Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 84

English Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, IPPB, UICL, OICL. We are providing vocabulary words from the Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

  1. Stagger (verb) – astonish or deeply shock.
    • Synonyms: astonish, amaze, startle, astound, surprise, bewilder
    • Antonyms:  comfort, continue
    • Usage: I was staggered to find it was six o’clock.
  2. Hassle (noun) – irritating inconvenience.
    • Synonyms: bother, nuisance, problem, struggle, annoyance
    • Antonyms:  agreement
    • Usage: “the hassle of child care”
  3. Rife (adjective) – of common occurrence; widespread.
    • Synonyms: widespread, general, common, universal, extensive, ubiquitous, global, omnipresent
    • Antonyms: scarce, unknown
    • Usage: Male chauvinism was rife in medicine.
  4. Adjudicate (verb) – make a formal judgement on a disputed matter.
    • Synonyms: judge, adjudge, try, hear, examine, arbitrate
    • Antonyms: ignore, not judge 
    • Usage: The committee adjudicates on all betting disputes.
  5. Effeminate (adjective) – having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.
    • Synonyms: womanish, unmanly, effete
    • Antonyms: manly
    • Usage: He lisps and his handshake is effeminate.
  6. Grit (noun) – courage and resolve; strength of character.
    • Synonyms: bravery, pluck, mettle, spirit
    • Antonyms:  cowardice, retard, timidity, craziness
    • Usage: I’ve known few men who could match Maude’s grit.
  7. Distend (verb) – swell or cause to swell by pressure from inside.
    • Synonyms: expand, dilate, inflate, enlarge
    • Antonyms:  shrink, contract, shrunken, deflated
    • Usage: The abdomen distended rapidly.
  8. Cohort (noun) – a group of people with a shared characteristic.
    • Synonyms: category, group, class, set, section, grade
    • Usage: A cohort of civil servants patiently drafted legislation.
  9. Sanative (adjective) – conducive to physical or spiritual health and well-being; healing.
    • Synonyms: healing, curative, alleviative, remedial
    • Antonyms:  unhealthful, damaging 
    • Usage: Avoiding a spike in blood sugar by making the right food choices is sanative for some diabetes.
  10. Tempestuous (adjective) – characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotion.
    • Synonyms: violent, wild, lively, heated, explosive
    • Antonyms:  peaceful, placid, calm
    • Usage: He had a reckless and tempestuous streak.

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