Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 75

English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

  1. Expunge – obliterate or remove completely.
    • Synonyms: erase, efface, annul, destroy
    • Antonyms: create, construct, make, fabricate 
    • Usage: It is created in order to expunge fake elements that promote murder and terrorism.
  2. Augur – portend a good or bad outcome.
    • Synonyms: foretell, predict, bode
    • Antonyms: contraindicate, fair
    • Usage: These developments augur well for West Asia.
  3. Eschew – avoid
    • Synonyms: Abstain, shun, relinquish, reject
    • Antonyms: embrace, intervene, confront, adopt
    • Usage: It does not appear to acknowledge the historical ties that eschews diversity and differences.
  4. Felicitate – honour
    • Synonyms: compliment, praise, laud, congratulate
    • Antonyms: condemn, censure, criticize, disapprove
    • Usage: It remains to be seen if the Saudi regime will continue to fund and support its version of immoderate Islam by felicitating figures like Zakir Naik.
  5. Evangelism – zealous advocacy or support of a particular cause.
    • Synonyms: Propaganda, teaching, preaching, crusade
    • Usage: It cannot lay the blame for its own evangelism and conservatism at Iran’s door.
  6. Quip – a witty remark.
    • Synonyms: Repartee, jest, pun, sally
    • Antonyms: misunderstanding, misinterpretation
    • Usage: Peter ate heartily with a quip about being a condemned man.
  7. Detonate – explode or cause to explode.
    • Synonyms: Shatter, erupt, ignite
    • Antonyms: dismantle, deactivate, compress, remove, counteract 
    • Usage: A car bomb was detonated at a mosque in Kabul.
  8. Fret – be constantly or visibly anxious.
    • Synonyms: worry, anxious, distressed
    • Antonyms: comfort
    • Usage: She fretted about the cost of groceries.
  9. Galvanise – shock or excite (someone) into taking action.
    • Synonyms: Jolt, shock, startle, impel, stir
    • Antonyms: demotivate
    • Usage: The urgency of his voice galvanized them into action. 
  10. Rapturous – characterized by, feeling, or expressing great pleasure or enthusiasm.
    • Synonyms: ecstatic, joyful, joyous, elated, euphoric
    • Antonyms: bored, indifferent
    • Usage: He was greeted with rapturous applause.

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