English: Fill in the Blanks – Set 36

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. Noteworthy is the___ in the demand for industrial robots, at an annual rate of 9% since 2011, making the upgradation of human skills ___upon corporations and governments alike.
    A) dispatch, beseeching
    B) expedition, beg
    C) acceleration, imperative
    D) deferral, conjure
    E) Hinderance, mendicant
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      Option C
    acceleration= increase in speed/rate; imperative = of vital importance
    Expedition = promptness; dispatch = deal quickly
  2. The growth in international migration by as much as 50% since 1990 and the rise of xenophobia in many parts of the world ___the dangers from the lopsided ___of the current phase of globalisation.
    A) cloud, lam
    B) obscure, orbited
    C) dupe, voyage
    D) illustrate, trajectory
    E) rebut, trach
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      Option D
    illustrate = explains with example; trajectory = path followed by an object
  3. On Tuesday, the constitutional vision, under siege for much of India’s journey as a democratic republic, came within a ___of ___at the hands of the Supreme Court.
    A) barber, destruction
    B) whisker, destruction
    C) editor, destruction
    D) floffer, destruction
    E) fisker, destruction
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      Option B
    whisker = very small amount; destruction = breaking up
  4. Had the Chief Justice managed to ___one other judge to sign on to his judgment, we would have found ourselves living under a Constitution that sanctions the complete ___of the individual to the claims of her religious community.
    A) arouse, plunge
    B) manage, inundation
    C) prohibit, dive
    D) stifle, settling
    E) persuade, submergence
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      Option E
    persuade = induce to do something through reasoning or argument; submergence = to sink or plunge under water or beneath the surface of any enveloping medium.
  5. By holding that the 1937 Act ___all Muslim personal law, Justice Nariman ___the need for reconsidering this longstanding position, even as he doubted its correctness in a brief, illuminating paragraph.
    A) enciphered, precluded
    B) redacted, demanded
    C) codified, obviated
    D) systemized, asked
    E) scripted, involved
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      Option C
    codified = arrange into a systematic order; obviate = remove a need or difficulty
  6. Not only did the ___opinion privilege community claims over individual constitutional rights, it also ___the freedom of religion with personal law, thereby advancing a position where religion could become the arbiter of individuals’ civil status and civil rights.
    A) protesting,  related
    B) according, unionized
    C) acceding, combined
    D) accommodative, fluxed
    E) dissenting, conflated
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      Option E
    dissenting = hold or express opinions that are at variance with those commonly held; conflated = combine into one
  7. I believe it is important to try to ___the logic of the minute from other perspectives as well, without thereby excusing its ___power claims and the cunning of British imperial politics.
    A) fasten, egregious
    B) contract, egregious
    C) snarl, egregious
    D) unravel, egregious
    E) puzzle, egregious
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      Option D
    unravel = investigate and explain; egregious = outstandingly bad
  8. Nepal-India relations have been ___for decades, but the two Modi visits did not help ___them.
    A) glassy, fix
    B) propionate, correct
    C) justified, mend
    D) adhered, restore
    E) uneven, repair
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      Option E

  9. The government must cease to be a ___litigant, and ___power should be made use to reduce the grievance of the future litigant.
    A) necessary, immense
    B) compulsive, executive
    C) important, terrific
    D) logical,terrible
    E) ideal, amazing
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      Option B
  10. NLP had a lot of laudable ___ and there was nothing to disagree___.
    A) commitments, to
    B) comments, for
    C) assertions, off
    D) statements, with
    E) declarations, of
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      Option D
    statements = clear expression of sth;




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