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English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

1. Mettle (noun) – The courage to carry on ; strength of spirit; the ability to continue despite difficulties

  • Synonyms:  Spirit, Fortitude, Tenacity,  Determination, Resolve, Resolution, Gameness, Courage, Courageousness, Bravery, Gallantry, Valour, Nerve
  • Antonyms:  Cowardice, Fearful, Dullness, Weak, Timid, Powerless
  • Usage: To prove his mettle and show that he was daring enough to join the club, Timmy had to spend an hour alone in the haunted house on the hill.

2. Nebulous (adjective) – Lacking definition or definite content; lacking definite form or limits; Unclear, vague; not clearly defined

  • Synonyms:  Vague, Dim, Cloudy, Nebular, Unclear, Murky, Faint, Fuzzy
  • Antonyms:  Clear, Bright, Distinct, Sure , Definite, Certain, Obvious
  • Usage: While the driving teacher thought his instructions were clear, the students found them to be nebulous.

3. Placid (adjective) – Free from disturbance; living without undue worry; taking life easy; not easily upset or excited

  • Synonyms:   Calm, Pacific, Peaceful, Quiet,  Untroubled, Peaceful, Possessed, , Serene, Smooth, Unworried
  • Antonyms:  Agitated, Angry, Inclement, Restless, Rough, Stormy, Tempestuous, Turbulent, Unquiet,Unsettled
  • Usage: Even when the emergency room was packed with patients, the staff remained placid and calmly did their duties.

4. Rescind (verb) – To put an end to (something planned or previously agreed to); to take back; cancel

  • Synonyms:  Abandon,  Cancel,  Drop  , Scrap, Scrub, Annul, Overturn, Repeal, Reverse, Revoke, Vacate
  • Antonyms:  Continue, Keep, Allow, Approve, Permit
  • Usage: When new evidence in favor of the defendant came to light, the judge had no choice but to rescind the trial verdict.

5. Saccharine (adjective) – Overly sweet ; romantic or sentimental to the point of sounding silly

  • Synonyms: Cloying, Corny, Drippy, Gooey, Maudlin, Mawkish, Mushy, Sappy,  Sloppy, Slushy, Sugarcoated, Sugary
  • Antonyms:  Unsentimental, Bitter, Tart, Acidulous , Harsh, Demonic
  • Usage: My boss talks about her dog in such a saccharine way you would think she is talking about a human child.

6. Somber (adjective) – Grave or even gloomy in character; lacking brightness or color; dull; grim or miserable

  • Synonyms:   Bleak,  Dismal, Dreary, Gloomy, Grave, Grim, Melancholy, Solemn   Darksome, Dimmed, Dusky, Gloomy, Lightless, Murky, Obscure
  • Antonyms:  Beaming, Glowing , Bright, Illuminated, Lucent,, Luminous, Merry, Happy
  • Usage: After Bill was unexpectedly fired, he was in a somber mood for weeks.

7. Spurn (verb) – Reject with contempt ; to reject; turn down

  • Synonyms:  Deny, Disdain, Disown, Rebuff, Reject, Repudiate, Decline, Disapprove, Refuse,  Reprobate, Throw Out, Throw Over, Turn Down
  • Antonyms:  Accept, Agree, Approve, Welcome , Prefer , Embrace
  • Usage: I’ll never understand why my cousin chose to spurn the chance to join us on our family cruise to the Bahamas.

8. Tranquil (adjective) – Free from agitation or worry; calm ; relaxed; peaceful

  • Synonyms: Calm, Peaceful, Quiet, Serene, Untroubled, Placid, Undisturbed, Smooth, Untroubled
  • Antonyms: Wilds, Clamorous, Clattery, Deafening, Loud, Noisy, Raucous,  Rowdy,  Unquiet, Restless, Angry
  • Usage: There are some librarians who do not allow mobile phone use because they want to keep their libraries quiet and tranquil.

9. Vex (verb) – To bring to trouble, distress, or agitation; or annoy ; disturb the peace of mind of

  • Synonyms:   Aggravate, Annoy, Disturb, Irk, Irritate, Provoke, Trouble, Aggravate, Annoy, Nettle, Peeve, Persecute
  • Antonyms:  Comfort, Please, Soothe, Ease, Pacify, Mollify, Conciliate
  • Usage: The job of the government is to eliminate the problems which vex our country.

10. Wanton (verb) – Behave extremely cruelly and brutally ; having no concern for the rights, feelings, or safety of others

  • Synonyms:   Bawdy, Immoral, Lewd,  Indecent, Lascivios, Lewd, Nasty, Careless, Erratic, Hasty, Immoral, Impetuous, Loose, Reckless.
  • Antonyms:  Clean, Decent, Moral, Kind, Kind-Heated, Chaste, Tender
  • Usage: The man is probably going to get the death penalty for his wanton killing of six school children.

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