English: Fill in the Blanks – Set 39

Directions: Pick out the most appropriate pair of words to complete the given sentences.


  1. With heavy rains causing __ in Chennai, HDFC has decided to __ off any penalty on its home loan customers impacted by the rains for any delay in EMI payments for last month.
    A) catastrophe, see
    B) calamity, lay
    C) flood, put
    D) havoc, waive
    E) disorder, take
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       Option D 
  2. The Himachal Pradesh High Court has dismissed a __ of petitions filed against setting up of mobile towers on health grounds saying there is no __ to suggest that emissions from mobile towers constitute.
    A) group, significance
    B) clutch, evidence
    C) set, witness
    D) bunch, contradiction
    E) number, mark
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       Option B 
  3. California was one of the first states to __ such a system in the 1980s after the first alarms were __ about deteriorating air quality in Los Angeles.
    A) implement, raised
    B) apply, rang
    C) launch, constructed
    D) start, sounded
    E) begin, tuned
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       Option A 
  4. The debate on whether India should __ bilateral cricket ties with Pakistan has gathered __ again.
    A) continue, discussion
    B) abrogate, significance
    C) resume, steam
    D) vitiate, energy
    E) schedule, potency
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       Option C 
  5. Technological developments are taking place in two opposite directions: the  user end is becoming increasingly simpler , __ the skills and equipment making that __ are becoming complex.
    A) while, possible
    B) albiet, hypothetical
    C) when, available
    D) as, unlikely
    E)  despite, advisable
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       Option A 
  6. Whether it is urban transport, where __ time information and control are critical to success or high-speed train systems, where sensitive control and equiipment __ is a fundamental need.
    A) in, counselling
    B) certain, scanning
    C) actual, negligence
    D) no, ignorance
    E) real, monitoring
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       Option E 
  7. The mineral-rich economy has done __ well over the past few decades in __ coal and mineral ores to China and India.
    A) immensly, selling
    B) truly, giving
    C) extremely, exporting
    D) actually, demanding
    E) drastically, taking
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       Option C 
  8. __ modernisation means access to new ideas and influences as well as social and economic __.
    A) Cascading, freedom
    B) Immense, freedom
    C) Enduring, freedom
    D) Persisted, freedom
    E) continued, freedom
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       Option E 
  9.  The city govt. Was of the view that some schools were __ and that closing these would save money, which could be __.
    A) small, reinstate
    B) besiged, restore
    C) undersized , reinvested
    D) enclosed, revamp
    E) None of these
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       Option C 
  10. Although people usually come with a clear idea __the basic features in a car within a __their decision prior to purchase.
    A) about, stipulated
    B) on, stipulated
    C) over, stipulated
    D) for, stipulated
    E) of, stipulated
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       Option A 

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