English: Error Spotting for Upcoming Exam – Set 182

Read each of the following four sentences to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. Choose the sentence with no grammatical error as the correct answer. If all the given sentences are grammatically correct, select ‘No Error’ as your answer.

  1. Recently, there has been a lively debate in England on the subject.
    A judicial commission has been proposed but there are not many takers for that proposal.
    An independent, able and upright judiciary is the hallmark of a free democratic country.
    Appointments must and will be made on merit, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
    No error
    Option E


  2. There is no field of human endeavour that have been so misunderstood as health.
    We have inherited the tradition of secret about the budget from Britain.
    There is no gainsaying that the past record of Japanese investment is a poor benchmark for future expectations.
    Beyond our bilateral relationship, India’s more active participation in global economy are needed.
    No error
    Option C
    In Option A, Replace ‘have’ with ‘has’.
    In Option B, Replace ‘secret’ with’ secrecy’.
    In Option D, Replace ‘are’ with ‘is’.


  3. India has steadfastly maintained its parliamentary democracy since independence.
    India should actively contribute in a big way as it has tremendous resources
    It is an old saying that knowledge is power.
    Education is an instrument which imparts knowledge and, therefore, indirectly controls power.
    No error
    Option E


  4. Rural population still dominates the urban population as far as the number is considered.
    This is despite of the fact that there is rampant migration of rural families to urban centres.
    Crime, riots, etc are some of the example of such risks of urban life.
    The forces that generate conditions conducive for crime and riots are stronger in urban communities than in rural areas.
    No error
    Option A
    In Option B, Remove ‘of’ after ‘despite’.
    In Option C, Replace ‘example’ with ‘examples’.
    In Option D, Replace ‘for’ with ‘to’, as ‘conducive’ is followed by preposition ‘to’.


  5. We all seek happiness but few, very-few, indeed, gets it.
    We are unhappy partly because we desire much more than what we can hope to attain.
    Our countless desires are hard to be satisfy and that is what makes us so sad in life.
    The secret of happiness lie in the simplification of life.
    No error
    Option C
    In Option A, Replace ‘gets’ with ‘get’.
    In Option C, Replace ‘satisfy’ with ‘satisfied’.
    In Option D, ‘lie’ with ‘lies’.


  6. A contented man devotes himself to virtue like truth, beauty, love, goodness, kindness and charity.
    A man who wants to lead a happy life, should also made others happy.
    Wealth may give us joy for a while and fame may provide us with fleeting excitement.
    King have everything to make them happy and yet they feel unhappy.
    No error
    Option C
    In Option A, Replace ‘virtue’ with ‘virtues’.
    In Option B, Replace ‘made’ with ‘make’.
    In Option D, Replace ‘King’ with ‘kings’.


  7. In doing one’s duty sincerely, one feels peace of mind which is an important essence of happiness.
    It is only by cultivating spirit of renunciation, self-sacrifice, contentment and sincere work that one can really happy.
    The strings of misfortune spares none but they will not cow such a person.
    Agriculture dominates change in India through its causal links to factor and product markets.
    No error
    Option A
    In Option B, Put ‘be’ after ‘really’.
    In Option C, Replace ‘spares’ with ‘spare’.
    In Option D, Replace ‘to’ with ‘with’.


  8. Low productivity in agriculture has lead to the concentration of the poor in this sector.
    However, there is an asymmetry of adjustments in the demand and supply of agriculture goods.
    Interdependencies in food and labour market are important for the development process.
    The magnitude of the interdependence depends on the technique of production caused the shifts in the food supply curve.
    No error
    Option C
    In Option A, Replace lead with led.
    In Option B, Replace agriculture with agricultural.
    In Option D, Replace caused with causing.


  9. Equally, if you show disloyalty to your company or colleagues, your manners will be seen as unacceptable.
    Our search engines have been astoundingly powerful to process and fetch the required information to the user.
    Many people believe that science and religion are contrary to each other.
    The name Greece comes from one of the islands to the south-east of Europe known as Graecia.
    No error
    Option E


  10. The family is an important socialisation agency both in rural and city communities.
    One of the common risks which agricultural life is exposed to in this country is famine or failure of crops.
    A kind of Famine Insurance System was attempted by British Government of India in the last century.
    The application of economic, environmental and consumer pressures has been on an increase in recent years.
    No error
    Option A
    In Option B, Replace ‘common’ with ‘most common’ or ‘commonest’.
    In Option C, Put article ‘the’ before ‘British’.
    In Option D, Replace ‘has’ with ‘have’.


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