Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 83

English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

  1. Callous (adjective) – showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
    • Synonyms: heartless, unfeeling, uncaring, cold
    • Antonyms:  kind, compassionate
    • Usage: His callous comments about the murder made me shiver.
  2. Ramble (verb) – walk for pleasure in the countryside.
    • Synonyms: backpack, trek, wander, stroll, saunter, jaunt
    • Antonyms:  concise, pithy
    • Usage: I spent most of my spare time rambling and climbing.
  3. Epitaph (noun) – something by which a person, time, or event will be remembered.
    • Synonyms: elegy, commemoration, obituary
    • Usage: The story makes a sorry epitaph to a great career.
  4. Nonagenarian (Noun) – a person who is between 90 and 99 years old.
    • Usage: Many nonagenarians might have thought twiceabout accepting a role in a film.
  5. Palatial (adjective) – resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid.
    • Synonyms: deluxe, lavish, opulent, sumptuous
    • Antonyms: unimpressive, small, frugal, meager 
    • Usage: “her palatial apartment in Mayfair”
  6. Embezzle (verb) – steal or misappropriate (money placed in one’s trust or belonging to the organization for which one works).
    • Synonyms: misappropriate, steal, rob, abstract
    • Antonyms:  compensate, return, reimburse, stone
    • Usage: She had embezzled Rs 5,00,000 in company funds.
  7. Wring (verb) – squeeze (someone’s hand) tightly, especially with sincere emotion.
    • Synonyms: extract, elicit, force, coerce, exact, extort, wrest, wrench, screw, squeeze
    • Antonyms:  dehydrated
    • Usage: He fervently wrung her hand.
  8. Erudition (noun) – the quality of having or showing great knowledge or learning; scholarship.
    • Synonyms: learning, scholarship, knowledge, intellect
    • Antonyms:  ignorance
    • Usage: He was known for his wit, erudition, and teaching skills.
  9. Tacit (adjective) – understood or implied without being stated.
    • Synonyms: hinted, suggested, insinuated, unstated
    • Antonyms:  explicit, stated
    • Usage: Your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement.
  10. Certitude (noun) – absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case.
    • Synonyms: confidence, sureness, reliability
    • Antonyms:  doubt
    • Usage: The question may never be answered with certitude.

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