English: Fill in the Blanks Set 22 (Double Fillers)

English Double Fillers for Upcoming Exams

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. The students gave a convincing ______ for doing their presentations in ______ rather than individually.
    A) clash, support
    B) argument, groups
    C) brush, team
    D) agreement, team
    E) dispute, support
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    Option B
  2. The dishonest lender’s ______ caused hundreds of people to lose their homes when they _____ to meet the high interest payments.
    A) exploitation, supported
    B) stealing, regretted
    C) dishonesty, accomplished
    D) corruption, prepared
    E) usury, failed
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    Option E
    : usury- the act of lending money at ridiculously excessive rates of interest
  1. Some swear by the semi-divine ____ of her work, while others point out that not all her actions are above ______.
    A) temperament, herself
    B) nature, criticism
    C) consciousness, dignity
    D) character, judgment
    E) scale, answer
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    Option B
  2. Even if a man is found ___ by a court, he has an ___ to a higher court.
    A) guilty, appeal
    B) convicted, onus
    C) wanting, office
    D) derelict, attitude
    E) safe, accident
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    Option A
  3. He was initially _____ at the suggestion but was soon ____ it himself.
    A) frowning, rejecting
    B) thrilled, propagating
    C) shocked, advocating
    D) impressed, negating
    E) suspicious, trusting
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    Option C
  4. The Prime Minister felt that the ___ made by the Committee was _____ even though similar schemes had worked earlier.
    A) election, acceptable
    B) choice, profitable
    C) decision, gainful
    D) recommendation, infeasible
    E) acceptance, approved
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    Option D
  5. Sakshi was not ____ by the criticism and paid no _____ even when her best friend talked against her
    A) threatened, warning
    B) troubled, mind
    C) deterred, heed
    D) bothered, attention
    E) shaken, indication
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    Option C
    : Both C) and D) have very close meaning. You are bothered with/about something; and deterred by it. Note the use of preposition.
  6. The activities of the association have ____ from the ____ objectives set for it in the initial years.
    A) emerged, total
    B) deviated, original
    C) grown, simple
    D) details, grand
    E) increase, perverse
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    Option B
  7. The foolish waste all their mental and spiritual energy in _____ – foolish chatter of selfish argument, not to _____ wasteful physical excesses.
    A) triviality, speak of
    B) frivolity, mention
    C) gossip, tell
    D) obscurity, say
    E) insipidity, expatiate
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    Option B
  8. It hurt my pride to be forced to ___ a person who always insulted me; nevertheless, I tried to ____ him.
    A) rebuke, condign
    B) respect, avenge
    C) propitiate, conciliate
    D) repudiate, evaluate
    E) intimate, redeem
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    Option C
    : I fA propitiates B, A stops B being angry or impatient by doing something to please B. If A conciliates B, A tries to end a disagreement with B.


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