English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 30

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. A _______Gorkhaland movement and subsequent state crackdown have _______life with violent uncertainty.
    A) resurgent,  infused
    B) dormant, imbued
    C) reincarnated, blended
    D) resurrecting, incorporated
    E) revitalising, bewed
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      Option A
  2. Sport can often be cruel but the ________in the Indian camp towards the last overs shouldn’t ______the spectacular month that preceded the match.
    A) dismal, mar
    B) calmness, mar
    C) panic, mar
    D) assurance, mar
    E) confidence,  mar
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      Option  C
    mar -spoil, ruin, impair;
  3. A month into the ongoing Doklam ______between Indian and Chinese troops at the tri-junction with Bhutan, Beijing continues to hold a hardline_______.
    A) agreement, position
    B) convival, mark
    C) actuality, attitude
    D) standoff, stance
    E) aversion, outlook
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      Option D
  4. In a report released by Subramanian Swamy in London, the NCHT ________this ___________to a “colonial conspiracy”.
    A) blamed,  stand
    B) imputed, idea
    C) highlight, initiative
    D) legalize, move
    E) ascribed, initiative
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      Option E
    ascribe -attribute, assign, credit  
  5. Dayananda Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj, was the first Hindu reformer who______ to ________the Vedic caste system by endowing this varnavyavastha with meritocratic dimensions.
    A) adhered, propound
    B) endeavoured, rehabilitate
    C) persisted, refurbish
    D) adhered, blighted
    E) endeavored, propound
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      Option B
  6. These elections follow a proportional representation system based on the single ________vote, ______the general elections to the Lok Sabha.
    A) assignable, unlike
    B) movable, unlike
    C) transferable, unlike
    D) negotiable, unlike
    E) alienable, unlike
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      Option C
  7. The Congress party’s protest on the introduction of NOTA draws from __________about _________up sufficient votes to have its nominee Ahmed Patel elected to the Rajya Sabha.
    A) anxiety, mopping
    B) confidence, drawing
    C) distressed, mopping
    D) trouble, drawing
    E) agitation, mopping
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      Option A
    mop up – to clean up something
  8. The civil service ____itself on being able to deliver the crazy and impossible, if ministers so_____.
    A) brags, cancelled
    B) conceits, decreed
    C) vanities, allowed
    D) crows, vested
    E) prides, ordain
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      Option E
    ordain – order (something) officially.
  9. Rulers of Khurda were traditionally the ________of Jagannath Temple and ruled as the ______of lord Jagannath on earth.
    A) guards, deputy
    B) custodians, deputy
    C) prisoners, deputy
    D) devotees, deputy
    E) guardians, deputy
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      Option B
  10. The state forest department reports that it is __________with calls and messages regarding ________by feral dogs and the situation is going from bad to worse.
    A) flooded, pillage
    B) engulfed,  predation
    C) washed,  pillage
    D) inundated,  predation
    E) guided, pillage
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      Option D
    inundate – overwhelm, overpower, overburden
    predation -the action of attacking or plundering.

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