English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 28

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. Back in 2013 Mr Xi seemed to _______ that change was _______.
    A) release, necessary
    B) ignorance, primary
    C) hope, principal
    D) fail, central
    E) grasp, needed
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      Option E
  2. There has been a _______ array of directives and ______ programmes since then but little real progress. 
    A) enlightening, direct
    B) puzzling, trendsetter
    C) bewildering, pilot
    D) amazing, glide
    E) astonishing, steer
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      Option C
  3. When Mr Xi put it on the ______in 2013, the government broke it down into 34 separate_______, farmed out to different departments and agencies.
    A) schedule, measures
    B) agenda, initiatives
    C) list, measures
    D) menu, initiatives
    E) document, variations
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      Option B
  4. The government stopped them, ______that senior executives were ______off state assets, much like Russia’s oligarchs.
    A) fearing, siphoning
    B) estimating, paying
    C) claiming, taking
    D) burgeoning, paying
    E) hoping, siphoning
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      Option A
  5. The risk is that such _____SOEs could ___the global economy.
    A) mammoth,  hurt
    B) gigantic, hurt
    C) supersized, impact
    D) supersized, hurt
    E) supersized, affect
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      Option D
  6. One of the keys to China’s economic rise ______has been its success in restricting the ______of state firms.
    A) earlier,  recline
    B) hitherto, sprawl
    C) lately, straggle
    D) squally, sprawl
    E) basically, recline
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      Option B
  7. This cannot just be _______on the government; a basic _______is also at work.
    A) claimed, lethargic
    B) reproached, sluggish
    C) commended, dynamic
    D) exculpated, lethargic
    E) blamed, dynamic
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      Option E
  8. One manager who recently quit a big state bank said that a campaign ________workers to study the party constitution had been unusually_________.
    A) exhorting, intense
    B) enjoying, intense
    C) exhibiting, intense
    D) cautioning, intense
    E) admonishing, intense
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      Option A
  9. Some mergers make sense: for instance, the steel sector is highly_______, a result of local__________. 
    A) fragmented, protectionism
    B) demanded, cause
    C) influential, threat
    D) integrated, curb
    E) holistic, hinderance
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      Option A
  10. State-backed private-equity funds, which can be seen as forerunners to the _______function of the SCIOs, are already making a big_____. 
    A) important, news
    B) crucial, effect
    C) investment, impact
    D) major, impact
    E) important, decision
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      Option C

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