English: Fill in the Blanks – Set 38

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.

  1. To shore up a bad argument, it is always a good idea to threaten ___but ___consequences for traditional institutions.
    A) nebulous, nasty
    B) indeterminate, terrible
    C) dim, severe
    D) vague, dire
    E) faint, awful
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    Option D 

  2. From the time of John Stuart Mill, Western democracies have ___with the question of women’s sexual___, without which equality is an empty shell.
    A) embraced, sovereignty
    B) grappled, autonomy
    C) completed, autocracy
    D) grabbed, democracy
    E) wrestled, liberty
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    Option B 

  3. The J.S. Verma committee had recommended the ___registration of all marriages before a magistrate, irrespective of the personal laws under which they were___.
    A) essential, fulfiled
    B) inevitable, completed
    C) mandatory ,solemnised
    D) needed, dearth
    E) involuntary, swayed
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    Option C 

  4. But where the Government is going ___slow is in recapitalising public sector banks whose net worth is severely___.
    A) obviously, lowered
    B) conspicuously ,eroded
    C) clearly, shrunk
    D) distinctly, curtailed
    E) markedly, dropped
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    Option B 

  5. Mergers are being___ as the way to have only big strong banks which will then have enough depth in their balance sheets to take care of future provisioning needs and also keep lending ___to achieve rapid economic growth.
    A) allured, huge
    B) puffed, massive
    C) blustered, large
    D) touted, big
    E) amplified, great
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    Option D 

  6. Once the top managers chosen by the Banks Board Bureau settle down and start ___the managerial culture, professionalism can emerge in an ___of improved governance.
    A) developing, medium
    B) modifying, status
    C) adhering, condition
    D) emasculating, setting
    E) changing, ambience
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    Option E 

  7. ___the Nepal connection by completing its projects there and ___carefully on the Madhesi issue
    A) strenthening, lumbering
    B) Cement, treading
    C) fasten, hiking
    D) jain, ambling
    E) stick, marching
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    Option B 

  8. With China ___around in its backyard, India ___out the red carpet for Nepalese prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba during his recent five-day state visit to the country.
    A) marauding, rolled
    B) prowling, rolled
    C) creeping, rolled
    D) roaming, rolled
    E) loitering, rolled
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    Option B 

  9. As New Delhi tries to gently ‘___’ Kathmandu into accommodating the aspirations of the Madhesis, who __one-third of Nepal’s population.
    A) thrust, consist
    B) punch, comprise
    C) nudge, comprise
    D) goad, consist
    E) nag, comprise
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    Option C 

  10. Seeking to have greater economic integration with Nepal, India will also need to deliver on its ___ of ___ completion of two on-going cross-border rail connectivity projects.
    A) reliance, prompt
    B) trust, expeditious
    C) security, fast
    D) pledge, nimble
    E) assurance, swift
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    Option E 


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