English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 26

Direction: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. Medicare as we know it should be ___, replaced with a _____ system that can be used to help pay for private policies .
    A. Vacated, Validation
    B. Abolished, Voucher
    C. Repealed, Validation
    D. Negated, Documentation,
    E. Negated, Proof
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    Option B
  2. Tax cuts, their sponsors declared, would unleash market ____ and make everyone more _____.
    A. Potential, Prosperous
    B. Spirit, Soundness
    C. Virility, Prosperous
    D. Sturdiness, Prosperous
    E. Dynamism, Prosperous
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    Option E
  3. FedWatch, a tool that ______ how markets think monetary policy will go, ____ the probability of a June rate hike at 91%.
    A. Assumes, Through
    B. Estimates, Pegs
    C. Predicts, Assorts
    D. Shows, Variations
    E. Assumes, Measures
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    Option B
  4. Wage growth, which under low unemployment ____ be rising and driving inflation: gone ____
    A. Should, Slack
    B. Might, Down
    C. Would, Up
    D. Would, Far
    E. Could, Up
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    Option A
  5. Having signalled or even ____ the possibility of a move, they argue, the Fed must act, lest it ______ the trust of the markets.
    A. Raised, Lost
    B. Mooted, Squander
    C. Introduced, Trifle
    D. Mooted, Trifle
    E. Raised, Blow
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    Option B
  6. Markets, like toddlers, could ____, throw _____and break things.
    A. Complaint, Tantarums
    B. Scruple, Tantarums
    C.Fuss, Tantarums
    D. Distrust, Tantarums
    E. Question, Tantarums
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    Option C
  7. When we demand instant ____ and a _______ that everything will be ok, we’re only being childish
    A. Gratification, Guarantee
    B. Enjoyment, Deal
    C. Happiness, Satisfaction
    D. Delecation, Contract
    E. Contentment, Bond
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    Option A
  8. The answer may ____ the key to ____ productivity
    A. Have, Boost
    B. Hold, Boost
    C. Hide, Boost
    D. Have, Boosting
    E. Hold, Boosting
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    Option E
  9. But when fundamentals are doubted, as at present, we must try to recover
    the ____ and wonder of the child; the _____realism and objectivity of innocence.
    A. Sincerity, Unspoilt
    B. Honesty, Unspoilt
    C. Candor, Unspoilt
    D. Candid, Unspoilt
    E. Obsoleteness, Unspoilt
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    Option C
  10. I am no bird; and no net _______ me: I am a free human being with an ____ will.
    A. Ensnares, Independent
    B. Detaches, Reliant
    C. Liberates, Powerful
    D. Implicates, Sufficient
    E. Enmesh, Resilient
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    Option A

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