unify, Amalgamate, Consolidate
  • Antonyms: Divide, Part, Separate, Dissolve
  • Usage: I merely protested that it is simply wrong to conflate the cultural arguments for marriage rights with the political ones.

4. Indelible (adjective) – Making marks that cannot be removed.

  • Synonyms: Inerasable, Lasting, Memorable,Permanent, Rememberable
  • Antonyms: Destructible, Erasable, Impermanent
  • Usage: After the kindness he has shown to our family during this difficult time, he will always have an indelible place in all our hearts.

5. Overhaul (verb) – Take apart a piece of machinery in order to examine it and repair it if necessary.

  • Synonyms: Fix, Improve, Rebuild, Recondition, Repair, Revamp
  • Antonyms: Break, Damage, Destroy, Hurt, Injure
  • Usage: Clean and repair the forcing-houses, and overhaul the heating apparatus to see it is in good working condition.

6. Appall (verb) – Greatly dismay or horrify.

  • Synonyms: Horrify, Dismay, Distress Greatly, Outrage, Scandalize
  • Antonyms: Calm, Comfort, Delight, Gladden, Hearten
  • Usage: The religious teen was appalled when she opened a profanity-filled email.

7. Enamor (verb) – Be filled with love for.

  • Synonyms: In love with, Infatuated with, Besotted with, Smitten with, Love-struck by, Enrapture
  • Antonyms: Disenchant, Disgust, Displease, Repel, Repulse
  • Usage: The dancer will use her skillful moves to try and enamor the judging panel.

8. Behemoth (noun) – Something enormous, especially a large and powerful organization.

  • Synonyms: Beast, Huge, Humongous, Mammoth, Levitation
  • Antonyms: Miniature, Miniscule, Minute, Tiny
  • Usage: The monster truck rally showcased a behemoth whose tires were twice as tall as I am.

9. Subterranean (adjective) – Existing, occurring, or done under the earth’s surface; Figuratively – secret; concealed.

  • Synonyms: Covert, Secret, Below,Ground, Masked
  • Antonyms: Revealed, Unconcealed, Overt, Open
  • Usage: With the aid of scuba equipment, I can enjoy long subterranean explorations in the ocean.

10. Dismal (adjective) – Pitifully or disgracefully bad.

  • Synonyms: Bad, Poor, Pitiful, Disgraceful, Unsatisfactory
  • Antonyms: Bright, Cheerful, Happy, Intelligent, Joyful
  • Usage: The team ended the school year with a dismal record of one win and eleven losses.

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