English: Cloze Test for upcoming exams – Set 72

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage

Conventional banks will remain a force in all of the…1…that are being targeted. They retain a huge marketing advantage in the form of their …2…., and can raise money cheaply thanks to government backing for deposits and implicit government guarantees on their own debt. Still, neither of these advantages is without cost, and the price of government engagement is becoming particularly stiff. The level of capital banks must …3…. is rising and the overall process of extending credit is becoming an increasingly …4…., bureaucratic quagmire. Most originators, in contrast, are not regulated as banks, and are not subject to the same expensive capital requirements or …5….. red tape. Indeed, regulators like them, since they are unlikely to need bail-outs. They do not take in deposits backed by a government guarantee and cannot make big losses on loans, since those are passed directly to other investors.

  1. A) apsidals
    B) places
    C) corners
    D) niches
    E) coutures
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      Option  D
  2. A) annexes
    B) bureaus
    C) viscerals
    D) derivtives
    E) branches
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      Option E
  3. A) maintain
    B) hold
    C) braced
    D) enclosed
    E) encircled
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      Option B
  4. A) discriminated
    B) criticised
    C) debated
    D) politicised
    E) modified
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      Option D
  5. A) smothering
    B) depressing
    C) suffocating
    D) breathing
    E) reviving
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      Option C

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage

In 2011 Matt Burton, Orchard’s boss, …6…. $700 via Lending Club, an online platform which links borrowers and creditors. He was pleased with his return of 8% until he discovered it was half that of Angela Ceresnie, now Orchard’s chief financial officer, who was working at the time in small-business lending at Citigroup. That prompted two…7….: first, that there was money to be made by working with “originators”, meaning startups providing credit in …8…. ways; and second, that institutional investors would struggle to seize on this opportunity without an …9….. There are now at least 450 originators, Mr Burton estimates, focusing on half a dozen niches including loans to consumers, small businesses, students and property investors. To the extent the originators resemble one another, it is that they tend to make relatively small loans and use innovative methods to evaluate risk. For example, SoFi, based in San Francisco, refinances law-school debt for graduates who have passed the bar and are thus particularly likely to repay. OnDeck provides loans to merchants and collects (in tiny increments) each time their customers pay with a credit card. Kabbage also provides credit to merchants, monitoring borrowers’…10… by tracking PayPal receipts and UPS shipment records.

  1. A) granted
    B) lent
    C) allowed
    D) spared
    E) None of these
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      Option B
  2. A) insights
    B) ideas
    C) remarks
    D) complexities
    E) visions
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      Option A
  3. A) amicable
    B) common
    C) traditional
    D) novel
    E) normal
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      Option D
  4. A) arbiter
    B) liaison
    C) intermediary
    D) translator
    E) None of these
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      Option C
  5. A) failures
    B) solvency
    C) adequacy
    D) capability
    E) None of these
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      Option B

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