English: Cloze Test for upcoming exams – Set 71

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage.

Studies have also established that although spending on stadiums and infrastructure for the quadrennial __(1)____boosts economic activity in the short run, hosting an Olympics is financially__(2)__. There are even instances when hosting the Games has pushed economies into crises or into heavy debt, as happened _(3)____Greece. And even when hosts avoided crises, their economies have been left with an ‘Olympics hangover’. Researchers at the Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) established in a 2012 study that the problem is primarily of cost over-runs. And as sports economist Andrew Zimbalist notes in Circus Maximus : The economic gamble behind hosting the Olympics and the World Cup, the strategy of the entities that gain from a city’s hosting of the Games — construction companies, media companies, hotels and restaurants — is “to lowball the cost estimates with a bare-bones plan, and then, once it is approved, to add the bells and__(4)_____”. If a realistic estimate of costs were provided, the project would never __(5)_____public support, he notes.

  1. A) spectacle
    B) exhibit
    C) pageant
    D) extravaganza
    E) expoe
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      Option  D

  2. A) lethal
    B) unhealthy
    C) risky
    D) perilous
    E) advantageous
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      Option  C

  3. A) with
    B) for
    C) to
    D) over
    E) against
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      Option  A

  4. A) Balloons
    B) Whistles
    C) Rings
    D) Jingles
    E) Drums
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      Option  B

  5. A) Secure
    B) Meek
    C) attain
    D) grab
    E) scathed
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      Option  A

Fill in the blanks choosing the word that is most appropriate in the context of the passage.

Instead, nurse wages simply reflect the relative scarcity of labour, a fact that hospitals need to take into account when they decide to employ nurses. So, a relatively large supply of nurses causes their wages to drop and allows hospitals to employ more nurses. __(1)____, when the supply of nurses is relatively small, it results in higher wages that push hospitals to employ fewer nurses. A minimum wage set by the government, in other words, will do very little to change the underlying reality of the supply of nurses in India far __(2)_____demand — which explains their low wages. Instead, as mentioned, the minimum wage will only prevent hospitals from fully _(3)_____the available supply of nurses — except in very rare, unrealistic cases. The newly proposed minimum wage of Rs. 20,000, in fact, is far above the __(4)_____market rate for nurses. So it is only a matter of time before hospitals __(5)____their nursing staff, lower their working hours, or, if possible, automate their roles.

  1. A) similarly
    B) analogously
    C) evenly
    D) converesly
    E) identically
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      Option  D

  2. A) outranking
    B) leapfrogging
    C) outstripping
    D) outreaching
    E) outrunning
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      Option  C

  3. A) absorbing
    B) absconding
    C) relegating
    D) engrossing
    E) captivating
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      Option  A

  4. A) missing
    B) prevailing
    C) personal
    D) ancillary
    E) marginal
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      Option  B

  5. A) retrench
    B) augment
    C) dilate
    D) accentuate
    E) bestow
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      Option  A

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  1. Ravi Upadhyay

    thnx,,, mam the economist se rc aur cloze test bna ke de do yr….. bahuut kam ayga

  2. IBPS RRB PO-2018

    8/10 In 2nd close test Q-5. Ans( A) Retrench ..mam am i correct or not????

      1. Jeevan

        THE economist app hai waha weekly magzine ata hai
        Agar waha se abt world eco. close test bnaya to phayda hoga mam
        Posible ho to pls provide
        Thanku ☺

        1. yes from next time we will use the Economist:)

  3. In the END

    Last one retrench?

  4. Shubham Gupta

    please the economists se article bnao close test ke plzzzzz

      1. Shubham Gupta

        us me se hi aate h ibps me pasage and close test



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    7.last question?

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    1st ke 4th me jingles ku nai mam@@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam

    1. Hungry for success

      also 7th question me leapfrog over the demand sahi hota kya@@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam

      1. Srishti

        Outstrip= move faster than and overtake
        Leapfrog = overtake someone.

        Outstrip suits best in the given context.

    2. Srishti

      Bells and whistles is an English idiom

  9. jaga

    Mam 5th question ka ans attain b ho sakta hai to?

    1. Srishti

      secure- succeed in obtaining (something), especially with difficulty.

      Attain – succeed in achieving

      Secure public support= attract the public to spend their hard earned money, only to for the sake the events they are hosting.

      1. jaga

        Thoda diff . Hai ..ans galat ho jata hai …??thank u ☺?

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