English: Fill in the Blanks – Set 37

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. We’re late. The film ___ have already started by the time we ___ the cinema hall.
    A) shall, arrive
    B) would, reach
    C) will, get to
    D) should, approach
    E) may, go
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      Option B

  2. The fire spread through the building ___ but everybody was ___ escape.
    A) fast, enable to
    B) instant, managed to
    C) quick, able
    D) immediately, safe
    E) quickly, able to
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      Option E

  3. I am thinking ___ a house; ___ you think  that’s a good idea?
    A) buying , what
    B) of buying, do
    C) taking, what
    D) for, will
    E) of, do
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      Option B

  4. I am tired. I’d rather ___ out this evening , if you don’t ___.
    A) go, feel
    B) not, accompany
    C) not be, worry
    D) never go, annoy
    E) not go, mind
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      Option E

  5. I must ___ now. I promised not __ late.
    A) leave, being
    B) reach, of being
    C) go, to be
    D) do it, for being
    E) get in, of been
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      Option C

  6. Cellular phone service has ___ in a new ___ of communication.
    A) resulted, area
    B) ushered, phase
    C) grown, field
    D) developed, type
    E) started, sector
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      Option B

  7. The recent naxal attacks could not ___ the Railway Minister ___ announcing new superfast trains.
    A) prevent, from
    B) keep, away
    C) stop, by
    D) restrict, to
    E) discourage, for
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      Option A

  8. Retirement can either be a ___ to age or an ___ for an adventure.
    A) defeat, alternative
    B) surrender, opportunity
    C) setback, option
    D) agreement, start
    E) loss, beginning
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      Option B

  9. I am sorry that I have been ___ to find a suitable ___ for you.
    A) able, job
    B) fail, work
    C) unable, vacancy
    D) successful, place
    E) not able, employment
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      Option C

  10. ____ my knowledge Mr Awas has a prejudice ___ foreigners.
    A) in, for
    B) as to, words
    C) for, at
    D) within, against
    E) with, against
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      Option A

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  1. Barish!!

    thanku mam 🙂

  2. Sachin shukla( Banker 2018)

    8/10 ty

    1. Navya

      9th mai kaise pta chla B lgayege ya C
      I mean bahut bar I get confuse between 2 options

      1. Sachin shukla( Banker 2018)

        here unable is most appropriate….

        1. Navya

          kaise identify kiya..?sun ne m accha lg rha isliye.?

          1. Sachin shukla( Banker 2018)

            yes yes sun ne…

          2. Sachin shukla( Banker 2018)

            is case me fail suitable nahi h….

  3. Navya

    are yar easy thi quiz but not expected performance.;(


    Maam in question number 1 B)would reach kyun nhi hoga

    1. Navya

      maine bhi B lgaya tha

    2. Trisha

      i think B is right.. C doesn’t make sense..@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus

    3. Srishti

      Yes it is B. We will correct it !


    Question number 6 mein resulted area kyun nhi hoga?

    1. Navya

      usher means pravesh krna. Cellular phone service k liye bol skte hain abhi begining hi h new era ki isliye shayd. result ka to pta nhi kha tk jaye.

    2. what do you mean by — resulting in new area of communication ?

  6. Barbu (。♥‿♥。)


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