English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 33

Directions: In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks. Mark that option as your answer.

  1. i. We were warned not to step out onto the ____ balcony
    ii. Karen looked old and ____ despite her young age.
    iii. Listening to his father’s ____ voice,Victor became overwhelmed with emotion.
    iv. The woman was thin and ____ looking.
    A) decrepit
    B) slight
    C) frail
    D) delicate
    E) puny
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      Option C
    i. Frail – infirm; ii. Frail – weak; iii. Frail – unclear; iv. Frail – crippled
  2. i. the city will fix these ____ potholes soon.
    ii. police corruption is ____ and should be addressed
    iii. John’s ____ behavior is going to get him arrested one day.
    iv. are you trying to sell me a car in such a ____ condition?
    A) wretched
    B) pitiful
    C) terrible
    D) distressing
    E) deplorable
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      Option E
    i. Deplorable – shabby; ii. Deplorable – dishonourable; iii. Deplorable – shameful; iv. Deplorable – awful
  3. i. The conservative ____ was upset about the healthcare law
    ii. I want to break off and start my own ____ to oppose their policies.
    iii. the country’s ruling ____ started killing off its political rivals
    iv. he could come up with a peaceful way to end the violence between the rival gang ____.
    A) gand
    B) faction
    C) team
    D) sect
    E) cabal
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      Option B
    i. Faction – wing; ii. Faction – group; iii. Faction – section; iv. Faction – clique
  4. i. the government had to ____ the prohibition act.
    ii. Janice’s boyfriend tried to ____ his marriage proposal!
    iii. the judge had no choice but to ____ the trial verdict.
    iv. the president did not ____ the policy.
    A) nullify
    B) reverse
    C) void
    D) rescind
    E) vacate
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      Option D
    i. Rescind – repeal; ii. Rescind – cancel; iii. Rescind – overrule; iv. Rescind – quash.
  5. i. the priest will ___ a lifetime of blessings for the infant.
    ii. the superhero had to ___ Mother Nature’s power
    iii. The members of the tribe will ___ water from the gods
    iv. you choose to ____ the powers of witchcraft
    A) implement
    B) invoke
    C) supplicate
    D) plead
    E) implore
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      Option B
    i. Invoke – call on; ii. Invoke – kindle; iii. Invoke – beg; iv. Invoke – beseech
  6. i. I definitely have the right to ___ the poor efforts of my students.
    ii.the dictator made a speech to ___ the actions of his enemies.
    iii. How can you ___ the service at that restaurant?
    iv. Management was quick to ___ the hard work done by the union representatives.
    A) stigmatize
    B) blmae
    C) accuse
    D) denounce
    E) damn
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      Option D
    i. Denounce – criticise; ii. Denounce – condemn; iii. Denounce – villify; iv. Denounce – discredit
  7. i. The mother will always ___ her son.
    ii. We expect visitors to ___ our country’s rules
    iii. The parents try to ___ each other’s decisions.
    iv. the judge decided to ___ the first judge’s decision
    A) defend
    B) back
    C) uphold
    D) promote
    E) help
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      Option C
    i. Uphold – endorse; ii. Uphold – strenthen; iii. Uphold – validate; iv. Uphold – sustain.
  8. i. Mr. Lee will ___ over all the other cabinet members.
    ii. the state attorney wanted someone else to ___ over the trial.
    iii. Adam finally agreed to ___ over the book club
    iv. the former election manager can no longer ___ over the board meetings
    A) reclaim
    B) deliver
    C) regian
    D) recoup
    E) preside
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      Option E
    i. Preside – to take the chair; ii. Preside – administer; iii. Preside – command; iv. Preside – supervise
  9. i. the company was expected to ___ his or her emails
    ii. the 7th grader failed to ___ her math homework from her locker.
    iii. the dog would ___ his bone
    iv. Karen was hoping to be able to ___ her deleted text messages
    A) fetch
    B) retrieve
    C) obtain
    D) deliver
    E) recue
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      Option B
    i. Retrieve – recover; ii. Retrieve – get back; iii. Retrieve – regain; iv. Retrieve – repossess
  10. i. I ___ to track down the thief and report is whereabouts to the police.
    ii. The terrorist did not ___ to blow himself up
    iii. I ___ to ask her daughter out on a date
    iv. I do not ___ to spend a lot of time discussing the details of the project
    A) resolve
    B) think
    C) aim
    D) intend
    E) strive
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      Option D
    i. Intend – aspire; ii. Intend – plan; iii. intend – hope; iv. Intend – mean

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