English : Cloze Test for PO Prelims, NIACL, NICL – Set 34

Directions (1-5): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

“FEDERAL Reserve deeply split. Renegade group of board members to create separate American dollar.” Such a headline seems highly (1) ______, but this in essence is what is happening in the land of Bitcoin, a digital currency. On August 15th two of its main developers released a (2)______ version of the software that powers the currency. With no easy way to resolve feuds, some are warning that this “fork” could result in a full-blown schism.

The dispute is predictably (3)_________. The bone of contention is the size of a “block”, the name given to the batches into which Bitcoin transactions are (4) ______ before they are processed. Satoshi Nakamoto, the crypto-buff who created the currency before disappearing from view in 2011, limited the block size to one megabyte. That is enough to handle about 300,000 transactions per day—suitable for a currency used mainly by geeks, as Bitcoin once was, but (5) _________ near enough to satisfy the growth aspirations of its boosters. Conventional payment systems like Visa and MasterCard can process tens of thousands of payments per second if needed.

  1. A) plausible
    B) convincing
    C) unlikely
    D) related
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    Option C
  2. A) assisting
    B) competing
    C) supported
    D) enclosed
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    Option B
  3. A) overlapped
    B) more obvious
    C) intelligible
    D) arcane
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    Option D
  4. A) assembled
    B) constructed
    C) charged
    D) gathered
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    Option D
  5. A) all of them
    B) extremely
    C) certainly
    D) nowhere
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    Option D

Directions (6-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

IT WAS only a decade or so ago that Scotland was hit by the “Great Drain Robbery”, the disappearance of 50 manhole covers in Fife. It gave an (6) _______ of the emergence of a new era in commodity markets, spurred by insatiable demand from China. Scrap-metal prices—and so scrap-metal thefts—soared. Africa was over-run by Chinese engineers; Australia elected a Mandarin-speaking prime minister; and emerging markets from Argentina to Zambia relished the (7) _______ values of their farmland and mines. The boom was fanned by a weak American dollar, the currency in which most stuff that comes out of the ground is priced.

The gears have now gone into reverse. A (8) ______ dollar has hammered commodity prices: many have recently fallen below their levels of a decade ago. That is a fate not shared by other tradeable assets: not since the late 1990s have commodity prices been so weak compared with shares. The American economy is strengthening, but by no means enough to (9) _________ thieves to filch bronze bells from Chinese temples to send as scrap to the United States. The (10) ______  of its recovery is dwarfed by slowing demand in China, which still consumes about half the world’s metals such as iron, aluminium, and zinc.

  1. A) story
    B) inkling
    C) spoiler
    D) incident
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    Option B
  2. A) rising
    B) descending
    C) setting
    D) climbing
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    Option A
  3. A) latent
    B) invisible
    C) resurgent
    D) lurking
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    Option C
  4. A) accounting
    B) agitate
    C) suggest
    D) encourage
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    Option D
  5. A) impact
    B) failure
    C) emergence
    D) upstarted
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    Option A

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