English: Double Fillers for Upcoming Exams Set 21

English Double Fillers for Upcoming Exams

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. In terms of technology, the South Asia Communication Satellite, GSAT-9, launched last Friday, does not ______ much new______ .
    A) live, expectation
    B) break, ground
    C) appears, creativity
    D) finds path
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    Option B
    : break new ground- do something innovative and beneficial.
  2. In the ________ of the shootings at the school, many of the children experienced frequent, ______ nightmares.
    A) aftermath, terrible
    B) impact, trivial
    C) outcome, mean
    D) eventuality, stunning
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    Option A
    : aftermath- the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.
  3. The ship was ______ ashore after being ________ by the waves for days on end.
    A) kept, thrashed
    B) drained, thrashed
    C) brought, hydrated
    D) washed, battered
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    Option D
    : battered- injured by repeated blows
  4. Students’ ________ for handing assignments in late range from the __________  to the hilarious.
    A) apology, funny
    B) excuse, damaging
    C) justifications, bizarre
    D) request, singular
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    Option C
    : bizzare- very strange or unusual.
  5. I was afraid that my daughter’s ankle was _______ during the soccer game, but it was just badly ________ from a kick to the shin.
    A) broken, bruised
    B) defective, shattered
    C) crushed, spitted
    D) cracked, broken
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    Option A
    : bruised- an injury
  6. All of the prisoners were _______ within days of their_____ .
    A) secured, holiday
    B) captured, entrance
    C) detained, startle
    D) captured, escape
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    Option D
    : captured, escape
  7. The pirates had the _______ to try and ________ the presidential yacht.
    A) boldness, receive
    B) manacle, destroy
    C) bravery, collect
    D) audacity, steal
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    Option D
    : audacity- a confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude
  8. All the students were _______ around the bulletin board where their marks had been ______.
    A) bundled, declared
    B) clustered, posted
    C) accumulated, clutched
    D) clumped, proved
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    Option B
    : clustered- positioned close together
  9. Ritesh has been ________ with some serious personal problems lately, and is finding it difficult to _________ at work.
    A) encountered, neglect
    B) dodged, focus
    C) confronted, concentrate
    D) provoked, signify
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    Option C
    : confronted – face up to and deal with (a problem or difficulty).
  10. Any original work you create is by ______ your copyright, unless you ____ it.
    A) birth, own
    B) default, sell
    C) actuality, own
    D) right, infringe
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    Option B
    : default, sell


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